Environmental toxins are the biggest missing piece of the health & wellness puzzle… let’s fix it!

People around the world are waking up to the fact that chemicals in the products we use every day and in our food & water are making us sick.

Toxins in water, in plastics, in our shampoo, the beds we sleep in, and on and on…

Figuring out what to do about this can be overwhelming, scary and anxiety producing, but I don’t believe it has to be!


I’ve taught thousands of wellness professionals, from health coaches, nutritionists and naturopathic doctors, to health bloggers and essential oil consultants how the toxins in our homes contribute to chronic disease, and most importantly, what we can do to change this.

I focus on EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, ACTION (and a little humor).

If you like getting nerdy, then welcome to the “nerd-herd”!


I'm Lara Adler, a self-proclaimed super-nerd, whose genius is transforming complicated research about a scary, doom and gloom topic (toxins!) into easy to understand and actionable steps designed to help protect your health.

I believe we can channel anxiety and overwhelm into calm, confident, and empowered action with the goal of optimizing our health, and creating a healthier future for everyone. And I also believe we can have fun doing it!



chemicals registered for use in the United States


of which have been assessed for safety


last time a federal law regulating cosmetics was passed


% of developmental disorders in children attributed to environment


amount of dollars (in the billions) spent each year in health care costs & lost wages due to endocrine disrupting chemicals in the US


average number of chemicals found in umbilical cord blood

“As a busy health professional, I don’t have near the time I’d like to deep dive into research on toxins and their affects. So I most appreciate that you do the work for me, and I can pass along this education to my clients, trusting that you’ve taken the time to fully examine and root out the truth.”



“Toxins are an underrepresented area when it comes to health and wellness. Most practitioners talk about detoxing the body, but cannot adequately educate on removing environmental toxins from their homes, workplaces, and self-care regime. Lara Adler is blazing a trail into the topic of environmental toxins with her expert knowledge. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject is apparent from the moment you begin talking with her. Having interviewed and witnessed her teachings, I’m confident that you will feel supported by her dedication as an educator.”

-Summer Bock, Herbalist, Master Fermentationist, and founder of GutRebuilding.com


“Your work is some of the most inspiring I have ever come across. Obviously, I am passionate about the subject, but your way of conveying information that can so often feel overwhelming, is reassuring and empowering.”


“Lara’s program has helped me present the dark topic of endocrine disruptors in a positive and empowering way that gets my clients excited about making wholesome changes without feeling overwhelmed and confused. The done for you guides took out hours of research I would have had to do in order to deliver the content. Very grateful for the program!”

-Magdalena Wszelaki, Certified Nutrition Coach and Founder of Hormones Balance

My Guiding Principles

1. Keep it simple & actionable:

The literature on environmental health can be complicated, dense, dry and overwhelming. I work hard to translate the science into language that’s clear, easy to understand, and easy to take action on. This means simple changes that anyone can make!

2. Focus on the positive:

There are a lot of exposures to chemicals we can’t do anything about, and rather than let that bum us out, or leave us feeling discouraged, let’s focus on all the things we can do to reduce our exposures and protect our health. When we know exactly what to do, we feel confident and empowered!

3. Sound, not sensational:

Scare tactics, sensationalism, fear-mongering and defeatism have absolutely no place in this conversation. I teach from a place that’s grounded, research based, relatable, and straight forward.

If you know in your bones that the exposures to chemicals we’re getting every day are a big deal and are eager & itching to do something about it, consider yourself at home.

If you’ve had it with the hyper-sensational, “everything’s gonna give you cancer” vibe of the toxins conversation out there, know that you’re among friends!

Through my courses & guides I present a practical approach to dealing with the toxins in our lives. It has to work for you, or it just won’t work. Period.

Let’s detox, shall we?