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The topic of environmental health is enormous, with decades of research and tens of thousands of published, peer-reviewed papers. It’s a fast-moving topic that can be hard to keep up with. 

My online courses are provide a fast-track to elevating your skillset, and gaining new tools to support the clients, patients, or customers you serve!

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Talking Toxins

Talking Toxins is a foundations level, 5-week online course that covers the most common exposures that have the easiest solutions, allowing your clients or patients to take action quickly!

This course will help you take your client & patients results further by helping them identify and address the everyday toxic exposures that may be keeping them stuck in their symptoms.

You'll eliminate hundreds of hours of self-study, research, and resource creation while gaining a balanced, evidence-based education.

Earn 10 CEUs from:

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Everyday Detox

Everyday Detox is a fully customizable 5-week group program for health professionals and individuals with health-based businesses that you run in your own business (with your own branding, logo, etc), that will help your clients make huge strides in lowering their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Complete with everything you need to promote & delivery a 5-week group program, including slide decks, pre-written marketing copy, sales page copy, social media content, client handouts, and a special training how to customize this course to fit seamlessly into your business.

Everyday Detox is a companion offering to the Talking Toxins course.

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Social Media Content Club

The Social Media Content Club is a monthly subscription that takes away the hard work of creating informative, balanced, and evidence-based posts on toxic chemicals & health effects.

An active social media presence is practically a non-negotiable for small businesses these days, but most small business owners and solo practitioners don't have the time to come up with content topics, do deep-dives into the research, write clear and balanced captions, and fiddle with trying to create scroll-stopping graphics from scratch.

Social Media Content Club does the work for you!

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The PURE course was developed after getting the same question asked hundreds of times; “what’s the best water filter to buy?”

This self-paced, 3-hour course will walk you through what you need to know about common water contaminants and their potential health effects, and the various filtration technologies that can help you and your clients get clean, pure water! 

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The Certificate Course In Environmental Health

The Certificate Course in Environmental Health is a deep-dive for health professionals who are eager to integrate the topic of environmental health into their practices in a significant way.

This course explores the history of the environmental health movement, from the turn of the last century up to modern day public policy around toxins, exploration of industry front groups, epigenetics, toxicology, and detoxification protocols.

We also explore the majority of the potential exposures we experience in and around our homes, from home construction, furniture, and carpeting, to bedding, personal care products, indoor air quality, basement, garage, and lawn care.

This course provides a strong emphasis on the practical application of how to integrate this knowledge into a health-based business.

This live, small group program runs each fall, and enrollment is limited to 30.

Earn 30 CEUs from:

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Environmental Health Business Accelerator

The Environmental Health Business Accelerator, or EHBA, is a 5-month, business-only program designed to support you in taking the next steps in your business (or helping you figure out what those next steps are!), while also providing you with highly curated and relevant trainings on some of the most important pieces of the online business puzzle.

Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on business coaching programs and trainings that are 10-20 steps ahead of where you currently are, leaving you broke and frustrated, the EHBA is a wildly accessible course that focuses on the most important and actionable parts of your business foundation.

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