Shop my favorite products from the ultra-clean Annmarie Skincare and keep reading to learn why I love this company so much!

Herbal Facial Oil For Oily Skin

I’ve always had pretty oily skin, and this herbal facial oil definitely balances out my oil production. Bonus that it helps unclogs pores! Grapeseed oil is the most lightweight base and it’s infused with some powerful healing botanicals. Love this stuff!

Kaolin Micro Exfoliant

“Remineralize” and “detoxify” are two words I love to hear in regards to skincare. This micro exfoliant does both! Gently massaging this cleanser on your face will make you feel like Cleopatra — I promise!

Probiotic Serum Bio Facial Elixir

Enlist the help of this probiotic elixir if you want to provide your skin with an extra barrier to harmful elements. This serum is hydrating, nourishing, and skin-reviving. It’s got a rich, earthy scent that I didn’t like at first, but now I can’t get enough!


This light and refreshing cleanser has potent brightening properties, gently softens and renews the look of the skin. Unlike a lot of cleansers, this one doesn’t strip the skin, or leave you with tight, dry skin. I love it. 


This is definitely luxe skincare at its best! I’ve been using facial oils for years, and this rich, decadent oil blend is at the top of my list. Not heavy or greasy, this earthy-smelling oil absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel amazing. 

Wild Fruit Serum

Another luxe product from Annmarie Skincare, this serum brightens, hydrates, and helps tone aging skin (hello mid 40’s). A tiny drop goes a long way but also has made my skin soft, even, and bright. 

Rosemary Toning Mist

This is part of the oily skin collection, and is my first product post washing, followed by the facial oil. You can also spritz your face or hair to feel energized, refreshed, and invigorated.

Sun Love SPF 20

This very light-weight (and barely tinted) sunscreen works wonders! Although everyone’s skin behaves differently, it’s formulated to work with every skin type and has a subtle tint to it which offsets some of the white cast that you get with mineral sunscreens.

Clean Beauty Trial

Not sure where to start? The Annmarie team has created a Clean Beauty Trial set; for dry, mature skin, oily skin, combination, and normal skin. This trial set is only $19.99, and is a great way to sample some of their best products. Plus, there’s no charge for shipping!


I first stumbled on the Annmarie Skin Care products back around 2010-2011 when I was living in NYC and working part-time as a nanny while building my business. The kids I cared for lived on the Upper West Side, and smack on Amsterdam Ave, halfway between their house and their school was this amazing little raw food cafe/market.

They had a small selection of skincare stuff, and it was all really lovely. They had a sample sale running (I love me some sales!), and I randomly grabbed a few products, which happened to be Annmarie Skin Care.

They were luxurious and amazing, but then the store closed their skincare department, and I tried to find the products elsewhere with no luck. So I moved on.

Fast forward like 3+ years, and my former business coach emails me and says “Lara, you need to be connected to Kevin Gianni and what he and his wife are doing…”

We get introduced, Kevin and I Skype, and we end up shooting the breeze for over an hour; turns out we both grew up in CT, and have loads in common. It honestly wasn’t until I was ON THIS SKYPE CALL that I realized Kevin Gianni and the Annmarie Gianni skincare line were one in the same.

DUH. I felt pretty dumb.

I got to meet Kevin and Annmarie in person a few years back at a conference and have been fast friends since. When they’re in town, we always make sure to get together!

I’m sharing all this backstory with you because sometimes products can feel disconnected from the people that make them, and these are people that have HEART, and a strong mission to create amazing products.

If you’ve not yet stepped into the world of Annmarie Skincare, you definitely should!


I sat down to chat with Kevin about their products, what some of the problems are in the industry, and why they started a skincare line. Kevin talks about the disturbing discovering of intentional labeling fraud, preservatives in skin care, why the “don’t buy ingredients you cannot pronounce” mantra isn’t really that good, and two important ingredients to avoid!


3:29 – What inspired Kevin and Annmarie to create a skincare line after years of being in the health & wellness space?

7:30 – Kevin’s disturbing discovering of intentional labeling fraud

13:36 – I ask Kevin what they were adamant about not compromising on

15:08 – Kevin talks about preservatives in skin care and why packaging can make a big difference in the need for preservatives

21:29 – The “levels” of skincare products in the industry, including ones that “angel dust”

23:49 – Two important ingredients to note/avoid: benzoyl peroxide & oxybenzone (I mentioned oxybenzone in Tuesday’s email)

39:58 – Easy Tip on how to sleuth out if a product has preservatives

42:41 – Why the “don’t buy ingredients you cannot pronounce” mantra isn’t really that good

47:01 – Kevin talks about major problems with toxicology studies

51:13: Kevin shares a big cheat that can save you tons of $$


Annmarie Skin Care has provided Clean Beauty Since Day 1, which is a promise to create products that are safe for you and healthy for the planet. Creating products that are purest in the market—formulating with wildcrafted and organic ingredients, using the purest cold-pressed seed oils, and practicing true intention with every step in production. Try these four products all for $19.99, money-back guarantee, and free shipping.  

Pamper yourself with these two Annmarie Skin Care products. This set includes the Aloe Herb Cleanser and Anti Aging Oil guaranteed to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin. PLUS one free gift while supplies last. Get all the essentials for only $19.99 with free shipping*.

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