As a health professional or health educator you are likely seeing one of two things happening when it comes to environmental toxicant exposures:

Your Clients Are Concerned

Your future clients are becoming more aware of and concerned about the presence of toxic chemicals in everyday products. They are actively seeking guidance and support from you on how to protect themselves. To address their needs effectively, you need to provide clear directions on what actions to take.

They Have Chronic Health Issues

Your future clients are becoming more aware of and concerned about the presence of toxic chemicals in everyday products. They are actively seeking guidance and support from you on how to protect themselves. To address their needs effectively, you need to provide clear directions on what actions to take.

If you have clients or patients that struggle with chronic health issues, you likely know that addressing environmental exposures is not only important, it can also be hugely transformative!

And, you want your clients to be informed & empowered when it comes to making safer, healthier choices.

You want a simple and streamlined way to easily help your clients minimize toxic exposure in their everyday lives

The problem is this:

Creating a program on a topic as complex & nuanced as this one takes TIME, RESOURCES, ENERGY, and FOCUS that you as a business owner likely just don’t have.

While the topic of toxic chemicals in consumer products can be scary and overwhelming, what consumers want (and need) are easy to understand and actionable steps, and direct support from YOU that cuts through the sensational fear-mongering they’re often confronted with online.

This requires a good balance between knowing how to share information on a topic as “hot” as this one, and having the technical and strategic know-how to create a great program that your clients will love.

I know exactly how much work goes into creating an online course – I’ve been doing it full time for 12 years now, which is why I’m doing the heavy lifting of course creation for you!

That’s why I created:

A Done-For-You Course To Help Clients Minimize Toxic Exposures

Everyday Detox is a fully customizable 5-week group program for health professionals and individuals with health-based businesses that you run in your own business (with your own branding, logo, etc), that will help your clients make huge strides in lowering their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Complete with everything you need to promote & delivery a 5-week group program, including slide decks, pre-written marketing copy, sales page copy, social media content, client handouts, and a special training how to customize this course to fit seamlessly into your business.

This 5-week client-facing group program will help your clients or patients quickly, and strategically address some of the most common and frequent toxic exposures in their every day lives!

With Everyday Detox, you’ll:

✔ Save DOZENS of hours in research, writing, and resource creation, so you can focus on the other parts of your business

✔ Be able to offer a transformative program without having to agonize over marketing materials, sales page copy, and the other tedious parts of creating & launching!

✔ Get an additional revenue stream into your practice on a topic that most health professionals aren’t yet talking about

✔ Be able to share balanced, and evidence-based information with your clients who are concerned about toxic chemicals and/or who could benefit from practicing minimizing exposure

✔ Share important information with many people at a time in a group program format, rather then trying to do it one person at a time

Check out what’s included in Everyday Detox:

5 Customizable Presentation Decks

Tailor to your own branding, color, fonts, etc – ready to tweak and present! Available in both .keynote & .pptx formats, & as a Canva template

5 Customizable Presentation Transcripts

Fully cited presentation script with notes & instructions on where & how to customize to your business, along with an course introduction outline

Training On How To Customize

Start with this in-depth training on how to personalize & customize the course materials to seamlessly fit into your business, and to speak to your ideal clients

Program Delivery Guide

Get insights into best practices when offering a course like this, along with technical guidance and suggestions on pricing your program

Done-For-You Marketing Materials

Hate writing copy? I got you! You’ll get sales page copy, promotional email copy, and social media post ideas and captions

Customizable Client Handout Packet

A fat stack of client-facing handouts, including a weekly inventory checklist, ingredient watchlist, shopping guide for safer products, low-tox resources, and more! Add your own fonts, logo, and images to fit your brand

You’ll also get:

Lifetime Access

Once enrolled, you’ll automatically receive access to any course updates or additions, ensuring you’ll always have access to any additional handouts, presentation deck updates, etc. Download the materials, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Monthly Office Hours

Pop in anytime to ask questions about how to best customize this program for your unique business, any technical aspects of program delivery, along with questions on toxic exposures, safer products, emerging research, etc. Access to these monthly calls don’t expire!

Private Community

Gain access to a community of health professionals where you can ask questions about safer products, best practices for talking toxins with your clients, and more!

BONUS: White-Labeled Client Handout Packet!

($597 value)

Creating client handouts can be a drag – from research to editing to design, it can be a lot of work! That’s why I’ve taken care of that for you.

Inside Everyday Detox, you’ll get the following white-labeled, client-facing handouts that you can customize however you wish: add your logo, colors, and brand fonts, edit to match your voice, and add any of your favorite affiliate or non-affiliate product links!

handouts mockups for everyday detox
✅ A Low-Tox Home Inventory Checklist
A weekly yes/no checklist of the items in the home that may or may not need addressing, along with product & behavior change recommendation
✅ Ingredient Watchlist
A list of common chemicals found in household products, personal care items, and food packaging, along with their potential health effects
✅ Shopping Guide For Safer Products
A resource that provides tips and criteria for selecting safer alternatives to common household products, such as cleaning supplies, personal care products, and cosmetics
✅ Simple Everyday Detoxification
A resource on simple ways to optimize innate detoxification capacity – no supplements, or scary protocols required
✅ Meal Planning & Cooking Tips for Minimizing Chemical Exposure
A guide on washing food, storing food, and cooking food to lower potential exposures
✅ Everyday Low-Tox Resources
A combination of websites, apps, and browser extensions that can help you locate safer, less toxic products
everday detox done for you program graphic

Here is how it works:

dowload graphic
Download and review all of the materials. This program has a LOT of resources for you and your clients.
customize graphic
I’ll show you how to personalize & customize the course materials to seamlessly fit into your business and to speak to your ideal clients.
launch graphic
Social media posts, sales page copy, email copy…we did it all for you. So yeah, it really is THAT easy!

Why Customizing Your Program Is The Key To Its Success!

If your business is specifically about helping people lower their toxic exposure, then you will need to do very little customization.

If your business focuses on specific health issues, like hormone problems, metabolic issues, gut health, or immune health (or really any chronic condition), it’s possible that your audience doesn’t actually know that toxic exposures might be part of the problem. Pushing the content in Everyday Detox through the lens of the specific problem(s) your business addresses will help your clients see exactly why addressing toxic exposures is relevant to them.

The great news is that the Everyday Detox course includes an extensive training on exactly how to tailor this content to fit your niche!

Minimizing Toxic Exposures Can Transform Your Clients Results!
Whether your clients recognize that toxic exposures may be contributing to their health challenges or not, addressing them can have a dramatic impact in their overall well-being.

The best way to lower toxic burden isn’t through a supplement protocol, or fancy detox tea:
it’s by making small consistent changes everyday in the way we live.

After going through this program – however you decide to deliver it – your clients will have less anxiety and overwhelm related to news & information about toxicants, because they will already be taking action in their own homes!

And, they’ll gain confidence in how to minimize toxic exposures in their everyday lives, and they’ll feel empowered to make better choices for their families.

If your clients are dealing with health challenges, they’ll be able to take more action directed at optimizing their health and potentially minimizing their symptoms.

Everyday Detox is perfect for:
Your 5-Week Group Program Covers The Most Common Exposures That Have The Easiest Solutions…

By focusing on the most common exposures that have the easiest solutions, your clients are able to take action quickly to create a more health-supportive home environment for themselves and their families!

👉 Each week includes a fully customizable companion home assessment checklist & recommendation handout

Here are the topics covered in this Done-For-Your Course:

The first week of your program will walk clients through an introduction to why doing this work is so important. While many people may jump to the “just tell me what to buy”, it’s this context that will help reinforce and cement their new habits moving forward!

You’ll also share with them valuable information on hidden toxicant exposures that are found in foods without ingredient labels, like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat & seafood, along with dairy products. You’ll be able to provide your clients with both product and behavior change recommendations.

During Week 2, you’ll walk clients through the hidden toxicants found in food packaging from canned foods, to plastic bottles, to paper-based packaging, as well as plastics & cookware. This will include a break-down of what types of cookware to avoid, which are so-so, and which ones are idea – and why!

During week 3 of your program, you’ll move clients into their bathrooms to explore the toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care products, and the potential health effects associated with chronic exposure.

Clients will learn about some major myths often presented online about skin, and personal care product regulation that will give them more confidence when shopping for safer products. (If you happen to affiliate for, or consult for any great low-tox brands, this is a great opportunity to educate about them!)

In the 4th week, your clients will learn about conventional household cleaners, the risks associated with their ongoing use, who the most vulnerable populations are, what ingredients to avoid, and what steps they can take to simplify their cleaning routine.

Your clients will love this lesson because they’ll learn how to save money while creating a healthier, safer home environment for themselves and their families! 

In the final week of this program, your clients will learn about what items and practices contribute to poor indoor air quality, and how they can quickly improve the air quality in their homes.

They’ll also learn how what to look for in a high-quality air filter so they don’t get roped into expensive yet ineffective ones they see promoted on social media or sold in big box stores. This session will also include educating on how to make low-cost emergency air filters for those unexpected situations. 

Heck yeah I want that!
Everyday Detox Is For You If:

✔ You’ve got a solid base of education on environmental toxins, but you’re looking for an easier way to leverage this education in your business

✔ You know that environmental exposures are critically important to address, but you’re not sure where to start folding this topic into your work

✔ You want to offer a course, program, workshop, or other training to your audience on minimizing exposure to environmental toxins but don’t have the time to create a course from scratch

✔ You want to offer an evidence-based training to your audience but don’t have time to do the research needed to put one together

✔ You want to add a new service to your practice, or add new content on environmental health to an existing program

✔ You want to give your business a boost by being on the leading edge of the health conversation, and capitalize on the growing field of environmental health

Hear what some of my students have to say about working with me:
“A game-changer!”
headshot christi cass
Incorporating the toxin conversation into my practice has been a game-changer!
Christi Cass, Integrative Health Coach & Business Mentor
“Taken my practice to a different level”
headshot elijah selby
Being able to discuss environmental toxins in a knowledgeable and APPROACHABLE way has completely taken my practice to a different level
Elijah Selby, Holistic Health Coach
“This info is HUGELY important”
headshot karen shoshana
This information is HUGELY important to those of us in the field who are working with those with compromised health.
Karen Shoshana, Functional Nutritionist & Integrative Health Coach
“As a busy doctor, entrepreneur, and mother time is more valuable than ever. Yes, I could have spent hundreds of hours researching toxins on my own but instead enrolling in Lara’s course not only saved me time but, I am certain I gained more knowledge than I would have if I researched myself. I only wish this information was part of every medical school education!”
Elana Roumell
- Dr. Elana Roumell
Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor & Creator of Med School for Moms
Oh my God, I mean I can almost cry. How grateful I am for you and your work. I have found myself over the past year in an evolution; deciding what it is that I want to do and having so much I want to share. I was feeling like I was on a bumper car ride at a carnival! The work that we did together over the past several months — your ability to support me and corral me into a niche made a huge difference!

Coming from a diverse background and training and wondering “how the hell do I put this all together to make a meaningful impact in the world? How do I get to a place where I can articulate this so that people get it?” The transformation I’ve experienced through your work and your coaching around my business has been amazing! Truly, truly, thank you!
headshot angie nicolucci
- Angie Nicolucci
Holistic Sleep and Circadian Wellness Practitioner
“I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching and programs. Lara’s programs have far exceeded my expectations. It is refreshing to see that Lara actually exceeds what she promises. If you are thinking about joining one of Lara’s programs…..DO IT!!”
headshot meg orourke
- Meg Marie O'Rourke

Here’s everything you get inside
the Everyday Detox Course:

everyday detox value stack bundle
  • 5 Customizable Slide Decks & Transcripts (value: $997)
  • Training On How To Customize For Your Niche ($397)
  • Program Delivery Guide ($47)
  • Marketing Materials Packet ($497)
  • A Client FAQ Guide ($97)
  • Client-Facing, White-Labeled Handout Packet ($597)
  • Facebook Community (value: $497)
  • Ongoing Monthly Office Hours (value: $997)
Total Value: $4126
Actual Cost: $997
talking toxins and everyday detox

Have you not done the talking Toxins course yet?

The 5-week program inside Everyday Detox is based off our more comprehensive practitioner training Talking Toxins.

If you’re looking for deeper context and more robust data for the topics covered here so you can easily answer questions your clients have, you can bundle BOTH courses together and save $400!

money back guarantee seal

By enrolling in the Everyday Detox course you are agreeing to our full Terms & Conditions. If, after enrolling and reviewing the course materials you feel it’s not a good fit for you, simply send me an email within 7 days of your purchase at contact @, explaining what didn’t work for you, and a full refund will be offered. Additionally and in plain English, these terms simply state that you must honor your investment by not sharing any files, resources, information, or log-in credentials with anyone and that all course materials are protected by copyright and therefore non-stealable! That’s pretty fair! To read the full Terms & Conditions for your purchase, click HERE.

lara adler on bench green background

About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Lara Adler, and I teach health coaches, nutritionists, and other holistic health practitioners how to eliminate the #1 thing holding their clients back from the results they are seeking – the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems. I train practitioners how to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client outcomes without spending hundreds of hours researching on their own (because you’ve got a practice to run!). I merge the most current research in environmental health with practical no-nonsense approaches so you can implement powerful new tools to reduce toxic exposures to your clients. Combining environmental health education and business consulting, I’ve helped thousands of students in over 25 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health and detoxification field.

Have questions? Check the FAQ!

Everyday Detox is a done-for-you course designed for health professionals, health educators, or anyone with a health-based business that would like to bolster their offerings with a new and important way to support clients.
The types of health professionals who would benefit from this course include:

  • Health Coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Doulas & Midwives
  • Women’s Health Experts
  • Health Influencers
  • Non-Toxic Product Consultants
  • and more!

No. The purpose of this course is to provide health professionals and health educators with a tool to use in their business to support clients in minimizing toxic exposures and generate revenue for the business.

This is a program you will be able to run over and over again, and that you can customize to fit the needs of your clients and your business.

The Everyday Detox course is built on a foundation of education offered inside my Talking Toxins course, which is a professional environmental toxins training.

If you’ve already done Talking Toxins and/or already have a good foundation on the issues with environmental exposures, the Everyday Detox course will be a great fit!

If you’re just in the very beginning of your educational journey of learning about toxic chemicals & health effects, I would encourage you to start with Talking Toxins!

That depends on the type of business that you have and what audience your business serves.

Despite their name, all done-for-you programs require some amount of customization. How much depends on the nature of your business.

For health professionals who tend to see a client or patient base with specific health challenges – say, hormone issues, metabolic issues, etc, more customization will be required. The great news is that the very first part of Everyday Detox is an extensive training on how to do this!! Frankly, this is the hardest part, but one that I LOVE helping my students with, so you’re in good hands.

For folks whose business is primarily about education and supporting folks on minimizing toxic exposures, or creating a healthier, low-tox life, Everyday Detox will require very little customization.

I explain the difference between these two scenarios inside the course!

Yes! I always make myself personally available to students. to answer questions, and offer guidance on how to best integrate this topic into their work, and in the case of Everyday Detox, how to customize the program for their niche.

This happens via the Facebook Community and our ongoing Monthly Office Hours. Bring your questions to these Zoom sessions, and we can talk through where you’re stuck, what questions you have, or anything else 🙂

The white-labeled, client-facing handouts that are included in Everday Detox are designed to support your clients as they move through the 5-week course that you’ll be running. You’re welcome to customize them: change the fonts, add your logo, colors, graphics, etc, so they are a seamless match with your business’s branding!

The only limitation on the the materials in this course, including the client-facing handouts is that you cannot sell them as white-labeled resources, or sell them to other businesses. You can find the full terms & conditions for this course here.

Maybe. The course definitely has a US-centric perspective because that’s where my business and the majority of my clients are based. However, the beauty of a program like this lies in your ability to customize the content!

If there is something mentioned in a presentation that is specific to the US, you can either cut that part out, of look up an equivalent fact or stat for your country.

The same is true for suggested product recommendations; availability of products will vary from place to place, so you may need to find local products available in your marketplace to swap with the ones mentioned in the program materials.

Yup! If you’re purchasing multiple seats for your team or staff at the same time, I’m happy to offer a bulk discount. Please reach out to me at contact @ and let me know what you’re looking for. 

Have a different question that’s not listed here? No worries! Ping me an email at contact @ and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP!

YES! Gimmie!
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