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Talking Toxins is a 5-Week online program for health professionals of all modalities that will teach you to identify & address the everyday toxic exposures your clients are getting that are holding them back from the results they are seeking.

This is a foundations-level course that covers the most common environmental chemical exposures that are the easiest to avoid & have the most accessible solutions.

These are the toxic exposures that every health professional should be addressing with their clients or patients.

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Bonus Training #1:
Talking Toxins On Social Media

Talking about environmental toxins is far more complicated and nuanced than many other topics. Over the past 4 years, I’ve grown my Instagram account from around 1,500 followers to over 70,000, and I’ve learned a lot about science communication in the process – which I want to share with you!

This bonus training will help you understand science communication on social media platforms, how to minimize pushback, maximize engagement and follow-through from your audience, and how to leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok in your business to grow your following and get more clients!

Bonus Training #2:
Empowerment Not Overwhelm

The topic of chemical exposures is inherently stressful and anxiety producing. Presented the wrong way can lead to overwhelm, and inaction.

In this bonus training we’ll discuss some of the best ways to educate in an empowering way without overwhelm or fear. The ways in which we speak about this topic can at worst, push people away from you and your services, and at best (which is what we’re aiming for), magnetize people to you and your work!

Top 10 Toxins

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