If you’ve not already checked out the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen checklist, I can’t recommend it enough! While 100% organic, or as close to it as possible is ideal – it’s not always possible and it’s not always affordable. For times when you have to be selective about what foods to buy organic, it’s a good idea to have the newest version of the Dirty Dozen list on hand. Thankfully the EWG has a handy iphone app so you’ll never be without it. Even if you don’t have a smart phone you can still download the guide, print it out, and keep it in your wallet.

Have family members who’s aren’t fully on board with organic? Forward them this link to the Dirty Dozen guide and explain to them that at a minimum, it’s important that your children eat organic versions of those whenever possible!

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Lara Adler
Lara Adler is an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator and Certified Holistic Health Coach who teaches health professionals how to identify and eliminate the environmental chemical exposures that may be contributing to chronic health issues.

Combining environmental health education and business consulting, she’s helped thousands of health professionals in over 25 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health & detoxification field. read more

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