Hormones & Chemicals - Small Doses Matter

Did you know that there are around 70,000 checmials in the US that exhibit hormonal effects in the body? Yikes! Couple chronic toxic exposure with poor eating habits, too much sugar and processed foods, not enough exercise, stress of everyday life, and we've got a recipe for some seriously out of balance hormones. This hormonal imbalance is likely at the root of most people's weight problems, infertility, reduced sex drive, increased cancer risks, and could very likely be a significant factor in increases in childhood diseases and developmental and behavioral problems. Although I'm not the hormonal exerpt that Andrea NakayamaREAD MORE

BPA-FREE? Not so fast...

A few weeks back I posted about Bisphenol-A - the chemical plasticizer that also has the misfortune of being a synthetic estrogen. (That just doesn't sound good). This is a chemical that's used, among a number of other places, in clear, hard polycarbonate plastics. Think: Brita Water Pitchers, food processor bowls, and yes, your fancy and much loved VitaMix or Blendtec blenders. BPA's history as a synthetic estrogen goes way back to the 1930's where it was actually used as pharmaceutical hormone before being replaced with the more potent and way more horribly devastating chemical DES. But BPA found aREAD MORE