It’s back, and it probably snuck up on you… what is it?

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It’s that time of year again! “Back to School” is probably what you’re thinking, and while you’re not wrong – it’s not exactly what I’m talking about here.

Has this happened to you: You worked hard all spring and early summer to get into shape for the summer season- for bathing suits and beaches, for vacations, and lots of sun. Many of you may have even reached your goals – were feeling healthy and fit at the start of summer…

But then backyard barbecues happened! And lots of summer ice cream happened. And the long days, and late nights meant eating more than you normally do, and lo and behold a few extra pounds have crept back on. Urgh

So it’s that time of year again. Whether you’re actually in school or not, this is the time of year we either buy new cooler weather clothes, or pull out the stuff from last year, and thanks to all the summer burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream this isn’t as fun as it could be. Last years clothes maybe fit a little snugger, but on principle, you just don’t want to buy new clothes – bigger clothes, right? Because when we do that it’s an admission – an acknowledgement that we’ve fallen off track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (and sometimes said myself) “I’m going to keep it even though it doesn’t fit – I’ll get back into them one day!” I know that for me, when my jeans make me feel like a stuffed sausage, it’s time to make some changes!

But while it’s super easy to just haul out the oversized sweaters and sweatpants, that’s not really how we want to dress, and certainly not how we want to feel!

I want to ask you – during this time of year – busy “back to school” end of summer/start of fall – what is it that you truly want?

Comment below or send me a quick email with a note about what you really want this fall – do you want a little less bloating? Do you want more energy to get through the busy, hectic days? Do you want quick and healthy recipes that can help you not only get back into shape, but help you get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes?

I can’t wait to hear what you want for yourself this fall!

2 thoughts on “It’s back, and it probably snuck up on you… what is it?”

  1. Hey There Lara,

    I’m enjoying your take on healthy living and am interested in learning more about your program starting 10/6. I couldn’t find more details on your site (sorry if I missed them!) and wondered how much the program cost and what it entailed

    Here’s my story: I have gained 30 pounds one-and-a-half years ago. Most of it was gained in 4 months when I tried bio-identical hormones. I could kick myself because I know that I usually don’t handle medicine well, but I was really irritable (45 at the time) and having some signs of perimenopause. Even though I stopped taking them within 3 months, I couldn’t shake the weight. After a while I got depressed about it all — especially since at the time, I was eating vegan, taking 3 yoga classes a week (Bikram!!) and walking once or twice as well. I know losing it will take a monumental effort and I just can’t seem to get the discipline or energy to make a change. I even went to a wonderful Integrative Weight Loss program at a well-known yoga retreat this summer and came away full of amazing ideas and practical tips to change some bad habits, but here I am, exactly the same weight, as I was when I left the program 2 months ago. I’ve read and tried over the years programs by Dr. Hyman, Dr. Furhman, etc, but just can’t make it stick. I’m hoping I can read something that will inspire me to make some lasting changes.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all. Best regards!

    1. Hi Dori,

      I’m so glad you’re interested in my detox! I did get your email last week and replied back, but received a message saying my mail was returned as spam – you may want to check your junkmail folder! Here’s what you should do – if you didn’t get my message from September 12th, give me a call and we can connect that way! 917-438-0860. Doors open on Thursday, at which point the details of the program will be up. But give me a call and I can share with you all the details about the detox by phone and we can trouble shoot to see why you’re not getting my messages.

      Thank you for sharing your story as well. It just underscores the idea that no one diet or system works for everyone and the idea that knowledge can only take you so far! Without support and guidance it can be really hard to implement a lot of what we learn.

      I’ll try emailing you again as well!

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