Does Your Detox Go “There”?

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Original? Not even close!


See that photo on the left? How many times have you seen that specific image? If you’re in the Health Coaching world, you’ve probably seen it a trillion times! I know I have! It’s graced dozens and dozens of health coach websites AND detox programs.

Why am I sharing this with you? To illustrate the fact that with sooooo many health coaches hitting the scene (which is amazing) it’s more important than ever for you to set what YOU do apart from the pack (I’d start by NEVER using this photo – no matter how great it is!).

Check your Facebook feed. If you’ve got a bunch of other health coaches in your network, you’re likely seeing the word “detox” on a daily basis. These are 5 day “kickstart” detoxes, 14 day, 21 day, and 28 day detoxes. These are gluten free, raw, juicing, you name it.

But what do they all leave out? Yup. Not a hard guess: TOXINS.

Here’s the deal- All the green juice in the world is going not to “detox” you if you’re still allowing chemical toxins to enter the body. AND, if you’re not addressing chemical toxins when someone is experiencing dramatic weight loss, you can be setting them up for failure, and for a whole lot of feeling terrible.

It always struck me as funny that so many “detoxes” don’t really, if at all, address chemical toxins. Not even a little. Why is this?

Here’s why:

1) Most coaches are well versed in healthy eating, exercise, emotional eating, etc, but are NOT well versed in chemical toxins. And it’s not their fault! It’s just not something that their nutrition school covered at all.

2) Most coaches don’t understand that there’s a direct link between environmental toxins and metabolic disease – weight gain, diabetes, obesity, etc.

3) The entire topic of environmental toxins can be totally overwhelming! Most coaches wouldn’t know where to start learning about how toxins affect us, which toxins do what inside our bodies, and where those toxins live in our homes.

4) Most coaches feel uncomfortable talking to clients about toxins because they aren’t confident about what to say to not freak them out, and instead, to motivate them to take action.

5) Until now, there hasn’t been a single, health coach specific resource to learn about chemical toxicity.

Here’s what you do about it:

1) Register for my free training & preview call on June 26th so you can start to better understand how chemical toxins have a direct impact on your client’s health, and on your ability to help them reach their goals, whether it’s through a detox, or a longer, more in-depth program!


This call is titled “The Top 3 Places Where Toxic Exposure Is Threatening Your Success With Your Clients, And How To Change It”

Sign up for this totally FREE preview call and I’ll send you a BONUS handout with some really great information for you to start exploring the world of environmental toxins with your clients right away – no overwhelm, no freak out – you’ll know exactly what to say to them!

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Can’t wait to “see” you on the call!


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