One of the best ways to reduce exposure to toxins is to clean up your cleaning supplies! Cleaning supplies contribute to urban air pollution and are particularly concerning for children and pregnant women. It’s time to make some changes and do some spring cleaning to your cleaning cabinet.

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Who knew the stuff that is supposed to clean our clothes could be so dirty? Well, there are better options. No toxic blue dyes, synthetic fragrances, and harsh detergents.

My Favorite Brand of Laundry Detergent:

While there are lots of options in clean laundry products, my favorite is MyGreenFills Unscented. 

Not only do they make super effective products, but they’re tackling the problem of plastic waste by selling you the last plastic jug of detergent you’ll ever buy. Each year, the U.S. throws away enough plastic laundry jugs to circle the planet 6 times! 

This mission driven company also supports deaf women in Jamaica, and employs former sex-trafficked women in China. 

Check out the interview I conducted with MyGreenFills founder, Stephen Ezell.

Safe Laundry, Less Plastic

Each year, tens of millions of plastic jugs make their way into landfills and our precious oceans. Research shows that over a million plastic bottles PER MINUTE are being disposed of — and that number is rising.

In addition to offering safe, non-toxic laundry products, MyGreenFills is committed to reducing plastic waste; a mission I can truly get behind. Order your LAST bottle of laundry detergent today.

(I recommend getting the unscented version as the scented version is quite strong, and does contain some synthesized ingredients.) 


Antibacterial soap is not required in order to have clean hands. Conventional hand soaps contain harsh detergents that dry out the skin and cause further irritation. These are different. Gentle, safe, and they get the job done!


Similar to the issues with hand soap, dish soap has a lot of similar ingredients with the same issues. Here are some of my favorites that can be found in most natural food stores or online.


Not all powder cleaners are made equal. The conventional household names like Comet and Clorox have toxic ingredients that contribute to air pollution when the powder “poofs” into the air and enters into the lungs of everyone in the room. Steer clear for a safer option without sacrificing effectiveness.