Do you “walk your talk”… fully and completely? My guess is that you’re someone who has been into health and wellness for a while, right? You’ve plugged into healthy eating, lots of green veggies & fruits, cutting back or cutting out junky processed foods… you’re probably into staying fit and active. Yoga, running, pilates… or maybe a mixture. Sound about right?

Healthy living probably comes naturally to you by now. You’re likely the “healthy” person in the family – the “green sheep” as it were! (every family’s got one!)

You would never, say, pick up a pack of cigarettes, or a BigMac, because a) you know better! and b) because that’s totally out of alignment with who you are and what you stand for.

But, the reality is that you may be doing the equivalent on a daily basis in your own healthy homes!!

Say what??

Even though you’re likely eating all the right foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising, there are things just as bad as cigarettes and BigMacs that you’re bringing into your home right now that can contribute to weight gain, diabetes, thyroid disorders, behavioral problems like ADHD, and cancers. And they’re not always obvious things like a BigMac or a cigarette. They’re sneaky things – chemicals that exist in the products you’re using around your house every single day!

I’m on the tail end of a training program for health coaches right now called “Tools For Teaching Toxicity” which is designed to help them learn about these chemical toxins, how they image health, and how to share this information with their clients. 84 coaches are enrolled and they are LOVING it! The response to this program ha been huge, and here’s a big part of why… because no one has been teaching this kind of content before!

I’ve learned a ton from this group – but the biggest thing I learned is that these coaches want to learn this stuff
for THEM. So they could really WALK THEIR TALK!!

Pretty cool right? As health coaches, we’re deeply connected to the idea of living in alignment, and living in integrity. Yet there’s this gaping hole there – we’re eating organic foods, but still using bleach. We exercise, but still wash our gym clothes in Tide or ALL laundry detergent. We still clean our toilets with bleach, wash our hair with drug store shampoos, and store our foods in plastic.

I want to help you to move past these unhealthy habits in the same way that you help your clients move past processed foods, gluten, and sugar – through education, motivation, and solutions!

Who’s with me?!?

Watch this space, because in the next few days I’ll be announcing a totally FREE training/preview call that’s going to help you fill that hole, and help you snap yourself fully into alignment with healthy living!  This won’t be about how to talk to clients (although you’ll certainly learn that too) it’s about how to get YOU totally healthy…More to come soon!!


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