FDA Bans Triclosan (sort of), and what you still need to know…

ingredient label closeup with triclosan antibacterial
Did you see??
Last Friday the FDA banned the use to triclosan, triclocarban, and 17 other chemicals from hand and body washes. 
Media outlets from around the country have been reporting on this, which is fantastic to see! 
This is a big deal (sort of)

Triclosan & triclocarban have been used in countless products to render them supposedly “antibacterial”. In 2013 the FDA required companies who used these products to prove that they were both safe and effective. 

Triclosan is a suspected endocrine disrupting chemical that messes with our hormones, is associated with thyroid disruption, and muscle weakness.
Like everything else in our antibacterial-craze, some studies suggest that residential use of this chemical can lead to antibiotic resistance. 

The FDA found, not surprisingly, that plain old soap and water is just as effective at reducing the spread of bacteria, so…. triclosan is OUT. 
Companies have 1 year to remove these chemicals from their products or remove products from the market. 

So what’s the “sort of”?
  1. The ban only applies to consumer products. These chemicals can still be used in hospital and food service settings
  2. The ban only applies to hand soaps and body washes

  3. The ban doesn’t officially include hand sanitizers… these typically use alcohol, but some use triclosan. The FDA has given manufacturers a year to safety and efficacy
  4. You can still find triclosan in toothpastes, deodorants, make up, shave gels, and even first-aid products.

I’ve been teaching about triclosan for 5 years now, so while I’m thrilled that it will no longer be used in hand soaps, sanitizers and body washes, I’m stopping short of fully patting the FDA on the back since it’s still permitted for use in thousands of other products we use every day. 
Have you used this news as an icebreaker in the toxins conversation yet?
Big news events like this are stellar ways to open up conversation and engage with people about their health in ways that our outside the conventional diet & exercise realm!
What are your thoughts on this ban??

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