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One-on-one guidance on how to best integrate discussion of environmental toxicants into your practice, programs, and offerings in ways that are informative and empowering for your clients or patients.

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Since 2012, I’ve coached and consulted with hundreds of health professionals – from health coaches and nutritionists to how to best integrate discussion of environmental toxins into their practices, programs, and offerings in ways that are informative and empowering for the clients or patients.

If you’re a health professional (licensed or unlicensed), a wellness blogger, non-toxic product consultant, or otherwise engaged in business around the topic of health optimization, and are wanting support around the following topics, I’d love to help you.

  • Getting clear on niche/who you serve
  • Creating a course or program that incorporates discussion of environmental toxins
  • Reviewing your website copy, sales page copy, etc.
  • Strategizing approaches for client outreach & education
  • Ways to minimize client/patient overwhelm, while maximizing client/patient compliance around environmental exposures
  • Strategies for social media growth, list building, and lead generation

Have other topics you’d like support on? Head here to ping me a message, describe what you’re looking for, and I’ll let you know if I think I can help!

One-on-one consulting sessions are held on Zoom and recorded so you can go back through the session at any time.  

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Single 1-hr Business Consultation Session

Single sessions are ideal if you’re looking to get insight, support, or guidance around 1 or 2 topics in your business, or if you’re looking for broad-stroke feedback on a larger number of topics.

These single sessions can be a powerful tool for professionals who are stuck in a specific area of their business and need some support to work through it.

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Six 1-hr Business Consultation Sessions

The six-sessions are ideal if you’re looking to get insight, support, or guidance around larger projects like course creation, sales & launch strategies, website copy review, etc, or have a bunch of small projects that you would like help with.

Included in the 6-session package is access to me via Voxer for quick questions between sessions.

“Working with Lara has been such a gift. Not only is she truly brilliant when it comes to Environmental Health, but she also has an innate ability to understand the business side of things. It was so helpful to have her review my website. After the session, I had a set of action steps to make my site more clear and relevant to my audience. My website was designed with the advice of a business coach who I had spent over $5K with and who gave me advice that did literally nothing positive for my business.

My private sessions with Lara helped me see where and why things were off and I am now more hopeful than I have been in a very long time.Thank you Lara!”
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- Angela Wagner, Wellness Coach
“Lara’s not a business coach, but she’s given me some of the best business coaching advice I’ve ever received. I had my first private coaching session with Lara last Fall. Since then, as I’ve worked with more people and understood my audience more, I realized that I could get even more specific in my brand messaging and offerings. Lara is in a unique position to offer business guidance from a toxins perspective AND a functional nutrition perspective (I’ve studied with Andrea Nakayama for the past three years) – it’s so helpful having her look at my business one-on-one and get her perspective on designing it!”
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— Naomi Nakamura, Functional Nutrition Health Coach
“I’ve had several private coaching sessions with Lara, all of which have been immensely helpful. Lara’s approach is no-nonsense and strategic. She is 100% focused on helping me move forward in my business, bringing specific, niche-oriented ideas to our sessions, and working on solutions with me when something just isn’t working. Lara’s background as a health coach, combined with her business savvy makes her an excellent business coach for wellness professionals. I can’t speak highly enough of Lara and our work together.”  
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— Vashti Kanahele, MS, CHHS Hormone + Functional Nutrition Coach and Environmental Toxins Educator
In just one short coaching session with Lara, she has not only helped me dream bigger for my work, but also made it possible for me to grasp how my just-getting-started business can become one that is sustainable and even thriving.

She is candid and willing to point me towards my blind spots – for example, the tendency I have to give away too much of my knowledge and skills for free, and what I should do instead; one of her biggest strengths has been helping to break down my goals into actionable steps.

Lara is tangibly committed to walking with her students through each part of the entrepreneurial process, and I trust her because she traveled the road herself. Because she is so passionate about her own work in toxin education, she is personally motivated to see me (and her other practitioner-students) succeed, as well, so that I can help reach an even wider audience with health-supportive offerings. I am so grateful for the time spent in a coaching session with Lara and for how she empowered me to leave our time together with a solid plan to launch my business.”
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— Tae Richmond-Moll, Birth Doula

Not a health professional but still have questions?
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