Things That Piss Me Off/ Things That Lift Me Up

In this world of environmental toxins, there’s a lot of grim, bad, and downright upsetting news. On any given day, I'm reading some report or study about pollutions' link to allergies, heart disease and cancer, chemicals linked to sperm counts taking a nose dive, and chemicals so disruptive that a single exposure during pregnancy can lead to permanent changes in every future generation to come.   But as someone with a pretty positive outlook on life, these moments spent in NegativeNancy-ville can be a little tricky to navigate. I often find myself asking "how do these people sleep at night??",READ MORE

The "I'm not dead yet!" Argument

Ever heard that line before? The dismissive "I'm not dead yet" remark in response to some news about some unhealthy/dangerous/or downright toxic thing they're eating/doing/using. Here are some situational examples of the use of this phrase: You: "Those french fries are soooo bad for you!" Them: "Whatever. They're yummy, and hey, I'm not dead yet!" or You: "I've been switching out all my shampoos because I just learned that some of the chemicals in there are linked to cancers" Them: "Why bother? I've been using shampoo since I was a baby, and look, I'm not dead yet!" or Them: "Look,READ MORE

Just tell me what to eat!

As a health coach, I'm sure you've heard people say "I don't want the details… just tell me what to eat!", or "just tell me what to eat, and I'll eat it… I don't want to have to think about it." These people can be tricky to work with because you know that even if you do spend the time telling them what to eat, how to exercise, how to stress less, they won't do it. They just flat out won't. These people are looking for shortcuts, but you know what? These kinds of shortcuts don't work. You could spendREAD MORE

Are You Killing The Message?

  Ever notice how when you try to share something you’re super passionate about - say, avoiding gluten, cutting out diet sodas, or using non-toxic cleaning products people either: ...brush you off... ...glaze over or tune you out... ...roll their eyes... ...become defensive... You know that the information you’re sharing is so important, and you’re sharing it because you care, and you want whomever your sharing it with to benefit - you just want to help! These kinds of responses are especially common when talking about environmental toxins - the chemicals we’re exposed to daily that are linked to soREAD MORE

Greenwashing at the Green Festival?

Last weekend my fantastic assistant Lisa Fiorvante and I attended the NYC Green Festival. This event, hosted in a number of cities around the country is a project of Green America and Global Exchange which aims provide a platform for organizations & business to showcase their programs and products to forward thinking, socially, ethically, and environmentally conscious consumers. Just our kind of place! While this event didn't focus specifically on the issue of "environmental toxins", being a "green festival" meant that nearly all the vendors there were offering programs or products that were connected to this conversation. This part ofREAD MORE

Creating A Spring Cleaning Gift Basket For Your Clients

Ahhh spring! The time of renewal and the time when so many people are thinking "spring cleaning". This includes your clients. This is also the time of year when more people are participating in diet cleanses and detoxes then any other time AND when they're also looking around their homes getting ready to a do a deep clean there as well. Think these things are unrelated? Think again! In traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season for cleansing... so it only makes sense that our attention and mindset are fixed there. As a health coach, or wellness practitioner it's smartREAD MORE

Is It Chemicals, Not Calories?

Ok. I’m going to just say it. I’m probably going to offend a few people, but that’s not my intention. Here goes: We’re FAT. In fact, we’re super fat, and it’s not okay. Over the past 50 or so years, obesity - that ever popular killer - has risen from 13% of the US population, up to 35%. That’s massive. That is a MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS. Good old America has some of the highest rates of obesity in the entire world. Yay for the land of plenty (note heavy sarcasm here). Medical costs associated with obesity were estimated toREAD MORE

Lifelong Learning & Chemical Headlines You Need To Read

As a health coach, you’re in a constant state of learning - about food, nutrition, the human body... about your clients, human behavior, and motivation.... and about running a business, staying competitive, and being profitable. Because of our need and desire to be “in the know” in so many areas, we must be in a perpetual state of learning. Some people might balk at this idea, but we don’t! Health coaches are a rare breed of people committed to lifelong learning, and discovery. I pride myself on having a stronger desire to learn now, than I ever have before inREAD MORE

How do I get rid of what’s already in me?

If I had to write down the most frequently asked questions about environmental toxins, ‘how do I get rid of what’s already inside me’ would surely top the list. This is an important question, and definitely the most obvious one when thinking about chemical-build up in the body. Just this past week I attended a lecture at the New York Academy of Medicine that addressed in part environmental toxins presence in human breast milk. Sitting behind me was Doula and Lactation Consultant who asked about how someone can remove toxins that have built up, and is there ever a pointREAD MORE

Does "detoxing" miss the point?

As a health coach, and part of the community of health & wellness practitioners, you know how front and center detoxes are. There are literally hundreds of detoxes out there - from short ones running only 5 days to longer ones running 3-4 weeks. Sugar detoxes, junk food detoxes, green juice detoxes, the list is long. The point of these short detoxes is to give your clients a supported leg up on getting their health on track - they're designed to give your clients a taste of what feeling really good actually feels like - and they're designed to beREAD MORE