Are you with me in 2012? Lives are on the line…

Can you believe 2012 is just over a week away?! For me, this past year has been one of tremendous growth, discovery and realignment with what’s really important to me. If you’ve been with me for a while, then you’ve probably noticed a shift in the focus of my work – from general health, wellness, and weight loss, to cracking apart the complex and confusing world of environmental toxins.

While this might seem like a radical change of course, I actually don’t see it like that at all. Environmental toxins – what’s in our homes (and now more than ever, in our bodies) are just as important to pay attention to as what we eat and can indeed influence our state of health- from disease to excess weight. The connections might not be clear and they might not be obvious, but they are strong and I’ve committed myself to opening up the conversation with you about what you can do to protect yourself and your family from the devastating harm these toxins can cause. Why? Because not enough people are! In the current conversations about health – from morning news show snippets, to popular magazines – the focus is on calories and exercise… eat less junk food, eat low-fat foods, whole grains, and your vegetables, and remember to exercise daily.

But clearly that’s not working right? That’s why we have a nation of sick people getting sicker every day. Obesity. Diabetes. Heart disease. Cancer. Autism. ADHD. Thyroid Disorders.

And who are the most vulnerable populations? Who are the group of people who are seeing the largest increase in disease rates of anyone?


And second in line to them are women of child bearing years.

My goal over the coming year is to help you to see the deep and strong connections between your health and the toxins that are in your home – the majority of which you probably don’t even realize are there. While my focus will be on young women and children, please know that creating a safer and healthier space, and cleaner way to eat and live will benefit everyone. Why? Because whether you’re 7 or 70, the chemicals that you’re exposed to daily can still impact your health in devastating ways. If there are young women or children in your life, daughters, sisters, nieces… share what you learn with them (or invite them into the circle!).

If you came to be on my mailing list because you were interested in weight loss – I urge you to stick with me, because so many of the chemicals floating around in our bodies from the things we use every day are directly linked to weight gain… Making the shift to less harmful habits and products likely won’t make you lose 30 pounds, but it will definitely support you on your journey.

If you find that the conversation about toxins is too far removed from your goals or interest right now, and we must part ways, then I wish you endless love, support, and gratitude for your being a part of my community.

If this topic piques your interest, if you’re concerned about headlines about chemicals in our foods, water bottles, or increases in diseases in children – then I look forward to being able to help guide you through the maze of confusing and often conflicting information.

If there are people in your life who you feel need to be plugged into this conversation – invite them in!

2012 is already framing up to be an exciting year for me – with exciting partnerships and projects already on the calendar. There will be new content and programs on my site which will help you start to take action in your own homes so you can have the peace of mind that you’re leaving no stone unturned.

To take a peek at what this might look like, check out the brand new gift that I created called “Are These 3 Everyday Items Making Your Kids Sick? What Every Parent Should Know…” – share this with your family, friends, PTA board… It’s too important to keep it to yourself! (You can get this by signing up in the box on the right of this post!)

I hope your holidays are calm, peaceful and relaxing (as much as they can be anyway!), and that 2012 brings you health, peace of mind, and happiness.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays, and looking forward to helping you transform the health of your family in 2012!!


Yours in health,




PS – If you already know that you want to kick this toxins thing to the curb but aren’t sure where to get started- I want to invite you into a f.r.e.e. Whole Home Detox Strategy Session with me. This session is designed to help you see where the toxins in your home live, how they’re affecting your and your children’s health, and exactly what you can do to ease the worry and give you the peace of mind that you’re doing the absolute best for your and their health. To schedule yours, just click HERE:

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