Ew! A new study by the Environmental Working Group has shown that as many as 48 toxic chemicals used in everyday household cleaners are floating around in our blood streams, doing all kinds of nasty things in there. Flame retardents, teflon chemicals, BPA, and perchlorate to name a few. You want to know what I like in my blood? Just blood, thanks.

There are hundreds of green cleaning products out there, and completely non-toxic ways to clean your shower, floors, dishes, and even your skin, hair, and teeth, and everything else. As we work towards better diets, and cleaning up the environment, we should look under our sinks, and in our bathrooms… Clean on the inside applies to food just as much as it applies to toothpaste, deoderant, dish soap, and laundry detergent.

Planet Green has some basic tips/suggestions/fact about green cleaners HERE. Click through all the pages for statistics, and suggestions. Oh, the things you can learn!

For information on personal care products, the toxic chemicals in them, and cleaner alternatives, check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database. You can hunt down your shampoo or shaving cream, and see how it rates based on it’s ingredients. This is important especially if you’ve got kids! Their little bodies take a bigger hit with these chemicals, than our bigger, older, and more jaded bodies.

Oh and speaking of blood, THIS is hilarious and makes me cry laughing everytime.


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