Most health professionals have little to no education around the ways that environmental chemicals can negatively impact health, and very few opportunities exist to deepen their knowledge and skill-set in practical, real-world ways.

The three core teaching I offer are designed to incrementally increase fluency - not only around environmental health, but also how to leverage this education to help practitioners stand out in a sea of competitors; Tools for Teaching Toxicity, Blueprint For a Healthy Life, and the Certificate Course in Environmental Health.

These courses are ideal for health coaches, nutritionists, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, women's health experts, midwives, doulas, fitness professionals, acupuncturists - or anyone who is seeking to better understand the links between chemicals and human health so they can better serve and support their clients goals, and so they themselves can live more in alignment with their healthy lifestyles.


Tools For Teaching Toxicity™ - INTRODUCTORY 4-Week Course. Designed to increase understanding and fluency around some of the most important issues regarding chemicals in our home environment and their links to health issues. This course also opens the conversation around best practices for introducing this topic to clients in a way that empowers and motivates them to action rather than freaking them out or shutting them down. Includes live Q&A and Coaching calls.
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Blueprint For A Healthy Life™ - INTERMEDIATE 12-Week Course. In this “next level” course, we dive deep into the unexpected places that environmental toxins hide in your home - from what’s really in the healthy fish you’re eating, to what contaminants in your water you need to address, and more. Intensive training around chemical toxicity and live group coaching on how to integrate this information into your practice, will give you a deeper understanding and greater ability to speak to, and work with clients.
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Certificate Course in Environmental Health - ADVANCED 5 Month Course. An intensive program designed to create confident, credible leaders in the environmental health conversation! This 5 month program is focused on 3 core areas: getting a 360 degree view of the chemicals we're commonly exposed to in and around our homes (from home construction to bedding and feminine hygiene products), getting a birds-eye view of the environmental health world (everything from history to politics, industry and research), and practical application of this in your health practice. My mission is to create a group of practitioners who will become leaders - not only in their own field or area of expertise, but in pushing the environmental health conversation forward, and ultimately transforming the world in which we live. Course size is extremely limited and enrollment runs throughout the year.
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The Optimal Fertility: Preconception Detox and Preparation Program - 7 Week Course. Designed for health professionals who support women during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. I joined forces with Jessica Drummond, founder of the Integrative Women's Health Institute to create a comprehensive program covering how to reduce exposure to environmental chemicals, preconception detoxification, nourishment, and creating an optimal microbiota, as well as coaching around how to best engage with this audience.
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