Conventional mattresses can contain flame retardant chemicals, adhesives, and VOCs that we are exposed to each and every night. We spent one-third of our lives in bed – our mattress should be safe, healthy, and free of harmful chemicals. Keep reading to learn about my mattress recommendations!

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My TOP Recommended Mattress Company: 


Naturepedic has been leading the organic mattress revolution for over 15 years and is committed to producing the safest, healthiest mattresses possible. Unlike many companies, they back up this commitment with the most meaningful independent certifications in the industry, including GOTS, GOLS, and MADE SAFE.

They are one of the TOP 2 companies I recommend to anyone looking for a non-toxic mattress! 

Why Naturepedic? 

In addition to Naturepedic being one of the best non-toxic mattresses in the industry, I find it to also be one of the most comfortable!

What sets them apart from my other top recommend brand is the ability to truly create a custom mattress. With various soft & firmness options to choose from, including ones that are split! When shopping for a Queen or King-sized bed, each side can be customized – if you like firm, but your partner prefers soft, Naturepedic can make that happen – all without any harmful toxins! 

They also go beyond just excluding any harmful chemicals like flame retardants, or off-gassing adhesives; they also consider potential allergens and offer latex-free mattresses for adults (the Chorus line), and latex-free crib mattresses for young children.  

I’m proud to be a promotional partner for Naturepedic!
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Latex-free CHORUS Mattress

For folks who are allergic to latex, Naturepedic offers a totally latex-free “universal comfort” mattress, made with the same organic materials.

EOS Customizable Mattresses

Fully customize the firmness or softness of your bed and create a split firmness bed for partners who have different preferences.

Kids Mattresses & Bedding

Versatile transition mattresses for kids with non-toxic polyethylene waterproofing, along with mattress protectors and organic sheets. 

Baby Crib Mattresses

Latex-free, organic-cotton crib mattresses options including non-toxic waterproofing and removable, washable covers.

EOS Classic Organic Vegan Mattress

I love that Naturepedic offers a vegan option, perfect for those who prefer to avoid wool, or those with a wool allergy. The EOS Organic Vegan Mattress is handcrafted without wool or other animal products. 100% GOTS certified organic, Vegan Certified and PETA-Approved Vegan. 

Interview With Naturepedic Founder, Barry Cik

I sat down with Barry Cik, Founder and Technical Director of Naturepedic and Happsy to discuss issues with conventional mattresses, why the industry is rampant with greenwashing, and what you should look for when shopping for a healthy mattress. 

What To Know About Mattress Certifications

Many mattress companies have an array of certifications to help consumers have more confidence in their products, but not all certifications are equal! Knowing which certifications are meaningful and which ones are not can help ensure you’re getting as non-toxic a mattress as possible. 

Companies should freely post their certifications (not just the logos) on their website, or provide them on request, and these certifications should be made out in the name of the company (not a remote factory in Asia). 

Meaningful Certifications:

GOTS: The Global Organic Textiles Standard is the leading global textile processing standard for organic fibers, and products bearing the GOTS label must contain at least 95% certified organic fibers, with the remaining 5% being highly restricted (no flame retardants, for example). 

GOLS: The Global Organic Latex Standard is the leading global standard for organic latex materials, and products bearing the GOLS label must contain at least 95% certified organic latex, with the remaining 5% being highly restricted (no flame retardants, for example). 

MadeSafe: MadeSafe is America’s first comprehensive human health and ecosystem-focused certification for nontoxic products in numerous product categories. They screen every single ingredient that goes into a product against their ingredient database of known or suspected to be harmful chemicals. 

GREENGUARD Gold: The GREENGUARD Gold Certification test for more than 360 VOC emissions like formaldehyde. The Gold version of this certification is a higher standard than the regular GREENGARD certification. Mattresses made with organic, natural, petroleum-product-free ingredients should easily be able to meet this standard! 

Forest Stewardship Council: FSC forest management certification confirms that forests are being managed in ways that preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. 

Less Meaningful Certifications:

CertiPur-US: The CertiPur-US Certification applies only to the polyurethane foam component of a mattress and ensures that the foam was not made with certain flame retardants, heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and is low-VOC. Mattresses are made of layers – certifying only one layer in a mattress doesn’t offer any assurances that the other components of the mattress aren’t treated with these chemicals. CertiPur does not appear to ban all flame retardants – just some. While this is certainly better than no assurances when it comes to harmful chemicals, I still consider this one to be greenwashing.   

Other TOP Mattress Recommendations


Happsy is a Naturepedic company, and is made with the exact same materials, with the exact same certifications, but at a price-point that’s more accessible to many!

The Happsy mattress is constructed of organic cotton, latex, wool, and pocketed springs and is a great option for those who love a medium-firm mattress and/or for folks who aren’t ready to invest in, or don’t need a customizable Naturepedic mattress.

Use the code LARA225 to save $225 on your order!


The SAMINA healthy sleep system is one of the most unique and comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on – I’ve had mine since 2017 and love it!

This Austrian-designed, luxury sleep system is unlike regular mattresses; instead of being fully encased, Samina is made of independent layers, starting with their wood-slat base that offers perfect support for your neck, back, and shoulders, regardless of size, weight, or sleeping position. On top of the slats are multiple layers of latex, and wool padding. Like all the mattresses I recommend, they use only GOTS and GOLS certified materials. 

This luxury sleep system is like the Mercedes Benz of beds!


Lifekind is one of the first companies in the US to manufacture a truly organic mattress. Founded in 1977, Lifekind makes certified organic mattresses and bedding, and other organic textile products at its California-based Eco-Factory™. 

Their products utilize GOTS & GOLS Certified materials and also have the GREENGUARD Gold Certification. 

They have a full line of innerspring, including a latex-free option (the Traditional), fully latex, and hybrids, along with children’s and crib mattresses. Lifekind also offers a full line of bedding, pillows, and mattress protectors. 

My Green Mattress

My Green Mattress offers a wide selection of adult, child, and baby mattresses that are all GOTS, GOLS and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

They offer fully latex (no springs), a latex-free mattress (the Pure Echo) for those with latex allergies, and hybrids, which include both latex and springs, for a more traditional mattress feel.

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest offers the most options for building your ideal mattress with two different types of latex foam with different densities; Dunlop (GOLS Certified and more firm) and Talalay (not organic and softer), as well as springs, no-springs, wool toppers, etc. All other materials are GOTS certified. 

They also offer a line of organic bedding and FSC Certified solid wood bed frames. 

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