Does “detoxing” miss the point?

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As a health coach, and part of the community of health & wellness practitioners, you know how front and center detoxes are. There are literally hundreds of detoxes out there – from short ones running only 5 days to longer ones running 3-4 weeks. Sugar detoxes, junk food detoxes, green juice detoxes, the list is long.

The point of these short detoxes is to give your clients a supported leg up on getting their health on track – they’re designed to give your clients a taste of what feeling really good actually feels like – and they’re designed to be a gentle and easy introduction into your style as coach, and what it’s like to work with you. For most health coaching practices, these detoxes are just the beginning, because we know we can’t address all our clients health issues or concerns in 5 days, or even a month!

So while detoxes are a fantastic way to reset health habits, and let to go of some not so good ones, they also offer another opportunity. They can serve as simple, affordable, and effective “gateways” through which new clients can pass. And we want our detoxes to be all of those things – simple, affordable, and effective (because confusing, expensive, and ineffective aren’t what our clients looking for!!).

But, can you really and truly “detox”… detoxify in 5 days or even 21 days? Maybe. But that’s a big maybe that depends entirely on what you’re doing, or not doing in your detox program.

Here’s what many detoxes are doing:

Cutting out processed foods
Cutting out sugar, dairy, gluten
Cutting out caffeine
Adding in lots of greens, maybe even green juices or smoothies
Adding in clean proteins like beans, or salmon
Adding in lots of water, and maybe some liver supporting herbal teas
Encouraging mindful eating
Encouraging earlier bedtimes and better sleep habits
Tapping into emotional blocks/hurdles/issues

These are all fantastic and important parts of any detox. These are the steps that make people feel better. That help them to drop a few pounds, that help them boost their energy…
But is this really a detox? I believe that it’s actually not, and here’s why:

There are thousands and thousands of chemicals… actual toxins that are flowing into our bodies daily. These are what we’re trying to detox from. These are chemicals that can contribute to weight gain, resistant weight loss, diabetes, thyroid disease, and a long long long list of others. Without working to stop this flow of chemicals into the body, we cannot ever properly detox, and we may still struggle with weight loss, low energy, out of balance hormones, and all that goes along with them.

It’s like this: Picture a bucket, hanging from a hook under a spigot. That bucket has a hole in the bottom. You’re trying to drain the bucket, but the hole is small, so it will only drain slowly. At the same time water from the spigot is flowing into that bucket hard and fast. It’s filling the bucket up faster than you’re able to drain it.

This is what’s happening when we try to detox without addressing chemical toxins! As health coaches, its out responsibility to be able to help our clients turn over every stone in search of the solutions that will lead them to their goals – that will lead them to good health. But this world of chemical toxins isn’t one that’s addressed in our training, and therefore never makes it into our practice. I want to help you rectify this!

Join me this Wednesday, November 14th for a free training call titled:
The Top 3 Places Where Toxic Chemical Exposure Is Threatening Your Success With Your Clients, And How To Help Them Protect Themselves

I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Why toxins are the biggest missing piece of the puzzle, and what’s kept health coaches in the dark for so long
  • Why your clients may be struggling to lose those stubborn last 10 lbs.
  • What the Top 3 Toxins in your kitchen are, how they impact your and your client’s health, and what to do instead
  • The tools and tricks that I use to really inspire and engage clients to take action and follow through!
  • Why there’s no way we can comprehensively serve our clients without addressing toxins in the home

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The Top 3 Places Where Toxic Chemical Exposure Is Threatening Your Success With Your Clients, And How To Help Them Protect Themselves

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