Menstrual Care

Most mainstream menstrual products are filled with dyes, unhealthy materials, and fragrance. Toxic is an understatement. Fortunately, an increasing number of innovative companies have better options for everyone! All of these products are safer, more sustainable, and worth every penny.

PRO TIP: Have your clients try a few of these different products so they can transition easily and find what non-toxic option works best for THEM!

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Medical grade silicone cups have been a game changer for many women over. They virtually eliminate the need to ever buy period products again. These cups typically come in 2 sizes: ones for women who have given birth (or are over the age of 30) and ones for women who have not given birth. While some people find they don’t work well for them, most women I’ve spoken to love their cups, and only wish they’d learned about them sooner.


Most conventional tampons contain harmful chemicals that can easily absorb into thin and delicate vaginal skin, and many are made with excessive and wasteful single use plastic applicators. 100% organic cotton tampons are infinitely better, and thankfully there’s a wide selection. For women who prefer applicators, the DAME is a reusable applicator, which means so excessive plastic waste!


In recent years, there has been a trend towards re-usable, and less wasteful period products. Reusable pads are great alternatives for women who don’t like tampons or silicone cups.


Disposable pads and liners are not my first choice as far as feminine care recommendations go. However, for those of you who have clients that are not ready to try reusable products, these options are the next best thing.  These are organic cotton, fragrance-free, and chlorine-free.