I’m a huge fan of using essential oils to clean my house from the toilet to the kitchen sink to the shower. I’ll use my essential oil spray to clean door knobs, telephone handles (admittedly very rarely!) and even my sneakers if they’ve been on my feet too long.

I’m a DIY kind of lady… as a fiercely independent person, it’s just part of my DNA, so I make my own essential oil spray. But I know that not everyone is as hands on as me. For clients I recommend they start their journey into essential oils as cleaners by trying the Young Living Thieves Oil cleaners (No, I’m not a rep – I just really like the product!) They can be found on Amazon.com if you’re not keen on the whole ‘order through a rep’ thing.

They make a 1oz spray bottle that’s perfect as hand sanitizer, doorknob spray, or even air freshener that’s inexpensive and makes a great welcome gift to clients as you talk to them about less toxic items around the house!

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