Certificate Course is SOLD OUT + exciting updates + an important new book on autoimmunity…

The fall 2016 class of the Certificate Course in Environmental Health has officially SOLD OUT. I’m so excited to be stepping into this next class with an amazing group of health practitioners!

That this class has reached capacity yet again tells me is that now more than ever health & wellness professionals like you are taking the environmental toxins subject very seriously, which is great news – because it’s high-time we did. 
If you were thinking about being part of this course, but missed the boat, here’s what I want you to do: Get your name on the waiting list for the next class! 

As soon as the next enrollment window opens (which will be in March/April of next year) you’ll be notified and given the chance to secure your spot early.
If the timing for this class didn’t work for you, but you know you want to do it next time, also get your name on this waiting list!

In my last post I shared about my experience at the Mindshare summit, and I’m still buzzing with ideas of fun and engaging new ways for me to share info with you and help you stay up to date and informed on issues relating to environmental health! 

Here’s what I have planned starting in the next month or two: 

  • Podcasts! I’ve been invited to speak on a number of podcasts, and I’m excited to share those with you when they take place. 

  • Client Success Features! I’ve been watching some of my clients absolutely crush it in their practices over the years, and what I love the most is that they are actively talking about toxins in their work, with much success. I’m going to be doing feature stories on these clients as a way to inspire you to move forward in your own business. Stay tuned for these! 

  • Sharing a TON of incredible resources available in an killer bundle package – this is going to be AWESOME! Like thousands of dollars worth of courses, e-books, and freebies, for literally less than $40! Insane. 

  • The re-release of my most popular course (Tools), which is getting a major overhaul and facelift. I’m SOOOOOO excited about this. This course is what built my business, and I’ve been itching to make it better for a while. This will be heading your way in October. If you’ve already taken this class, you’ll automatically have access to this updated version 🙂 

  • Facebook Live. Eeeeek! I’ve been putting this one off for a while because at heart I’m a perfectionist, and impromptu video stuff always makes me sweat, but I’ve watched so many great FBLive streams, and they’re cool! So expect to be notified of scheduled FB Live chats! 

    If there are specific things you’d love to hear me talk about on FB Live, PLEASE let me know!! 
I really want to be having a more engaged conversation with you on the environmental health front and I’m excited by all these new opportunities to connect. If you have ideas of other things you’d love to see from me, definitely let me know that too 🙂

Lastly, I’ll be reformatting my newsletter in the next month or so, as I want to more regularly share books, articles, and courses that I think will help you. 

But I’m not waiting until then to share an important new book with you… 

As you may know environmental toxins touch most chronic health conditions out there, but one of the biggest connections is with autoimmune conditions, which are on the rise.
I just got an advance copy of Dr. Tom O’Bryans new book – The Autoimmune Fix, which is the culmination of 30+ years in practice, and naturally, he addresses toxins throughout this book! I LOVE seeing this!

As a health practitioner, you’re undoubtedly going to have clients & patients that present with some form of autoimmunity…. understanding the triggers, and how to help them feel and get better is SO IMPORTANT. You may even have an autoimmune condition yourself! 

 This new book is on pre-order now, so definitely check it out!! Here’s the link to Amazon ——-> www.amzn.to/1tilQC7

 Even though I have an advance copy, I’ll be getting the hardcover as soon as it’s released!

I’m super excited for what the next few months, and indeed, the next year will bring and I’m thrilled to step into new ways to talk, share, and educate you! 

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