The Certificate Course in Environmental Health 2023 class is OPEN for enrollment!

Are you wanting to take your environmental health education deeper?
Struggling to integrate this topic successfully into your business?

Join me for this free workshop and open house!

– Tuesday, Sept 26th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST –
Free Workshop & Open House for:
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This session will NOT be recorded – plan to attend live – you won’t want to miss it!
During this workshop, we’ll be talking through the following key topics – show up and be ready to share, ask questions, and get feedback!

Are you 100% crystal-clear on your niche? If you’re like most people, you’re not! But that’s okay – I’ve helped thousands of students get clear on what problem they solve (and for whom). Your niche is the foundation of your business. Nailing this down will transform how you talk about toxic exposures as well as your unique position in the health space.

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Have you struggled when it comes to sharing information about toxic exposures in your business? This is the area that trips people up the most. Tell me about what you’ve tried, what has worked (and what hasn’t worked), and I’ll help you pinpoint the weaknesses that are hindering your success. I’ll also offer guidance on how to communicate more clearly, in a way that speaks to your ideal clients!


Ever worked hard to create a course or new service…only to have no one sign up? This is a common (and frustrating) experience for many health professionals. I got you! Let’s unpack your strategy, diagnose the pitfalls, and employ impactful changes to get better results.

This workshop is for you if:
  • Are already doing work in the environmental health / low-tox living space but are struggling with your business, generating interest in your services, and attracting paying clients
  • Are working in the health space currently and want to address environmental exposures in the work that you do but don’t know where to start (or have tried but can’t seem to get traction)
  • Don’t yet have an established business but are passionate about the subject of environmental health and want to deepen your education, but feel unsure about how to start & grow your business
About Cert Course:
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The Certificate Course in Environmental Health is a 5-Month Online Program for health professionals and health-based businesses, designed to elevate your understanding and fluency around environmental exposures and provide tools and support around integrating this critically important topic into your unique health-based business.

Comprised of hundreds of hours of research, this 5-month course will fast-track your education!

My mission is to create a group of professionals who will become leaders – not only in their own field or area of expertise, but also in pushing the environmental health conversation forward, and ultimately transforming the world in which we live!

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Lara Adler, an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator and a Certified Holistic Health Coach who educates health professionals and health-based business owners on environmental chemical exposures and their links to chronic health issues.

Since 2012, I’ve been teaching students to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client & patient outcomes without spending hundreds of hours researching on their own.

I merge the most current research in environmental health with practical, no-nonsense approaches so you can implement powerful new tools to reduce toxic exposures for your clients.

Combining environmental health education and business consulting, I’ve served over 4,000 students in over 35 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health & detoxification field.

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