Is your practice missing Advanced Environmental Toxins Training?

Learn to break the mold of a two-dimensional approach to wellness: diet and exercise.

There are questions circling our population about how environmental toxins are affecting our health, but not enough practitioners are knowledgeable or equipped to navigate this topic with their clients.

If you’re a health practitioner or a nutrition nerd who’s plugged into the latest trends in health —

you’ve likely seen these stories and articles talking about the links between chemicals & disease…

Ignoring this significant aspect of the health puzzle is a disservice to both your business and the health outcomes of your clients!

So, what kinds of diseases and health conditions are linked to toxins?

Leading scientists, health researchers, and those in the Functional Medicine community recognize that toxins are enormous factors behind some of the most common and pervasive conditions facing our population.



Weight Gain



Insulin Resistance






Brain Fog









Hormone Issues



Chronic Fatigue
























Heart Disease






Thyroid Disorders






And More...


The amount of clinical evidence implicating environmental chemicals in nearly every single health condition our population faces is mounting. There are tens of thousands of well researched, peer-reviewed studies that are telling us that chemicals in our daily lives are having a huge negative impact on our health.

In fact, one of the leading authorities on science-based natural/integrative medicine and founding president of Bastyr University, Joseph Pizzorno, ND says that toxins are the primary driver of disease.


– Joseph Pizzorno, ND

Leading authority on science-based natural/integrative medicine and founding president of Bastyr University

But there’s a big problem:


Medical schools, on average, only offer 7 hours of training on this massive subject, and not even all programs teach environmental health. Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Mid-wives, Doulas, Fitness Professionals, or any other kind of wellness practitioners likely have not received ANY formal training in this area.

Much of the training that is available is highly clinical and therefore not nearly as accessible to the “boots on the ground” practitioners who are working intimately with people on lifestyle changes. Nor is this highly clinical training accessible to the nutrition nerds among us who are just passionate about the health of their families.

Most of the other online courses about environmental chemicals are dry, boring, and ignore critical teaching on the subtlety and nuance of having this conversation in a way that doesn’t scare the pants of people.

The sheer volume of research, the complex nature of the subject matter, coupled with mile-long chemical names that seem impossible to pronounce, all serve as barriers for health professionals seeking to better understand environmental health.

If you research this on your own, you are left feeling like you need a Ph.D. in chemistry and toxicology to understand it!


More and more health professionals are finding themselves dealing with people who have complex health issues that require digging deeper than just diet & lifestyle. Guidance on reducing exposures to environmental chemicals, and thereby reducing the body burden of toxins, is so important.

Functional Medical Practitioners regard environmental toxin exposures as a foundational pillar, and non-negotiable in getting to the bottom of peoples symptoms and helping them to heal and thrive.

By not addressing exposure to toxins, you’re missing a huge factor in what’s causing, or keeping people to be unwell.

Whether it’s hormonal imbalances, estrogen dominance, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, infertility allergies, eczema, gut issues, headaches, fatigue, cancer, or the inability to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds, toxins play a role. 

Understanding the role that environmental chemicals play in these, and many other health conditions, and being able to confidently address them with your clients or patients can be a game changer for your practice!


The unending options for continuing education for health professionals online are wonderful for scratching our nerd-itch; the more we know, the more we’re able to help our clients and patients, and have a thriving business, right?

Not necessarily. 

What many of these online health practitioner courses lack is education on how to actually use and apply what you learn in your practice.

I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of practitioners who love learning and have a deep, almost soul-level desire to help people transform their health, but when it comes to how to talk about what they know, they freeze up. 

When you have clarity and confidence around “talking toxins” in your practice, you can stand out as a leader in your field and be the resource for people who are desperate for education & guidance on what to do about toxic exposures. 

Trying to research all the facets in the realm of environmental toxins would take years – years that most health professionals just don’t have.

Even if you’ve been researching toxins for a while, if you’re struggling with how to leverage this education to set your practice apart, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to help people transform their health, and for you to up-level your business.

People are hungry and desperate for guidance and support on how to address toxins that threaten our health, yet they’re often unable to find health professionals who are fluent in this area.

That is why I created:

Blueprint is a 10-week, online course that marries deep education around environmental toxins with personalized and tailored guidance on how to apply this to your unique practice.

Taking students farther into the world of toxins than the basics around organic foods and avoiding plastics, this course explores some of the most common toxins we’re exposed to as seen through the lens of INGESTION, ABSORPTION, and INHALATION.

Well researched course materials, pulled from hundreds of peer-reviewed journals is presented in clear, and actionable terms, so that health professionals can quickly and seamlessly integrate this into their work.



This course is perfect for health & wellness professionals of all modalities: 













In Blueprint we pair together a deep exploration of some of the most important environmental chemicals that we ingest, absorb, and inhale with personalized coaching on how to infuse all things toxins into your practice. 

The Big Goal:

  • Increase your understanding of, and fluency around environmental chemicals
  • Develop the skills around how to “talk toxins” in an engaging and empowering manner
  • Give you the clarity & confidence to guide your audience towards “detoxing” their lives
  • Learn critical communication skills around addressing a somewhat charged topic
  • Help you to leverage your education to differentiate your practice from others in your community
  • Build a strong support network and strengthen your community of like-minded professionals
  • Turn you into a toxins nerd 🙂

The Big Overview:

  • 10 webinar classes
  • Audio & video presentations
  • Full transcripts with citations
  • PDF download of slides
  • Guides & handouts
  • White labeled guides & handouts for your practice
  • Bonus guest interview with Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama
  • Thriving Facebook community


Here’s what we cover inside Blueprint: 


We open the course with an eye-opening discussion of the hidden toxins in some of our most heart healthy foods: seafood. We discuss the wide array of chemicals that are found in seafood, how they got there, how they can affect us, and what we need to know about the international seafood market. This class also explores toxins found in meat & dairy.


This class explores the different seafood rating guides on the market, along with their shortcomings, as well as the myriad certifications, and whether they are actually helpful. Discussion of how to guide clients or patients on ordering seafood when eating out & grocery shopping, as well as discussion of organic meat & dairy.


Class 3 explores the structure of our skin – our largest organ – and how chemicals applied to the skin migrate into the body, as well as discussion of substance metabolism, and skin detoxification. Primary focus is the use of antiperspirants & deodorants, and sunscreens. We review the questionable ingredients used in them, and how specifically they can affect our health.


A continuation of the previous class, here we’ll explore some of the more controversial ingredients: nanoparticles, including a critically important discussion of skin absorption. We discuss what sunscreen ingredients to avoid and why, and which ones are better (and why!), along with guidance on safer self-tanners, and safer antiperspirants & deodorants.


This class explores the multi-billion dollar global beauty industry and their “dirty secrets”, and focuses specifically on hair dyes; their ingredients, the sometimes deadly consequences of their use, and the rampant greenwashing in the industry. Class #5 also explores hair straightening treatments, and the dangerous chemicals found in nail polish, along with discussion of their ingredients.


Here we discuss the truth about “natural” and “organic” hair dyes, how to stop your clients or patients from being mis-lead by both stylists and product packaging. This class also delves into what options exist for truly safe, and non-toxic hair dyes & color restoration, including the pros & cons of each. We also explore the safer options when it comes to nail polishes, and what guidelines to offer your clients or patients who chose to polish their nails.


In class 7 we discuss sick building syndrome and indoor air pollutants, which are nearly always worse than outdoor air pollution, primarily focused on chemical based cleaners. We explore some of the most toxic household cleaners that are used every day, and the associated health risks, including discussion of antibacterial products and their associations with immune health.


A continuation of class #7, here we’ll explore the power of marketing and our cultural perception of “clean”, and how we can empower clients and patients to re-define this term. We discuss natural, safer solutions to air-pollution-generating household cleaners, the use of essential oils, and resources on finding better products to share with your audience.


We explore the olfactory system, our strong psychological attachments to scent, and how product manufacturers use this to sell more products. We also explore the myriad health effects associated with chemicals found in fragranced products, and why the tiny levels of these chemicals actually matter a lot. Includes discussion of candles, incense, and even dry cleaned clothes and their contributions to indoor air pollution.


In this final class we explore some easy and low-cost interventions that clients & patients can implement to dramatically improve their indoor air quality, thereby creating a safer, healthier home environment.



All students receive access to my private student-only Facebook Community where you’ll be able to connect with nearly 1,000 other health professionals and healthy minded consumers, all working to “detoxify” their lives, and elevate their fluency around environmental toxins.


Once you’re enrolled in Blueprint, your access to the membership page & Facebook group never expire, for as long as this course exists. You’re welcome to re-take this class, for free, each year that it runs!


Andrea is a Functional Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Educator and Counselor, founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance, and creator of hugely popular Functional Nutrition Lab course. She will break down for us the body’s natural detox process – taking a close look at our organs of detoxification and how we can support them to better assist our body’s optimal functioning. This LIVE taught class includes live Q&A.

Guides & Handouts

Beautifully designed and unbranded guides for you to use in your practice, including materials on household fragrances, safer seafood, DIY skincare, and recommended safer products, and unstyled Microsoft Word versions for you to edit, alter and self-brand:





Become The Go-To Resource In Your Community

News headlines about chemicals create an anxious public with dozens of questions and no place to turn. Yet very few health professionals have the education or confidence to speak about these issues with their clients and patients. The education & business support in Blueprint will help you to become to the go-to resource in your community, able to help educate and empower in ways that most health practitioners can’t. 

Open Up New Opportunities

When you’re able to “talk toxins” with clarity and confidence, new opportunities will open up for you. Want to host a podcast that stands out from the rest? Want to be the Health Coach who approaches weight issues from a unique perspective? Want to be the only Fertility Expert that knows how to guide your clients away from toxic exposures? Blueprint has opened doors for my students by creating speaking opportunities, and business opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible before! 

Stand Out In Your Field

There are tens of thousands of health coaches, nutritionists, fertility experts, etc. out there, but very few who can market themselves and their services as being able to talk about environmental chemicals. Environmental chemicals is the stone that most practitioners don’t know how to turn over! Your education in Blueprint will expand your tool kit for helping clients and patients get better. 

Rise Above Hype With Solid Research

Much of the conversation around toxins geared towards the general public is filled with sensational, fear-based language that pushes more people away than it invites in. When you can share information that’s supported by research, you’re able to rise above all that hype, and stand out as a trusted voice. In Blueprint, you’re not only presented with a solid, research based education, you’re given guidance and support on how to “talk toxins” in an engaging and empowering manner. 

“Environmental toxins were not talked about when I was getting my health coach certification and it felt like such an important part of the health and wellness conversation. Not including toxins in that conversation is a huge hole, from what I’ve experienced.

I think 80% of the summits that I’ve been on, I’ve been interviewed about toxins because I’m really comfortable talking about them! They are always saying, “Oh, that would really be valuable to my audience!” and “Oh, can you really talk about that?!” The value of me being able to talk about environmental toxins, the power of that is significant… and that has brought clients to me.”

– Christi Cass
Integrative Health Coach & Business Mentor

“As much as I love food, I always understand that health is like a bicycle wheel; there are many spokes on the bicycle wheel and you have to address all of that in order to be comprehensive and really show up for people. While you talk about stress management, food, and lifestyle, I know that there are things that people are using: personal care products, kitchen tools, etc., that people are using multiple times a day that are impacting their endocrine health. I felt like taking this course was really, really important for me to do that and it has really helped my practice to be way more thorough, which I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about

– Elisa Haggarty
Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert

Toxins, detoxification, and avoiding endocrine disruptors, it’s really a major pillar in my program and I’m just so blessed to find Lara and her
work because she really helped me through it all.
 I’ve taken almost every one of her programs!

My clients and the women that I serve have the right to know what these things are doing to their bodies. Women want to know
products. They want to know, “Okay, tell me what makeup should I use. Tell me what pots and pans should I use or cleaning products.” I don’t
have the time to do all of that due diligence… you’ve done that for us. That has been really powerful for me and my community!

– Amy Medling
CHC & Author of Healing PCOS: A 21-Day Plan for Reclaiming Your Health and Life with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome



✔ You know that chemical toxins can impact health, but don’t have the depth of information or education to confidently address them with clients, customers, or family members

✔ You want to better support your clients & patients by exploring a critical aspect to the healing process that most health practitioners don’t even touch on

✔ No longer want to feel like you “don’t know enough” about the role the environmental toxins play in chronic health issues

Want to feel confident in your ability to “talk toxins” to your audience in a way that’s engaging and empowering

✔ Are eager to learn about how to toxins affect us, but don’t want to spend the thousands of hours needed to thoroughly understand the topic

✔ Want to stand out within your field as the go-to person for a truly holistic & integrated approach to wellness

✔ Are looking to strengthen your understanding of while also strengthening your community of like-minded professionals

✔ Already know about toxins & health effects, but struggle with how to leverage what you know to grow your business and stand out in your field

“The information in Blueprint is HUGELY important to those of us in the field who are working with those with compromised health. It’s a bit of a disservice to counsel others on how to live a healthy existence and not provide consideration for these elements that are embedded into our cultural experience.

It seems like this information should be part and parcel of any solid counseling nutrition program and frankly, [and in retrospect], I’m surprised it isn’t.”

– Karen Shoshana
Functional Nutritionist & Integrative Health Coach

“What I loved about the Blueprint course was having a container to be able to focus more in depth on toxins without it being scary or overwhelming. It was actually fun to learn because I was learning exactly what to do to reduce the toxins. Lara presents things in a really clear way so that I can understand them without getting freaked out over it. Instead of feeling frustrated about toxins, I know clear actions to take. I feel more confident that I can talk to others about environmental toxins. Thank you Lara! I always love your classes.”

– Rebekka Maestre

Joining Blueprint was the best decision to round-out my studies, better position me to be “different” in the health coach/wellness space AND to fulfill my nerd cup. The Business Integration calls are so key! I’ve picked up bits of beneficial strategies just listening to answers you provide to others. You are awesome on the business side helping us navigate our own challenges and obstacles and helping us figure out ways to incorporate this information into our practice WITHOUT scaring our clients away and making them afraid to eat or do anything!! Totally invaluable. I can’t wait to learn more from you!”

– Chinyere Williams
Holistic Health Coach


Fill the gaps in your practice and boost your expertise. Classes starts again in spring 2019. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your business, catalyze profound health outcomes for your clients, and harness your education. Add your name to the waitlist below!

Are you a health professional? *

“If you want to expand your knowledge-base and provide better, more complete services to your clients then you must get informed on everyday toxicities that are affecting health today. Lara delivers relevant, vital, and well researched information that has until now been missing in the spectrum of health care services. I admire her uncompromising standards, knowledge, and unwavering passion.”

-Sonia Madera
MD, CHHC Functional Medicine Practitioner,

“This training has been so great and I am so impressed with the content and detail. I have been studying Environmental Toxins for the last 10 years and have information related to them embedded into programs in my practice however, now I’m finally making this topic more front and center in my practice. This course has lit a fire under my butt to bring more of what I know to the frontline and it has really helped me with articulating the complex facts into more digestible information for people to understand and utilize. Thanks Lara, for lighting a fire under my butt!”

– Sarah Reilly

“My “fluency” in toxins has officially been taken to the next level! My friends, colleagues and clients are thinking of me as an expert and coming to me for advice and with questions. AWESOME. Being able to discuss environmental toxins in a knowledgeable and APPROACHABLE way has completely taken my practice to a different level and has singled me out as special in a lot of people’s eyes, which is great! Lara, you are such a gifted teacher. Thank you for bringing this information to the world and for empowering us to lead the way for our clients, friends and families. Being part of this group has meant I feel like I’m making a meaningful difference in the world EVERY DAY.

– Elijah Selby
Holistic Health Coach

Lara’s program goes deep into the world of toxins in such a way that is easy to understand and solutions that are easy to apply. Once you have completed Blueprint, you will have valuable information on toxicity, wonderful tools to share with clients, and a deeper understanding of what these chemicals are doing to our bodies. Upon completion of Blueprint, I began reconstructing my detox program. It just made perfect since that in order to effectively detox and cleanse the body, we must also reduce our level of exposure to environmental toxins. The two go hand in hand. One without the other just doesn’t get the job done!  Blueprint is by far the best investment you can make in your health coaching practice, setting you apart as a leader in the field of environmental toxins!”

-Tammy Hischke
Holistic Health Coach

“I look at everything in my immediate environment with a new perspective. Being in Blueprint has inspired me to make significant changes in my home environment and I have become a hard core DIY kind of person!”

– Whitney Morgan
Licensed Acupuncturist, and FDN Practitioner

“This could be the missing link for so many people that are trying to become healthy! We really do have to be holistic in our approach to becoming a healthier society. The more educated people are the better… the more we can demand change in the market and in our environment! I’ve definitely become more aware of the toxins that are virtually everywhere… I’ve made smarter choices and have started to educate those around me. People are already coming to me as a “resident expert” on toxins!

– Cindie Janssen
Holistic Health Coach


Hi, I'm Lara Adler, a self-proclaimed super-nerd, whose genius is transforming complicated research about a scary, doom and gloom topic (toxins!) into easy to understand and actionable steps designed to help protect your health.

Since 2012, I've taught nearly 3,000 people - mostly health practitioners - about environmental toxins: what they are, where they're found, how they affect us, and most importantly, what we can do about them.

I've also worked with my practitioner students on integrating environmental health into their practices, across multiple modalities, in a way that's engaging and empowering.

I believe we can channel anxiety and overwhelm into calm, confident and empowered action with the goal of optimizing our health, and creating a healthier future for everyone. And I also believe we can have fun doing it!

The world of environmental toxins can be BIG & OVERWHELMING…

This is why I’ve spent the past 8+ years researching what I call the What, Where, How and What Now? of chemicals in our environment: what they are, where they are found, how they impact us, and what do we, as people, AND practitioners, do about them!

I’ve spent years talking to people out in the world about environmental toxins and understand how to connect with them in powerful, motivating ways, rather than coming from a place of preaching, lecturing, or fear-mongering. (I’ve made all the awful, cringe-worthy mistakes there are – I’ll make sure you don’t make them too!)

Blueprint’s goal is to leave you informed, inspired, and totally capable of engaging with others in a powerful and inspiring way so that you can help more people achieve optimal health and so you and your business can thrive.

Learning about toxins can be hard, overwhelming, and time consuming: you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and you don’t have to do it alone! 

Here’s how committed I am to the quality and content of this course: Enroll in Blueprint – watch the first training webinar within 7 days of it’s release on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018. If, after fully listening to or watching the presentation for the first class, you do not feel it will be beneficial to you, simply let me know within 7 days of it’s release, and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND. That’s 100%, right out of my pocket, to you. You’ve got my word.


What is Blueprint?

Blueprint is a 10-week, online course for wellness practitioners and health enthusiasts who are committed to health living, and helping others achieve optimal health. Built on current (and evolving) research, this course explores some of the most common environmental toxins through the primary routes of entry into the body: Ingestion, Absorption, and Inhalation.

This course also focused on application of the material through supporting practitioners, and consumers with an itch to educate, to successfully and strategically integrate this information into their work in a way that’s powerful, informative, engaging and empowering.

What is the time commitment for this course?

The course runs for a total of 10 weeks. Each of our pre-recorded classes run between 40-70 minutes.

Our LIVE Q&A Calls, of which there are 5, held every other week, typically run about 2 hours each.

Our Business Integration Classes also run about 2 hours each and there are three total.

All said, you can expect to spend on average ~2-4 hours per week either listening to classes or participating in our group calls.

What are the dates & times for the live calls?

Below are all the dates for our live Q&A calls & Business Integration Calls. ALL of our calls are recorded, so if you can’t make one, no biggie! You can always watch the replay!

  • Tuesday, May 22nd at 10am PST: Welcome Call
  • Friday, June 1st at 10am PST: Q&A Call #1
  • Thursday, June 7th at 10am PST: Business Intensive Call #1
  • Thursday, June 14th at 10am PST: Q&A Call #2
  • Thursday, June 28th at 10am PST: Q&A #3
  • Thursday, July 5th at 10am PST: Business Intensive Call #2
  • Thursday, July 12th at 10am PST: Q&A #4
  • Thursday, July 26th at 10am PST: Q&A #5
  • Friday, July 27th at 10am PST: Business Intensive Call #3

In addition, our bonus calls (which you’ll get when you enroll by end of day Tuesday) are scheduled for:

  • Friday, May 18th at 2pm PST: Pre-Program Mastermind
  • Friday, June 15th at 10am PST: Masterclass On Running Group Programs

How is Blueprint different than your Tools course?

Tools for Teaching Toxicity is an introductory level course that explores the “low hanging fruit” of toxic exposures in the home; the most important ones to address that are also the easiest to address. The content covered in Tools is the bare minimum of what health professionals should be well versed on.

Blueprint explores the “next level” toxins that are a little more challenging to address, for a variety of reasons. There is very little overlap of content in these two courses, as they are designed to stack: Level 1 (Tools), Level 2 (Blueprint), Level 3 (Certificate Course in Environmental Health).

Additionally, Blueprint has a dual focus of business integration, and includes live Q&A, coaching, business integration classes, and white-labeled resources for you to use in your practice. The live classes in Blueprint allow for me to work directly with you on your business. The smaller group format also allows for community building and networking!

Who is Blueprint for?

This course is for health practitioners: health coaches, nutritionists, naturopaths, physicians, nurses, fitness professionals, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, mid-wives/doulas, etc., women’s health experts, or anyone else who works with clients or patients around health & wellness!

Ideal for those just starting out or those with established practices, Blueprint will not only expand your understanding of how our health is impacted by environmental toxins, but also how to start integrating what you learn into your practice, thereby setting yourself apart from the tens of thousands of professionals out there who don’t address this.

This course is also great for Direct Sales product consultants who sell non-toxic, healthy lifestyle products, helping them to expand the depth of their education and opening up opportunities to teach their customers beyond just selling them a product. Many of my past Blueprint students have been consultants for companies like Beautycounter, Pure Haven, DoTerra, etc., and have found this deeper education priceless when engaging with customers.

What if I'm not a health practitioner?

You definitely do NOT need to be a health practitioner in order to take, and benefit from being in this course.

While it was originally created for practitioners, over the years I’ve had dozens of health-minded consumers (nutrition nerds) enroll in Blueprint so they could learn how reduce exposure to harmful toxins for themselves and their families.

The term “client” is used regularly throughout this program; I tell my nutrition nerds to replace “client” with “family member” because the same guidelines about communication apply 🙂

When does this course start?

Blueprint begins on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, and runs for 10 weeks. Teaching Webinars are pre-recorded and released once a week for 10 weeks. Our Live Q&A calls and Business Integration calls are dispersed throughout the 3 months.

How do I participate?

From the comfort of your on home! So long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to easily participate.

Even though the teaching webinars are pre-recorded, there is a strong emphasis on live participation in this class. In fact, it’s encouraged!

Every other week we’ll meet as a group on a video call where we’ll have open Q&A time to talk about environmental health issues that we’ve covered in class. These calls are also where we’ll begin talking about how to integrate this into your practice.

This course also includes 3 separate live Business Integration classes where we’ll talk about how to apply what you’re learning to your practice (marketing, program creation, hosting workshops, etc.). These classes typically run 2 hours each.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have our private Facebook Community, where you’ll join hundreds of other people in lively and engaging conversation.

What if I can't participate in the live classes because of schedule conflicts, or time zone issues?

While attending the live classes is ideal, it’s in no way required! I’ve had people in this course from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia, and the time difference was such that they couldn’t make any of the live calls, and they still got a ton out of this course.

ALL live calls in the course are recorded, and usually are posted on the private membership page for the course within 12 hours of the call. Plus, don’t forget the Facebook group is 24/7!

Do you cite your sources?

Absolutely! Many of my clients are super-nerds like me, and like to follow the crumb trail of citations to deeper research. I fully support this nerdy-behavior 🙂

The slides and the transcripts for each of the 12 classes offer citations for referenced studies – over 400 in total! The vast majority of my research comes form well respected, peer reviewed scientific journals (none of it comes from random blogs or Wikipedia!). I’ve woven together information from literally thousands of resources, both online and off to offer a unique, real world perspective about environmental toxins.

Can't I just do this research on my own?

Maybe. But will you? In my experience people just don’t, because this field is VAST and DEEP and COMPLICATED! It’s taken me years of research and thousands of hours to create this course. Why re-create the wheel?

Part of what makes this training so great is that I take all complexity and distill it into small, easy, and actionable steps. I’ve also been doing this research for more than 8 years now, and have hundreds of online and offline resources at my disposal that help me to better understand this complex field of chemical toxins. So, sure, while you technically can do this research yourself, I can just about promise you that you won’t want to!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yup! Blueprint has a 7 day refund policy from the time the first webinar class is sent out. If, after fully listening to or watching the presentation for the first class, you do not feel it will be beneficial to you, simply submit an email to explaining why (within 7 days of the course starting, or 7 days after you enrolled, if you sign up after May 22nd), and we will refund your payment within 3 business days. You MUST have listened to the first class fully, and you MUST be able to clearly articulate why the course won’t help you personally or professionally. You can check out the full Terms & Conditions for this course here.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES, definitely! I want to make being part of Blueprint as easy as possible for you, so I have two payment plans available – a pay in full, and a 3-installment option, allowing you to spread payments over the 3 months of the course. If you choose the 3 installment option, each subsequent payment will be automatically charged 30 days from your initial one.

Hey! You missed my question!

Sorry! If you have any questions I didn’t answer here, just drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP!