How do I get rid of what’s already in me?

If I had to write down the most frequently asked questions about environmental toxins, ‘how do I get rid of what’s already inside me’ would surely top the list. This is an important question, and definitely the most obvious one when thinking about chemical-build up in the body. Just this past week I attended a lecture at the New York Academy of Medicine that addressed in part environmental toxins presence in human breast milk. Sitting behind me was Doula and Lactation Consultant who asked about how someone can remove toxins that have built up, and is there ever a pointREAD MORE

BPA-FREE? Not so fast...

A few weeks back I posted about Bisphenol-A - the chemical plasticizer that also has the misfortune of being a synthetic estrogen. (That just doesn't sound good). This is a chemical that's used, among a number of other places, in clear, hard polycarbonate plastics. Think: Brita Water Pitchers, food processor bowls, and yes, your fancy and much loved VitaMix or Blendtec blenders. BPA's history as a synthetic estrogen goes way back to the 1930's where it was actually used as pharmaceutical hormone before being replaced with the more potent and way more horribly devastating chemical DES. But BPA found aREAD MORE

Why does your shower curtain stink?

Close your eyes. Transport yourself to the bath section of your local Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or other big box store. Imagine yourself in plastic land, surrounded by  dozens of new plastic shower curtains. I don’t know too many people who aren’t familiar with that “shower curtain smell”, and I know less people that enjoy it. It’s sharp, strong, and gives me a headache. And it’s categorically, no way around it, super bad for you. That’s right “Bad For You” - just like Big Mac’s, partially hydrogenated oils, and deep fried Mars bars. Shower curtains are made with PVC,READ MORE