Did you see this yet?!

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Did you see this? Wired Magazine put together a post earlier this year that’s making it’s rounds again – The 5 Best Toys Of All Time – and I have to agree, they are most definitely the best toys out there! Here’s what they listed as the top five toys:

1. A Stick

2. A Box

3. String

4. Cardboard Tubes

5. Dirt

Think back to when you were a kid…these really were the essentials! With these 5 things you could create anything! You could go out in the backyard, find some sticks, a length of string and have yourself a great time filled with creativity and imagination.

But, (wait for it…) kids these days! My goodness! They want the newest gadgets, the spanking new iPhone 4s, with the cool cover and all the latest apps. They want whatever is advertised on TV as being the hottest, coolest new thing, and nothing else will do. While I’m not suggesting you ditch traditional gift giving altogether and start wrapping boxes of dirt (imagine their faces! ha!), I will suggest that you rethink gift giving a little bit. Why, you ask? Well, there are a lot of reasons why rethinking gift giving is a great idea – from being less wasteful, to being more environmentally mindful – but for me one of the most important reasons to rethink gift giving is that so many of them are just plain bad for us.

Bad for us? In a lot of ways yes! That fancy scented candle set… The expensive perfume… The brand new non-stick cookware set. On the surface these might seem like great gifts, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that these gifts are loaded with toxins that are linked to things like obesity, thyroid disorders, liver toxicity, behavioral problems, birth defects, and cancer. Happy Holidays, right?

So what do you do instead? You think OUTSIDE THE BOX, and you RETHINK THE GIFT! To help you do that, I’ve put together a Eco-Chic Holiday Shopping Guide – full of ideas on how to get creative, think outside the box, and give gifts that actually mean something this year. And for those of you that really love to shop but want to buy safe gifts that aren’t going to contribute to horrible diseases (that would be all of you, right?), then you’ll want to check this guide out asap- before you hit the stores!

Just Click HERE to get your F.R.E.E Shoppers Guide!

It’s the perfect alternative to wrapping sticks this holiday season!



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