*Client Feature* What it looks like when a Health Coach is fluent in toxins…

Most of my audience are health practitioners like health coaches, nutritionists, chiropractors, acupuncturists or women’s health experts… they’re all super nerds like me! One thing that all we all have in common – the practitioners, and non-practitioners alike – is that we’re hungry for information. We have a voracious appetite for learning, whether it’s forREAD MORE

Now More Than Ever…

You’re reading this because your health is important to you. You’re reading this because you recognize that health is more than just a good diet and exercise. You’re reading this because you know that addressing the toxins in our lives is a non-negotiable. But now more than ever, we need to be proactive about addressing theREAD MORE

Are you using toxic cleaners in your home [Resource Inside]

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware of the growing popularity of essential oils. While they’re not cure-all’s, there’s a tremendous body of research showing that many of the compounds found in essential oils have very powerful therapeutic effects; everything from antibacterial properties, to anxiety reduction to calming the central nervous system.READ MORE

How not to sound like a crazy person when you’re talking about toxins…

Before you started learning about harmful chemicals found in everyday products, did you used to think people who did talk about it were crazy? Like tinfoil hat crazy? Like shape-shifting lizard people are taking over the planet and controling our media and banking kind of crazy? (there are a LOT of people who legitimately beliveREAD MORE

Weight gain, hair loss… brain fog… (What’s REALLY behind it?)

Could you be suffering from a serious medical condition and not know it at all? While this sounds a little absurd, it’s actually not only possible, it’s common. An estimated 20 million people are walking around with a thyroid condition that’s affecting their life… and they have NO idea. Thyroid disease can wreck your healthREAD MORE

Podcast Roundup

Does talking it out help? Specifically, when you’re navigating a new topic, learning something complicated, or trying to figure out your next action step… does talking it out help? I’ve found that it defintiely does for me! That’s why I loooooooove talking to people about environmental health issues, because it’s in the “talking it out”READ MORE

Epigenetics: the silver lining around the black cloud of toxins…

Often times the more we dig into the subject of environmental health, the more upsetting, and frankly, depressing it can seem. The challenge can even feel insurmountable… Cancers, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, thyroid disorders, autism, allergies, and on and on. (Cue me humming the Winnie the Pooh song “I’m just a little black rain cloud…READ MORE

End of Year Thoughts

Happy (almost) New Year! As we roll into 2017, I thought I’d share with you my biggest wish… My biggest wish is for people around the world to become conscious… to become fully aware of the impact their choices have on the earth as a whole, and themselves as individuals. Because these things are notREAD MORE

Giving Tuesday

If you’re reading this, I know that you’re hip to the fact that toxins in our consumer products, our drinking water, our food, and in the air we breathe are affecting our health. In big, big ways. You’re probably also hip to the fact that this is not an easy situation to address. For theREAD MORE

Non-Toxic T-Day Tips

Next week is Thanksgiving here in the states (helloooo to my non US peeps!), and if you’re sticking with tradition you’re probably planning your shopping list and getting ready for company. Since my family is all on the opposite coast, I’ll be having “friends-giving”! Whomever you’re with, my guess is that food will be involvedREAD MORE

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