5 Month Online Program for The Allied Health Professional

Elevate your understanding of environmental toxins & learn how “talk toxins” in your practice, so you can expand your skillset, ability to support clients, and grow your business

Course starts: OCTOBER 2019

The world is waking up to the fact that everyday toxic exposures are not only real, but a big part of the rise in chronic health issues. 

“DETOX” is all the rage these days, the organic foods industry is booming, and natural, plant based skincare is the largest growing sector of that industry.

And yet, many people are still struggling with chronic health issues.

And not enough health professionals are able to help them understand, and take action on the toxic exposures that are making them worse.

If you’re ready to be the resource they need, deepen your education, expand your toolkit, and stand out from the pack, then keep reading… 


Researchers and leaders in the Functional Medicine field agree that environmental toxins are responsible for causing or contributing to nearly all the health issues practitioners are seeing in their clients & patients… things like:


Weight Gain


Insulin Resistance




Brain Fog






Hormone Issues


Chronic Fatigue














Gut Dysbiosys


Heart Disease




Thyroid Disorders


Learning Disabilities


And More...


Leaders in Functional, integrative, and holistic health are speaking out about toxins:

“In considering health issues, it’s important to clear the home and body of toxic exposures that are holding us back from our goals. In my own practice and teaching, I consider toxins to be at the top of the list of agents we need to address and eliminate… Bottom line: You can’t get better without addressing your toxic exposure…”

Andrea Nakayama

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, CNE, MSN, FNLP

“Toxicity is the primary driver of disease.”

Joe Pizzorno

Leading authority on science-based natural/integrative medicine and founding president of Bastyr University

“Environmental toxins can feed cancer, interfere with glucose and cholesterol metabolism and induce insulin resistance and obesity through multiple mechanisms including inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial injury, altered thyroid metabolism and impaired central appetite regulation.”

Mark Hyman

Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine

Average # of Hours of Training in Environmental Health for MD's

But there’s a problem. 

The average medical professional only has seven hours of training on environmental health issues in the course of their education.

The conventional medical model also does not afford the average MD the time to work with their patients on the lifestyle shifts needed to reduce exposures to the toxins that are messing with their health.

Enter: The Allied Lifestyle Practitioner.

I’m talking health coaches, nutritionists, women’s health experts, chiropractors, etc. who are working intimately with their clients on daily lifestyle upgrades.

Currently, most lifestyle practitioners aren’t able to fully participate in this hot topic; either they don’t know enough, or know plenty, but struggle to speak about toxins in an engaging way. 

If this is you, you’re uniquely positioned to help your audience truly address their health issues in a powerful, and increasingly essential way… all you need is some education, and guidance! 

Learning about toxins takes time.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours of research to find out where toxins are hiding, how they are affecting us, and what we can do about them.

That’s time most professionals just don’t have.


The Certificate Course in Environmental Health is a 5 Month Online Program for the allied health professional.

This course marries a deep exploration of environmental toxins with personalized and guided support on how to integrate work around toxins into a health based business.

Comprised of hundreds of hours of research, this 5 month course will fast-track your education!

My mission is to create a group of practitioners who will become leaders – not only in their own field or area of expertise, but in pushing the environmental health conversation forward, and ultimately transforming the world in which we live.

The time for leadership in the environmental toxins conversation is NOW.



Class Size Is Extremely Limited – Don’t Wait

What We Cover In The Certificate Course

The environmental toxins conversation is about far more than just chemical A leading to disease B; it’s about history, politics, public policy, public health research, and so much more. I call these two sides of the conversation the “macro” and the “micro.”

When you can speak about these bigger picture topics, the information you share about specific chemical exposures carries more weight, relevance, and resonance. That’s why we cover both inside the Certificate Course in Environmental Health.


We zoom way out to examine the historical, scientific, political and industry back-story of the environmental toxins conversation, critical for creating a strong footing in this space.

The Macro includes discussion of the intersection between industry, science, and public policy, and close look at topics like human biomonitoring, epigenetics, and detoxification.


Here we zoom way in, to take a 360 ̊ spin around the toxins we’re most commonly exposed to in and around our homes; from construction materials and radon in the basement, to benzene in the garage, and lead in garden soil.

This comprehensive exploration of potential sources of exposure will allow you to offer the most thorough assessments when working to uncover the root of your client’s health issues.


What good is all that education if you’re not crystal clear on how to use it? (Hint: not much).

Working in our small class size, you’ll get individual attention, coaching, strategizing, and support around how to best integrate this topic into the work you’re doing. We’ll find the right language, the right offering, and the right approach for YOUR unique business.

No more leaving you to figure out how to apply what you learn!

What’s Included: 

  • 16 core lecture format (audio) teaching classes
  • 4 bonus lecture format (audio) teaching classes
  • 4 Live Q&A + Hot Seat Calls
  • 4 Live Q&A + Coaching Calls
  • 3 Live Business Coaching Intensives
  • 1 Virtual 2-day intensive (October 25th & 26th)
  • 2 One-hour Private Coaching Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly curated news headline E-Digest
  • Client Facing Guides for you to use in your practice
  • Environmental Health Intake Form
  • Template for conducting a Whole Home Assessment
  • Guest Expert Trainings

The Lessons:

The Certificate Course is comprised of 16 audio lectures designed to offer a comprehensive exploration of what the lifestyle practitioner needs to be aware of to support their clients, and the bigger picture context that allows you to position yourself as a leader.

Earn 30 CEU’s from the NANP when you complete the homework assignments for these 16 core classes!

Lesson #1: History & Context of Chemical Regulation

In order to make sense of where we are now, we have to look back at the historical events that shaped our view of chemicals, and the public policy that regulates them. This is a fascinating and eye opening class that will help you share engaging and perspective shifting information with your clients. [MACRO]

Lesson #3: The Toxic Substances Control Act & REACH policy in the European Union

This class explores how our public policy regarding chemicals was developed, where it’s weak, and how it compares to our friends across the pond. Understanding how chemicals are regulated (or not) allows for a much deeper, and more rounded conversation around the products we use every day. [MACRO]

Lesson #5: Industry Front Groups: Astroturfing and Manipulation

Industry plays a big role in how toxin chemicals are perceived by consumers and addressed by legislators. Understanding how industry manipulates us  and changes public policy is eye-opening, and can serve as a radar when you’re reading about toxins. [MACRO]

Lesson #7: Understanding Toxicology: "Dose Makes The Poison", NOAEL, LOAEL, and PBPK Modeling

The Dose Makes The Poison is one of the most commonly used statements to illustrate that low levels of chemical exposures don’t matter. In this critically important class, we’ll explore what this actually means, and exactly how it doesn’t always apply. This class will also explore other fundamental aspects of toxicology. [MACRO]

Lesson #9: Understanding Epigenetics

Epigenitics is the study of how chemicals can alter our epigenome. In this class we’ll explore the environmental toxin connection to epigenetics, examining the “genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger” statement. [MACRO]

Lesson #11: Human Biomonitoring Studies: Body Burden Testing, NHANES/CDC

This class dives into the world of NIH research into environmental chemicals, which serves as the foundation for much of what we know about human exposures. [MACRO]

Lesson #13: In The Kitchen: Pesticides, PCB's Growth Hormones/Antibiotics, Food Packaging

Kitchens are toxic hotspots; in this class we’ll look at the prevalence of pesticides, antibiotics and other toxins in food, as well as food packaging as a source of exposure to be wary of. [MICRO]

Lesson #15: Detoxification: History, Scope of Practice, Phase I and II Liver Detoxification, Sauna Therapy, Diet

When learning about toxins, we cannot avoid talking about detoxification; how the body handles (or doesn’t) the release of harmful substances. We’ll also talk about scope of practice around protocols for the lifestyle practitioner, and various interventions that can be used in lieu of those protocols. [MACRO]

Lesson #2: Home Construction: Air Exchange, Insulation, Asbestos, Paint & VOC's

The materials used to construct our homes can play a big role in the kinds of toxins we’re exposed to. Learning the core issues around home construction can provide much needed insight into why we’re being exposed to so many toxins in the home. [MICRO]

Lesson #4: Indoor Environment: Flooring, Furniture, and Flame Retardants

The floors under our feet, and the furniture we use to relax can be a significant source of toxic exposures that can directly affect heath. This class explores where those toxins are coming from, and importantly, what we can do about them. [MICRO]

Lesson #6: In The Bedroom: Mattresses, Textiles, Dry Cleaning, and Light Pollution

This class explores the toxins that are most commonly present in our most important room: the bedroom. We discuss exposures, safer alternatives & behaviors, and ways to navigate this topic with clients. [MICRO]

Lesson #8: In The Living Room: Household dust, Indoor Air Pollutants, Vacuums & HVAC

In this class we’ll explore the toxins most commonly present in the living room, including ways that we can mitigate some of the harder to avoid exposures. [MICRO]

Lesson #10: Indoor Air: Houseplants, Air Filtration, and Mold

The indoor environment is a container for toxic build up. In this class, we’ll explore air purification and filtration, as well as ways to address common mold problems. [MICRO]

Lesson #12: Toxins In Personal Care Products & Feminine Hygiene

In this class we’ll head into the bathroom to closely examine personal care products, with a spotlight on issues related to feminine hygiene [MICRO]

Lesson #14: Household Cleaners & Greenwashing, Safe Disposal, and Radon
Lesson #16: Nursery & Children's Rooms: Mattresses, Paint, Baby Products, Toys, Jewelry, Car Seats

This class explores the room where our most vulnerable live: a child’s room. We examine the items that are unique to them, including children’s mattresses, baby products, toys, etc. [MICRO]


Four bonuses classes that explore areas of exposure that more likely fall outside the average conversation with a client or patient, but that are still important pieces of the exposure puzzle. Included in these bonus classes is discussion of how to conduct research online, while avoiding Wikipedia and blogs as content sources, and where environmental activism may play a role in your life.

Bonus Lesson #1: Toxins In The Garage: Vehicle Emissions, New Car Smell, Venting

In this bonus lesson, we’ll explore toxic exposure that take place in the garage, including looking at issue related to attached garages, car emissions, and new car smells

Bonus Lesson #3: Researching: Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, Resources

Wanting to do more research on your own? In this class we’ll talk about Googling: how to do it, and how not to do it, including looking at what various research methodologies can tell us, and what sources we can use to find credible research.

Bonus Lesson #2: In The Yard & Garden: Soil Contamination, Testing & Abatement

Moving outside, this class explores soil contamination, especially important for back-yard gardeners, or those with small children. We’ll explore what one can do if they find soil contamination in their yard.

Bonus Lesson #4: Marketing & Activism

Many who step into the toxins conversation have a deep passion for activism and for changing the system. This class will explore these issues and more!

Guest Expert Speakers & Lectures


You’ll Also Get: 



I’m equipping you with Don-For-You Guides, Assessment Forms, Follow Up Reports, and other Resources


Lifetime Access

I’m not just here for you in the short-term. I’m here for the long-term too. That’s why I make sure you get lifetime access to our membership hub, and all course content.

Private Community

In addition to access to my student-only Facebook group, you’ll your fellow Certificate Course students in a private Facebook group where we can dig deep into course content & biz development


As important as information is, it will only take you so far. If you don’t know how to smartly and strategically apply it, what’s the point?

This is why a large portion of the Certificate Course is devoted to helping you build or grow your business.

This course is equal parts EDUCATION & APPLICATION.



Class Size Is Extremely Limited – Don’t Wait

I want to thank you personally for all the amazing things you have taught me during the Certificate Course. You have truly transformed my work and the way I help my clients. Yesterday I was speaking with a woman (a researcher) about toxins in breastmilk and babies and I was able to give her SO much info about toxins, that even I was impressed I could remember.

I am truly grateful for this service you provide.

For me, the gold of this course was all the detailed info about toxins; thanks to all the research you have done, you put together SO much information in an organized and digestible manner that takes overwhelm away. This is priceless and I thank you for that.

– Eleni Roumeliotou MSc, Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition and Lifestyle specialist

I’ve taken all of Lara’s courses (which are terrific), but the Certification Course is my favorite! I learned how to avoid junk science when doing research, how to speak intelligently about the history, chemical policies and effects of environmental toxins, and how to develop my own program of manageable, effective steps for clients. Lara is invested in your growth and education, and is there to support you every step of the way!”

-Dianne Moore, Certified Health Coach & Environmental Toxins Educator, MSW, MS, CHC

“Lara’s teachings in the Certificate Course in Environmental Health has been simply phenomenal. Her knowledge of environmental toxins, the How, the Why, and What needs to be done to make our world a better place is insurmountable. She provides a learning prospective like no other…and that is just the environmental aspect! When it comes to coaching, Lara has a gift of being able to hop from one topic/niche to the next with great ease and be right on without hesitation. Lara is extremely supportive individually as well as in the group. My experience with Lara and her program is hands down the best!!

– Deb Dittner FNP-C,RMT,CHHC,AADP Nurse Practitioner and Health Consultant

“Taking the Certificate in Environmental Health program with Lara has been so educational, informative and inspirational, I cannot put into words how much I learned, thinking out of the box and doing due diligence to research backed by citations. And above all Lara’s commitment to give, to share and to inspire! It has been a great year! My only regret is that like all good things, they must come to an end.”

– Alexi Bracey, Holistic Health Coach & Chef

“Being part of Lara Adler’s Certificate Course has been an incredible experience. Perhaps the best part has been our collective passion, and being part of such a unique community of like-minded individuals (who will likely be friends for life). Throughout the year, Lara takes you deep into the environmental issues we’re all aware of – and then some! The program is both thorough and eye-opening, and will likely leave you more passionate than ever about doing your part to make a difference in the world we live in.”

– Karen Trubner-Kent, Holistic Health Coach

Talking about toxins isn’t always as straightforward as talking about nutrition.

Even if you already know a lot about toxins, the wrong approach can mean the difference between your clients or patients eagerly listening in and taking action, or feeling overwhelmed, paralyzed, or worse, dismissive.

The wrong approach tends to look like one of these: 

Talking About Toxins To Anyone Who Will Listen

You’re ultra-passionate and want everyone to know how to avoid toxins, and you’re delighted to talk to anyone who will listen. But your passion doesn’t translate; eyes glaze over, people check out and stop listening. Not only does this alienate your audience but it batters your credibility.

I’ll help you craft your message, how you share it, and who you share it with to get that passion out in a way that’s meaningful! 

The Basics Don’t Cut It Anymore

Toxins are a HUGE topic right now and everyone is trying to get their word in edgewise. Saying things like “pesticides are bad” or “BPA is bad” doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to truly be the resource your clients need you to be, it’s more important than ever for you to be able to go deep, and look beyond the basics! 

This course will give you a solid, foundational education on multiple facets of the environmental toxins problem, so you can become the go-to person in your community. 

Your Fear Becomes Their Fear

Sensationalism and fear-mongering will get a reaction out of your audience but not always the one you want. Fear tactics also don’t translate into a thriving practice or trust in you as a practitioner. No health practitioner wants to be associated with feelings like hopelessness, skepticism, and overwhelm.

Together, we’ll work to tame this boogie-monster and I’ll guide you on how to tweak your language in a way that is encouraging and empowering!

We’ll Fix All This In Our Small Group Business Coaching Sessions!

Throughout the 5 months of this course, you’ll work with me, in a small group setting on your business, with the goal of seamless integrating the toxins conversation into the work you’re already doing.

If you’re just getting started in your practice, we’ll work together to lay the foundation of the core problem your business will solve, and for whom, so that you can move forward with clarify and confidence. No more floundering around taking every class out there and still not seeing any clients!

Here’s how we’ll do this:

2-Day Live Virtual Business Intensive

Your bright ideas require a bold strategy to help you bring them to life! We’re digging into what it is that you offer (or plan to offer), what problem you’re solving (and for whom), and solidifying your niche. This is a co-collaborative process to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

This not-to-miss session will lay the foundation for our Business Coaching calls later in the course.

3 Business Coaching Intensives

During these biz intensives, we’ll expand on the foundation you laid during our 2-day intensive, strategizing best ways to move your business forward.

I’ll share with you some of the most powerful business strategies, tips, resources, and things I’ve learned that have helped me to create a thriving and successful business. This content is dynamic and based on what will benefit the group at the time of the intensives.

4 Live Q&A + Coaching Calls

The live format of our coaching allows everyone to participate, share opinions, ask questions, and present ideas. Collective questions on course materials help everyone grow and deepen their understanding.

This gives me the opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the previous lessons and continue to build on the foundation of your toxin education!

4 Live Q&A + Hot Seat Calls

These sessions are the cure for “marble mouth”; what happens when you try to share your knowledge with someone, but end up stumbling over your words, regretting you even said anything. Commonly expressed in “toxins BAD” or “BPA BAD” statements. This is a major credibility and confidence shredder! 

In these sessions, you’ll practice speaking the language of toxins so you can clearly, articulately, and confidently “talk toxins” with your audience. We’ll go over hypothetical situations and students can submit questions/situations they stumbled through for analysis, and practice. 

Two 1-hr Private Coaching Sessions

In our private, 1-on-1 coaching sessions we’ll be able to dig super deep into specifics of what you’re working on; a program launch, website copy review, a live talk or webinar, etc. These sessions have been hugely helpful for past students, and provided them with clear action steps on how to move forward in their business.

All sessions are recorded for you to download and review as needed.

“I loved my private coaching with Lara! Not only did it give me personalized time to flesh out where I was stuck and how I can put this extremely important topic into practice, it gave me one on one time with her. She is accessible, relatable and genuine. She challenged me to take risks in my business and in personal growth. I appreciated her no nonsense advice. 

She saw I was going in the wrong direction with a program marketing campaign that I had launched and spent nearly an hour walking me through how I can fix it. It was not what I wanted to hear–it was a page one re-write for me. But she was right! I trust her advice. When I used her suggestions, I received great feedback and more sign ups! This was a very gratifying investment! Thank you Lara Adler for enlightening me 🙂

—Allison Samon, Holistic Health Coach

“Lara’s not a business coach, but she’s given me some of the best business coaching advice I’ve ever received. I had my first private coaching session with Lara last Fall. Since then, as I’ve worked with more people and understood my audience more, I realized that I could get even more specific in my brand messaging and offerings. Lara is in a unique position to offer business guidance from a toxins perspective AND a functional nutrition perspective (I’ve studied with Andrea Nakayama for the past three years) – it’s so helpful having her look at my business one-on-one and get her perspective on designing it!”

— Naomi Nakamura, Functional Nutrition Health Coach

“You are awesome on the business side helping us navigate our own challenges and obstacles and helping us figure out ways to incorporate this information into our practice WITHOUT scaring our clients away and making them afraid to eat or do anything!! Totally invaluable. I can’t wait to learn more from you!”

– Chinyere Williams, Holistic Health Coach

“Lara has helped me really focus on how to market myself, and we’ve worked together on planning two of my launches during really productive power sessions. I would love to have a business/strategy partner like her to mastermind together. I love that she is true to herself in business and doesn’t follow what most people are doing.

Her work is some of the most inspiring I have ever come across. Obviously, I am passionate about the subject, but Lara’s way of conveying information that can so often feel overwhelming, is reassuring, empowering and generous. It’s also really easy to connect with her on a personal level.”

– EDURNE UBANI, Functional Health Coach, FDN-P



Class Size Is Extremely Limited – Don’t Wait


Build the foundation of your practice by zeroing in on, or refining your niche

Get crystal clear about who you serve, and how to communicate in a language they are attracted to

Learn how to create and develop offerings for your audience that seamlessly integrate the toxins conversation

Hone your ability to “talk toxins” in a way that’s engaging and empowering

My goal is to help you harness the power of all your cumulative education, particularly around toxins, so you can create programs, offerings, and services that your ideal clients are eager to sign up for! 

This course is perfect for you if you’re a…












Earn 30 CEU credits through the NANP!

Successful completion of the Certificate Course homework assignments will earn you 30 CEU credits through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals – enough to satisfy your requirements for a full year, in just 5 months!

Deepen Your Education,
Expand Your Toolkit,
& Stand Out From The Pack

Course starts October 1st, and spaces are limited. (max 50 students)
Course runs only 1x per year!


Enroll by 8pm PST on July 2nd and you’ll:
 SAVE $800 and get: 








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“This course has increased my confidence through honing my critical thinking skills on the ‘toxins topic.’
One of the most valuable aspects of this course is the impact it had on the way I think about my practice and where I spend my energy.

Lara is amazing at cutting through the crap that keeps you from moving forward in building your business. She is super empathetic and can quickly identify what is holding you back. And she gives you practical steps to get you “un-stuck” without overwhelming you.”

—Whitney Morgan, L.Ac., FDN-P, PHC

“I had a great time in Lara Adler’s Certificate Course. What I’m most excited about is now I have well thought-out and intelligent answers (with scientific references) for questions about environmental toxins. My husband and I can talk to doctors and nurses and health practitioners about environmental toxins! We’re really excited about that because we want to be a resource for them. We’re having fun teaching about toxins in our online health course. It was so great to have a whole group of people to study with and who wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk about. So thank you so much Lara for painstakingly putting together all this research and information and teaching us wonderful business skills!

—Rebekka Maestre, Holistic Health Coach

The value of the business component of this class is not to be underestimated.

This is the only course I know of that combines both the academic piece of environmental health/toxicology with the business piece.

You can have tons of “academic” knowledge of the subject, but if you can’t translate it in a way that clients can understand and relate to and that actually reaches potential clients, then that knowledge is pretty much useless to you professionally. Lara helps with all of this!”

— Mary Canniff

The Cert Course was the best investment that I have ever made! The knowledge that Lara has is incredible and she teaches you all of it. Everything from all the chemicals and how they affect you, to the crappy laws that allow these chemicals to be used. She shows you where to get true, accurate information in your own ongoing research.

Without this course, I wouldn’t have been able to articulate all the information regarding chemicals. I now give paid talks to educate others and have [used my] knowledge & confidence to testify at state hearings on chemicals & laws regulating them.
You will get more than you know from this course”

—Jen Steiner, Holistic Health Coach

Cert Course IS FOR YOU IF… 

✔ Know that toxins play a big role in the health issue your business aims to address

✔ Know the basics of the toxins conversation, but want to have a deeper understanding of the issues, so you can be seen as a true resource for your clients

✔ No longer want to feel like you “don’t know enough” about the role the environmental toxins play in chronic health issues

Want to feel confident in your ability to “talk toxins” to your audience in a way that’s engaging and empowering

✔ Are eager to learn about how to toxins affect us, but don’t want to spend the thousands of hours needed to thoroughly understand the topic

✔ Want to become a leader within your field as the go-to person for environmental health issues

✔ Are passionate about toxins, but struggle to communicate in a clear and articulate manner

✔ Have tried integrating work around toxins into your practice with little success and are ready to finally nail your message!

Want the confidence to “talk toxins” to your audience in a way that’s engaging and empowering


Hi, I'm Lara Adler, and I teach health coaches, nutritionists, and other holistic health practitioners how to eliminate the #1 thing holding their clients back from the results they are seeking - the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems.

I train practitioners to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client outcomes without spending hundreds of hours researching on their own (because you’ve got a practice to run!).

I merge the most current research in environmental health with practical, no-nonsense approaches so you can implement powerful new tools to reduce toxic exposures for your clients.

Combining environmental health education and business consulting, I’ve helped thousands of students in over 25 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health & detoxification field.


What is the Environmental Health Certificate Course?

Environmental Health Certificate Course is a 5-month, online course for wellness practitioners and health enthusiasts who want to support their clients or patients around reducing toxic burdens.

We explore what people are most commonly exposed to in and around their homes, as well as explore the intersection between science, industry and public policy so we can speak in a more informed manner about toxins.

This course also guides students on integrating this information into their practices, starting from the foundation: your niche. We’ll work in an intimate setting to define, or refine your niche, so you’re 100% clear on how to “talk toxins” and create offerings your ideal clients are eager for.

If you’re a practitioner who’s clear that toxins need to be a pillar in your work, then the Cert Course is for you!

What is the time commitment for this course?

The Cert Course runs for 5 months: from early October 2019, to late February 2020. Each of the 16 lessons, delivered weekly, are between 45-70 minutes in length. Plan on attending our live sessions, held 2-3 times per month; these run approximately 2-3 hours each.

Our live Business Intensives and LIVE Q&A Calls will typically run ~2 hours each.

Our 2-day Virtual Intensive is ~5 hours each day.

Homework should take approximately 2 hours per month.

When does Cert Course Start?

The 2018 Certificate Course class begins on October 1st 2019, and runs through the end of February 2020.

How is the Cert Course different than your other courses?

The Cert Course is an advanced course intended for those who’ve already gotten their feet wet in the toxins conversation, either through my Talking Toxins course or through their own education.
The Talking Toxins course is lays the foundation of what all health professionals should know about environmental toxins, starting with the exposures that have the easiest solutions – I consider these the “non-negotiables.”
In Cert Course, we’re digging much deeper, and going far beyond the “basics” of this conversation by exploring areas of the toxins conversation not often addressed with lifestyle practitioners; historical insight, how industry influences science & public policy, and how we can best communicate about toxins in a way that’s encouraging & empowering.
We are also digging deep into your business: getting crystal clear on what is the problem you solve, and for whom, and how to create offerings that maximize the totality of your education – not just from me, but from all your courses!

Who is The Certificate Course for?

This course is for health practitioners: health coaches, nutritionists, naturopaths, physicians, nurses, fitness professionals, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, mid-wives/doulas, etc., women’s health experts, or anyone else who works with clients or patients around health & wellness!

Ideal for those just starting out or those with established practices, the Cert Course will  deepen your understanding of how our health is impacted by environmental toxins and explore facets of the toxins conversation that are critical for establishing credibility. This course will also offer personalized guidance on how to best apply what you learn to your unique practice, along with supporting you on clarifying exactly who you serve, and how.

This course is also great for Direct Sales product consultants who sell non-toxic, healthy lifestyle products, helping them to expand the depth of their education and opening up opportunities to teach their customers beyond just selling them a product. Many of my past Cert Course students have been consultants for companies like Beautycounter, Pure Haven, DoTerra, etc., and have found this deeper education priceless when engaging with customers.

How do I participate?

From the comfort of your on home!

So long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be able to easily participate. Even though the lessons are pre-recorded, there is a strong emphasis on live participation in this class. In fact, it’s encouraged!

2-3 times per month we’ll meet as a group on a video call where we’ll have time for Q&A and Business Coaching.

What if I can't participate in the live classes because of schedule conflicts, or time zone issues?

While attending the live classes is ideal, it’s in no way required! I’ve had people in this course from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia, and the time difference was such that they couldn’t make any of the live calls, and they still got a ton out of this course. ALL live calls in the course are recorded, and usually are posted on the private membership page for the course within 12 hours of the call. Plus, don’t forget the Facebook group is 24/7!

Do you cite your sources?


My students are super-nerds like me, and like to follow the crumb trail of citations to deeper research. The lesson transcripts for this course are fully cited and contain over 800 citations!  The vast majority of my research comes form well respected, peer reviewed scientific journals (none of it comes from random blogs or Wikipedia!). I’ve woven together information from literally thousands of resources, both online and off to offer a unique, real world perspective about environmental toxins.

Can't I just do this research on my own?

Maybe. But will you?

In my experience people just don’t, because this field is VAST and DEEP and COMPLICATED! It’s taken me years of research and thousands of hours to create this course.

Why re-create the wheel? Part of what makes this training so great is that I take all complexity and distill it into small, easy, and actionable steps. I’ve also been doing this research for more than 8 years now, and have hundreds of online and offline resources at my disposal that help me to better understand this complex field of chemical toxins. So, sure, while you technically can do this research yourself, I can just about promise you that you won’t want to!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! If, after enrolling in Cert Course, and before the course actually begins, you need to back out, you’ll get a 100% refund. Once the course begins, refunds are not offered.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES, definitely! I want to make being part of Cert Course as easy as possible for you, so I have two payment plans available – a pay in full, and a 5-installment option, allowing you to spread payments over 5 months. If you choose the 5 installment option, each subsequent payment will be automatically charged 30 days from your initial one.

Hey! You missed my question!

Sorry! If you have any questions I didn’t answer here, just drop me an email at lara@laraadler.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP!



Class Size Is Extremely Limited – Don’t Wait