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The Certificate Course in Environmental Health runs only 1 time per year in the Fall. The 2023 Class begins in October with early enrollment beginning in mid-August. 

Because you’re on the waitlist, you’ll have the opportunity to not only enroll early, and lock in your seat, but to also get bonus sessions and bonus private coaching with me! 

This is my absolute favorite course to teach, and I’m looking forward to having you in class. 

If you want to dive in and start getting nerdy about toxins before the next class starts, check out these other courses that I offer:

Talking Toxins is a 5-week, 5-module online program for health professionals and health based business that will teach you to identify & address the everyday toxic exposures your clients are getting that may be holding them back from the results they are seeking.

*** This is the precursor course to Cert Course ***

This is a foundations-level course that addresses the most common toxicant exposures that folks are getting that have the easiest solutions – allowing you to support your clients, patients, customers, etc in making the most meaningful and accessible changes to lower their intake of harmful chemicals.

With over 10 hours of education, hundreds of citations, and 10 white-labeled client-facing handouts, this course will completely change the way you approach health with the clients or patients you serve!


The PURE course was developed after getting the same question asked hundreds of times; “what’s the best water filter to buy?”

What most people don’t realize is that there is no single, perfect solution to filtering your water. In order to be sure you and your family are drinking the safest and purest water possible, you need to know what contaminants are actually present.

This self paced course will walk you through exactly what you need to know, including how to read your water quality report, and how to shop for the best filter for your situation.


Top 10 Toxins

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