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As a Health & Wellness Professional - whether you’re a health coach, a nutritionist, a naturopath, or even a yoga instructor - you’re on a mission to support your clients’ health as comprehensively as possible - this is awesome!

You’re super smart and super committed to taking the “360˚ approach to get to the root of their thyroid imbalance, excess weight, allergies, or even chronic headaches… am I right?


But here’s what’s missing:
Conversations around ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS.


These are chemicals that we’re all exposed to, through living our normal every day lives that can be undermining your work, leaving you scratching your head, and leaving your clients stuck where they are.

Environmental Toxins are linked to every single health condition that we’re struggling with as a population: cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, infertility, learning disabilities, autism, allergies, heart disease, excess weight… and on and on.

Missing this piece of the conversation with clients means that you’re only working with a partial set of tools, resources, and information.

Understanding the role that these chemical toxins play in our health (or lack of health) can absolutely redefine the way you think of “health”, and in turn your approach with clients!


I’ve worked with thousands of health & wellness professionals, helping them learn the What, Where, How and What Now? of chemical toxins so they can confidently and comprehensively support their clients… why don’t you join us?


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