Environmental Health Business Accelerator

A 5-Month Business Foundations Course For Health Professionals & Health Based Businesses

NEXT COHORT STARTS: March 7th, 2024

Let’s Put That Environmental Toxin Education To Use!

You have training on environmental toxins under your belt already – this is great – especially since most health professionals still don’t.

So, what are you going to DO with it??

Having information isn’t the same thing as knowing how to apply and share that information in a business.

After working with thousands of health professionals, across dozens of modalities, it became clear to me that without the basic fundamental understanding of how to start and grow an online business, health professionals will continue to struggle – no matter how much information they have.

I wanted to create a space where my students can step out of information-gathering mode, and into the practical nuts-and-bolts of building their businesses, so they can start making the impact they want in the world. (Oh, and also generate revenue.)

This is why I created the Environmental Health Business Accelerator Course!

The Environmental Health Business Accelerator, or EHBA, is a 5-month course designed to support you as you take the next steps in your business (or helping you figure out what those next steps are!), while also providing you with highly curated and relevant business trainings on some of the most important pieces of the online business puzzle.

If you’ve been looking for personalized support, highly relevant business trainings, and community, the EHBA is for you!

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Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on business coaching programs and trainings that are 10-20 steps ahead of where you currently are, leaving you broke and frustrated, the EHBA is a wildly accessible course that focuses on the most important and actionable parts of your business foundation.

Most health professionals spend hundreds of frustrating hours in trial and error, trying to figure out how to grow their email list, what to include in their first group program, or how to launch their next course, increasing the odds of burn-out.

The EHBA is designed to shorten your learning curve dramatically by providing you with highly relevant business trainings that are easily actionable so you can make progress in your business quickly.

Inside the ​Environmental Health Business Accelerator you will:
  • Create an engaging lead magnet to build your email list
  • Learn how to grow your social media following (and in turn, build your email list)
  • Learn how to write, market, and deliver a webinar that leads to new clients
  • Write effective, and high-converting sales pages for your offerings
  • Learn how to structure and offer an online program
You’ll also:
  • Have direct access to me to get personalized coaching and support on your business – no matter what stage you’re in. This includes working out how to best weave in discussion of environmental exposures as well as nutrition, sleep, stress management, or whatever else your business focuses on.
  • Get immediate feedback on your lead magnet, social media profile, sales page that you create after each month’s training session, including suggestions on how to improve.
  • Get thoughtfully curated and highly relevant trainings on some of the most fundamental facets ​of running an online business in the health space. No more floundering figuring out how to get clients on your mailing list, or being confused by things like email and sales funnels!
  • Be connected to a tight community of other health professionals who all actively working on growing their businesses.
  • Have accountability groups that will help keep everyone on track, and focused on applying what you learn.

EHBA Includes:

  • 5 Business Training Sessions – 1 per month These dynamic and interactive Business Trainings will cover some of the most foundational aspects of running a wellness business in the health space. See a full list of topics below. Sessions run approximately 2 hrs.
  • Group Business Coaching Sessions – 1 per month Bring your pressing “what’s my next step?” business questions, strategic planning questions, best-practice questions, sales page copy, or anything else you’re working on. You’ll get coached by me, and hear feedback from other members. During these sessions we’ll also review the actions you’ve taken on that month’s Business Training! Sessions run approximately 2 hrs.
  • A Private Facebook Group This will be our between-session hub for asking biz questions, sharing resources, and asking for feedback and support from the community
  • Accountability Groups You’ll be part of a small group of fellow students that will help keep you and everyone else on track and focused on applying what you learn inside the EHBA.
Don’t waste your money on expensive masterminds or memberships that don’t address your immediate business needs, or teach content that’s way over your head!

EHBA Business Training Topics:

We’ll dive deep into the following five business fundamental topics:
Creating A Compelling Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet, or website ‘freebie’ (a pdf, email series, video series, quiz, etc) is one of the best, and easiest way to grow your email list – an essential for just about any business these days. In this training you’ll learn how to pick a topic for your lead magnet that your ideal client actually wants, how to name it, write it, and design it, along with how to deliver it, and follow up with your new leads. You’ll leave this session with an outline (or two) for your new lead magnets!

Writing & Delivering a Webinar or Free Training

Free webinars continue to be a powerful way to attract ideal clients and grow your mailing list. In this training, you’ll learn exactly how to structure, write, promote, and deliver an online webinar, training, or class, including how to set up registration and follow-up post-event. I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business using webinars, and have learned a few things along the way, which I’ll gladly share with you! You’ll leave this session with a handful of webinar topic ideas that will resonate with your ideal client!

How To Run a Group Program

Group programs can be a powerful addition to your offerings, allowing you to help many people at once, and having an easy entry-point for new clients. In fact, many health professionals exclusively use online courses in their business. In this training you’ll learn how to know when you’re ready to run a group program, how to figure out what the basic framework, along with my tips and insights from running dozens of groups over the past 10 years!

Social Media Growth Training

Social media is one of the best ways to find and create a community and build your email list! There’s an art and science to creating social media content that many people struggle to figure out. In this training you’ll learn everything you need to know to grow your following; content, style, best practices, how to use hashtags, image creation, link in bio, and more. This training will focus on Instagram & TikTok, and you’ll leave this session with actionable steps to start growing your social!

Crafting an Effective Sales Page

Once you’ve got people on to your email list, and promoted your offering via social media and/or a webinar or free training, the next step is knowing how to write a sales page that converts! In this training, we’ll demystify the writing process and flow of sales pages, and give you a checklist for all the essential (and extra, but non-essential) components. Whether for a course or a service, your sales page can make or break the success of your offering. You’ll leave this session with a sales page template and clarity on how to best position your offering.


Student Website Copy & Design Audit

Writing website copy is HARD! And it’s rare to get it right on the first try. I’ve helped dozens of my students write clear, compelling copy that speaks directly to their ideal clients. During this bonus session, I’ll talk about the essential components for your website home page, and will review one student’s website. You’ll be able to submit your website for a review! I’ll do a live review of website flow, copy, and design to help you optimize what you have – these are HUGELY helpful sessions for my private business consulting clients!

Join us inside the EHBA!

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This Course Is For You If:

  • You’ve got a solid base of education on environmental toxins, but you need help figuring out how to leverage that education in your business!

  • You’re looking for personalized support around the next steps in your business, from someone who understands how toxins, nutrition, and lifestyle factors all fit together, AND who understands the mechanics of an online health-based business.

  • You’re ready to take action in your business – no more sitting on the sidelines, or vision boarding, but not getting anything done!

  • You’ve figured out your niche, but aren’t sure what to offer, what to charge, or how to fill your programs

  • You know what things like lead magnets and mailing lists are, but you’re still not sure how to use them in your business.

  • You’re looking for a community of health professionals who are actively working on starting or growing their practices

Early Enrollment BONUSES!!

Enroll by Friday, February 23rd and you’ll save $300 + get these THREE bonuses

Enroll by Saturday, March 2nd and you’ll save $300 + get these TWO bonuses

Bonus #1:
Nailing Your Niche Intensive ($997 value)

If you’re not *crystal clear* about your niche – the specific problem(s) you solve, and for whom, you will consistently struggle in your business. Your niche is the literal foundation of your business and informs 100% of the things you do – from your website copy and blogs, to social content and programs or offerings. I’ll walk you through the system I’ve used to help hundreds of health professionals nail their niche!

This LIVE, interactive session will be held on Tuesday,  March 5th at 9am PST

"Talk about getting clear on my niche...it wasn't until I had the opportunity to meet with Lara to dig through all of the "you should be doing ________" comments from others that I was able to get crystal clear about who it is that I work with and the problem that I solve. I am SOOOO grateful for Lara!!!
Pamela Herring headshot
-Pamela Herrling MS, NBCT, FNLP, ERYT-500

Bonus #2:

Business Fundamentals: Websites & CRMs ($297 value)

If you’re just starting out, you may not even have your website set up, and you likely don’t yet have a CRM (that’s a mailing list) in place. These are essential pieces of your business that you’ll want to start putting together as soon as possible. This training will walk you through the various options for websites (including pros & cons of popular platforms), and mailing lists (including need-to-have and nice-to-have features).

You’ll get immediate access to the pre-recording training os you can start working on getting this set up right away!

Bonus #3:

Two Private Coaching Sessions With Me! ($597 value)
1 on 1 sessions are where we can really dig into the granular aspects of what’s happening (or not happening) in your business – your email or website copy, your client outreach strategy, getting more clear on your niche… These sessions have been enormously helpful for my students. Use these sessions through the end of July.

Bonus #3:

1 Private Coaching Session With Me! ($297 value)

1 on 1 sessions are where we can really dig into the granular aspects of what’s happening (or not happening) in your business – your email or website copy, your client outreach strategy, getting more clear on your niche…

These sessions have been enormously helpful for my students. Use this session through the end of July.

Hear what some of my students have to say about business coaching with me:
“Oh my God, I mean I can almost cry. How grateful I am for you and your work. I have found myself over the past year in an evolution; deciding what it is that I want to do and having so much I want to share. I was feeling like I was on a bumper car ride at a carnival! The work that we did together over the past several months — your ability to support me and corral me into a niche made a huge difference!

Coming from a diverse background and training and wondering “how the hell do I put this all together to make a meaningful impact in the world? How do I get to a place where I can articulate this so that people get it?” The transformation I’ve experienced through your work and your coaching around my business has been amazing! Truly, truly, thank you!”
headshot angie nicolucci
-Angie Nicolucci, Holistic Sleep and Circadian Wellness Practitioner
I have a degree in Business but your EHBA program has completely opened my eyes to a more valuable and specific way to execute my business. I find your direct approach and commitment to us succeeding has helped me gain the insight I needed to move my business to the next step.

Being with like minded individuals with similar goals has been extremely helpful to me. I learn more when I see you applying the same principals to someone else’s issues. For some reason its harder to see the solutions when your’e stuck in your own problems…. Its also been useful to stay on track and push some key items that are instrumental to my business, across the finish line.”

Brooklyn Heck Headshot
-Brooklyn Heck, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of PurelyHealthy.co
“I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching and programs. Lara’s programs have far exceeded my expectations. It is refreshing to see that Lara actually exceeds what she promises. If you are thinking about joining one of Lara’s programs…..DO IT!!”
headshot meg orourke
-Meg Marie O'Rourke, RD-LDN
“Lara’s not a business coach, but she’s given me some of the best business coaching advice I’ve ever received. Since coaching with Lara, I’ve worked with more people and understood my audience more, and realized that I could get even more specific in my brand messaging and offerings.

Lara is in a unique position to offer business guidance from a toxins perspective AND a functional nutrition perspective– it’s so helpful having her look at my business one-on-one and get her perspective on designing it!”
headshot naomi nakamura
-Naomi Nakamura, Functional Nutrition Health Coach
Lara has a unique talent, she’s brilliant at coaching others in their business. As I reflect back on the leaps I’ve made forward I’m astonished. Through Lara‘s no-nonsense practical step coaching I have kept on task and have successfully accomplished each project. She has a way of seeing your business through your eyes and helping you move past the barriers holding you back. She gives clear and succinct directions in each one of her Business Intensive presentations.

With Lara’s help I’ve been able to dive into various different business tools with clarity and utilize them for their highest potential. Lara’s follow up Coaching Calls are priceless. Her unique skill has brought out the best of who I am for my clients. I now have a toolbox loaded with clarity and precision as I move forward.”
headshot kat stecker
-Kat Stecker FNTP, Holistic Personal Chef

Here’s Everything You Get Inside

The Environmental Health Business Accelerator:
  • Business Training Sessions (value: $4997)
  • Business Coaching (value: $2997)
  • Downloadable Presentation Slides (value: $497)
  • Facebook Community (value: $497)
  • Ongoing Monthly Office Hours (value: $997)
  • Access to colleagues & potential partners (priceless)

Total Value: $9985

Actual Cost: $2197

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Registration opens February 2024
Payment plans are available
We’ll never share your information, or spam you, ever!

Join The EHBA Now & Accelerate Your Business!

Join a community of other health professionals who are eager to grow their businesses and leverage their environmental health education!

EHBA starts March 7th

Enroll by Saturday, March 2nd and you’ll automatically save $300 and get 1hr of private coaching + 2 bonus sessions!

Enroll by Friday, February 23rd and you’ll automatically save $300 and get 2hrs of private coaching + 2 bonus sessions!

Doors close on March 10th

countdown to march 2, 2024

Join The EHBA Now & Accelerate Your Business!

Join a community of other health professionals who are eager to grow their businesses and leverage their environmental health education!

EHBA starts March 7th

Enrollment closes Sunday, March 10th

money back guarantee seal

By enrolling in the EHBA course you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. If, after enrolling and attending both the 1st group coaching session and the 1st business training, you feel it’s not a good fit for you, simply send me an email with 30 days of enrollment or before the 2nd coaching session (whichever comes first) at [email protected], explaining what didn’t work for you, and a full refund will be offered. To read the full Terms & Conditions for your purchase, click HERE.

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About Lara Adler

Hi, I’m Lara Adler, and I teach health coaches, nutritionists, and other holistic health practitioners how to eliminate the #1 thing holding their clients back from the results they are seeking – the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems.

I train practitioners to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client outcomes without spending hundreds of hours researching on their own (because you’ve got a practice to run!).

I merge the most current research in environmental health with practical, no-nonsense approaches so you can implement powerful new tools to reduce toxic exposures for your clients.

Combining environmental health education and business consulting, I’ve helped thousands of students in over 25 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health & detoxification field.

Have Questions? Check the FAQ!

The EHBA is for health professionals, health bloggers, or other business owners in the health space who need help with how to best integrate the toxins conversation into their work, and who also need help with how to build and grow their audience, create engaging programs, and get their message out there.

The EHBA is not an environmental toxins training, but rather ongoing business support for those wishing to do a better job of growing their business, reaching more people, and getting the toxins conversation out there.

No. The EHBA is for those who already have a solid education (either from me or elsewhere) that need help and support on how to best utilize their education in their businesses, and who need support and training on their best next steps.

If you’re looking for a foundations course on environmental toxins, check out Talking Toxins, my 5-week online course for health professionals.

Each month for the duration of this course, we’ll gather as a group on Zoom for our Group Coaching calls. These calls are where you can get your business strategy questions answered, talk through an upcoming launch, or get ideas on copy, marketing, list building, etc.

These calls run approximately 1-2 hours and all group calls are recorded and housed on our membership site.

Our Business Intensives are held via Zoom (just like our Group Coaching calls) and consist of a slide presentation on a specific business topic like Creating A Compelling Lead Magnet, or How To Run A Group Program. Members are encouraged to ask questions both during and after the presentations.

All of our sessions are recorded and made available on the membership page, along with slides, handouts, and any other relevant information.

Live calls are scheduled for Thursday’s at 9am Pacific Time, and all sessions will be recorded and housed on the EHBA members page.

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