Creating A Spring Cleaning Gift Basket For Your Clients

Ahhh spring! The time of renewal and the time when so many people are thinking "spring cleaning". This includes your clients. This is also the time of year when more people are participating in diet cleanses and detoxes then any other time AND when they're also looking around their homes getting ready to a do a deep clean there as well. Think these things are unrelated? Think again! In traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season for cleansing... so it only makes sense that our attention and mindset are fixed there. As a health coach, or wellness practitioner it's smartREAD MORE

How do I get rid of what’s already in me?

If I had to write down the most frequently asked questions about environmental toxins, ‘how do I get rid of what’s already inside me’ would surely top the list. This is an important question, and definitely the most obvious one when thinking about chemical-build up in the body. Just this past week I attended a lecture at the New York Academy of Medicine that addressed in part environmental toxins presence in human breast milk. Sitting behind me was Doula and Lactation Consultant who asked about how someone can remove toxins that have built up, and is there ever a pointREAD MORE

Does Your Detox Go "There"?

  See that photo on the left? How many times have you seen that specific image? If you're in the Health Coaching world, you've probably seen it a trillion times! I know I have! It's graced dozens and dozens of health coach websites AND detox programs. Why am I sharing this with you? To illustrate the fact that with sooooo many health coaches hitting the scene (which is amazing) it's more important than ever for you to set what YOU do apart from the pack (I'd start by NEVER using this photo - no matter how great it is!). CheckREAD MORE

Most Detoxes Miss The Point. Here's Why:

This is DETOX season! Almost every health coach out there offers some sort of detox or cleanse, ranging from liquid heavy ones like the Master Cleanse and juice fasts, to super-food based ones packed with hemp seeds, kale, and sprouted seeds. Even if you don't run your own detox program, you've likely participated in one yourself. As great as these detoxes or cleanses might be in theory, in practice they fall short. Why? Because they almost never address one of the primary sources of toxins in the first place - toxins in our environment. These are the chemicals that weREAD MORE