A Practitioner’s Guide To “Talking Toxins” & the Healthy Home Checklist

There’s a growing awareness about the ways that chemicals in our environment, especially inside our homes, can contribute to chronic illness.

News headlines are creating an anxious and overwhelmed public who are desperate for health professionals who  know how to navigate this conversation and point them towards safer, healthier solutions.

Download this free Practitioners’ Guide On Talking Toxins + the Healthy Home Checklist to learn how to best integrate this topic into your work!

The Healthy Home Checklist includes 6 pages of questions intended to get an ultra clear picture of where there are potential exposures in and around your home, or the homes of your clients or patients.



I'm Lara Adler, a self-proclaimed super-nerd, whose genius is transforming complicated research about a scary, doom and gloom topic (toxins!) into easy to understand and actionable steps designed to help protect your health.

I believe we can channel anxiety and overwhelm into calm, confident and empowered action with the goal of optimizing our health, and creating a healthier future for everyone. And I also believe we can have fun doing it!

I've taught over 2,500 health professionals and healthy minded consumers about how toxins can affect our health, and most importantly, how we can reduce our exposures.

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