Learning about the toxins in our lives can be overwhelming and scary, but it certainly doesn’t have to be!

Raise your hand if you…

      • a. are a little freaked out about all the news headlines linking toxins to serious, chronic disease
      • b. wish it was easier to find the answers to the “what do I do now?” questions those news articles bring up
      • c. are intimidated by the research around toxins, but know in your bones this is too important to ignore
      • d. are a fiercely proud nerd who wants a nerdy community of people to “talk toxins” with
      • e. aren’t actually sure what “environmental toxins” actually are
      • f. are trying to figure out how to actually pronounce my name (it’s “LA-RA”. Like Lara Croft. You’d be surprised how many people get it wrong!)

Is your hand up? Then you’re in the right place:


I’m Lara Adler, an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and someone who’s deeply passionate about changing the landscape of disease through addressing toxic exposures.

Since 2012, I’ve been on a mission to educate and empower professionals in the health & wellness space, as well as healthy-minded folks around the world, to ditch the chemicals that might be making them sick.

I’ve worked with over 2,500 students in my online programs to help them understand the links between chemicals in our daily lives and their links to chronic health conditions like metabolic disorders, thyroid disease, fertility, and behavioral problems in children.

Through my flagship course, Tools For Teaching Toxicity, I give health professionals like nutritionists, health coaches, ND’s, RN’s and chiropractors, as well as healthy-minded consumers a deep education on where these toxic exposures are happening, along with actionable steps to take.

The goal is action, not overwhelm.

My MIssion
My big mission is to encourage and empower enough individual people in the world to make changes in their own lives and demand change from industry so that industry has no choice but to respond by creating cleaner, safer products.

While we cannot address all exposures to harmful chemicals, we can significantly reduce exposures to many of the worst ones.

My work is devoted to helping people change the things they CAN control, so they worry less about the ones they can’t.

If you’re ready to trade in feeling confused, anxious, & overwhelmed for informed, empowered and confident around environmental toxins, then start here.

Or, check out my blog, my favorite products, or ping me a message.

More about me…

I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach who studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I am a self-educated Environmental Toxins Expert.

I’ve attended lectures and symposiums presented by highly respected institutions like the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center and by many of the top names in Epigenetics, Hormone Disruption, and Environmental Health, on topics ranging from prenatal chemical exposures to environmental chemicals impact on the developing brain.

I’ve been featured on dozens of online health summits and podcasts.

I read books on plastics, flame retardants, and water fluoridation for fun, and feel honored to share what I know with others, so they can make smarter, healthier choices.

I’m an east-coast girl who pulled up and moved west (hello, Portland, OR) after the wild call of mountains, desert, forests and rugged coastlines.

I live and breathe a low-tox lifestyle, and think it’s crazy that this is even a conversation we need to be having.

Matcha is my favorite kind of tea (latte style!).

I love it so much, I named my cat Matcha!


If I’m not teaching, researching, or writing, I’m out exploring the greener, and less populated places of my state; camping, hiking, & backpacking.

Let’s connect on Instagram (@environmentaltoxinsnerd), on Facebook, and in my courses!