The world of environmental health can be confusing and overwhelming to explore, especially with so much conflicting information online.

I happen to be a research nerd who loves digging deep to understand and then translate the connections between chemical exposures and health in a way that’s clear, actionable, and easy to understand.

Come learn with me….

Tools For Teaching Toxicity 

Start reducing exposure to the most common toxins in your home. For Health Professionals, and healthy-minded consumers!

Tools For Teaching Toxicity, my flagship course, was created in 2012 with the intention of helping people to understand the role that everyday exposures play in chronic disease.

With an emphasis on reducing exposures, this course explores the most common toxins in the home environment, from pesticides on food, to chemicals in cookware, food packaging, and food storage containers.

Nearly 3,000 health professionals and healthy-minded folks have “detoxed” their homes and now have the tools to help others do the same.


There is no 1-size-fits-all when it comes to water filtration. Learn how to find the best filter, for the purest water!

The PURE course was developed after getting the same question asked hundreds of times; “what’s the best water filter to buy?”

What most people don’t realize is that there is no single, perfect solution to filtering your water. In order to be sure you and your family are drinking the safest and purest water possible, you need to know what contaminants are actually present.

This self paced course will walk you through exactly what you need to know, including how to read your water quality report, and how to shop for the best filter for your situation.


One-hour webinar deep dives into the role of chemicals in the rising rates of metabolic disease that are leaving people struggling with weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity

MASTERCLASS: OBESITY is the first in a series of Masterclasses designed to offer a deeper dive into specific chronic health issues, like obesity, auto-immune conditions, autism/behavioral issues, etc.

Each class includes a 60+ minute webinar, presentation slides and accompanying handouts, and is ideal for health professionals who want to understand a specific condition through the lens of environmental chemical exposures.


This advanced course emphasizes education & application and is designed for health professionals who want environmental health to be a primary pillar in their business. This is a small group program limited to 30 students at a time.

The Certificate Course in Environmental Health is a deep-dive for health professionals who are eager to integrate the topic of toxins into their practices in a significant way.  This course explores the history of the environmental health movement, from the turn of the last century up to modern day public policy around toxins, exploration of industry front groups, epigenetics, toxicology, and detoxification protocols.

We also explore the majority of the potential exposures we experience in and around our homes, from home construction, furniture, and carpeting, to bedding, personal care products, indoor air quality, basement, garage, and lawn care.

This course provides a strong emphasis on the practical application of how to assimilate this knowledge into your practice.  It also offers small group business coaching on the best unique ways to integrate this topic and create your niche.

This course runs each fall, and enrollment is limited to 30.

Earn 30 CEUs from the NANP!

Preconception Detox

Get the tools and training you need to help the thousands of women who suffer with infertility and desire healthy pregnancies, healthy babies and easier postpartum recovery.

Optimal Fertility: Preconception Detoxification and Preparedness Program is a self paced course for health professionals who want to truly understand how to help your clients get ready to have healthy pregnancies and to stay healthy beyond the birth. 

Co-created with Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC, founder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, this course explores environmental chemical exposures that can compromise fertility & pregnancy, ideal preconception nutrition, how to optimize the microbiota, how to engage with clients & patients around toxins, and coaching strategies for those trying to conceive.