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Excellent! You’re on the waitlist for the next run of the Environmental Health Business Accelerator program.

The EHBA runs twice per year; in the Spring and Fall. The spring 2022 Class begins in April with early enrollment beginning in mid-February. 

Because you’re on the waitlist, you’ll have the opportunity to not only enroll early, and lock in your seat, but to also get bonus sessions and bonus private coaching with me! 

In the meantime, if you need help figuring out how to best utilize your education on environmental toxins in your business, figuring out your niche, or walking through a new course, program, webinar, or other offerings, let’s schedule some 1-on-1 consulting sessions!

NOTE: This course is intended for students of my courses to help them best utilize their education on environmental health, although going through my courses is not required to enroll. This course does NOT include any education on environmental health – it’s strictly focused on business fundamentals. 


Business Consulting Options

Get my full, undivided attention, my decade of experience in running a successful online business, and experience in working with and coaching thousands of other health professionals!

Topics of discussion in consulting sessions commonly include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting clear on niche/who you serve
  • Creating a course or program that addresses environmental toxins
  • Reviewing your website copy, sales page copy, etc.
  • Strategizing approaches for client outreach & education
  • Ways to minimize client/patient overwhelm, while maximizing client/patient compliance

All sessions are recorded and made available to you.

Single 60-minute sessions – $297

Single sessions are ideal if you’re looking to get insight, support, or guidance around 1 or 2 topics in your business, or if you’re looking for broad-stroke feedback on a larger number of topics.

Six 60-minute sessions – $1597

The six-session package is ideal if you’re looking to get more granular support in multiple areas and/or are looking for a cohesive strategy around course creation, marketing, social media, copywriting, etc.

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