I’m Okay, You’re Okay…. Well, Sort Of

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Last week I gave a talk to a group of parents at my niece’s preschool about toxins in the kitchen that might be impacting the health of their children. These parents dragged out on a rainy night to hear me talk and were hungry for simple solutions to avoid or minimize toxic exposures at home… there were lots of questions, a bunch of gasps, and a few “omg”‘s throughout the night.

But them my favorite question came up: “I was raised using all these same products, and I’m okay… is this really a big deal?

The answer: YES! It’s a huge deal! While I might be okay, and you might be okay, WE are not okay! As a country our rates of disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, infertility, autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies…. they are all on the rise! AND they are rising at rates well past what genetics can explain away. The finger is being pointed more with each passing week at the Environmental Toxins that we encounter every single day as being a huge influencing and contributing factor to this wave of disease and illness.


Obesity Rates as of 2011

As a health coach, you’re already working to address some of these issues – maybe your clients are coming to you with weight they just cannot loose, or diabetes, or they’ve got a thyroid condition, or food allergies. You’re already seeing the results of exposure to these toxins!

The big question now becomes “Do you know how to help you clients navigate away from them?”

If you’re like most people, the answer is “no, not really”. This is where I geek out…where I could spend hours learning, talking, teaching about specific (and simple) steps that everyone can take to reduce exposure to the kinds of chemical toxins can are linked to all those diseases and conditions. We can’t change everything overnight – we can’t change everything period. My motto is this: “We change the things we can control so we can worry less about the things we can’t”. Simple as that.

At the end of June I’m going to be offering a free training call that’s designed to show you exactly how you can start to move away from chemical toxins in your home – in small, simple, and actionable steps – things you can do or change right away. So mark your calendars for Tuesday June 26th at 8:00pm EST and register for this totally free training call (with bonus handout) here: www.laraadler.com/teachingtoxicitypreview

Being on this call is the very first step to knowing and understanding how to help your clients (and yourself) navigate away from unnecessary toxicity in the home!

Hope to “see” you on the call!


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