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How To Pivot Your Business In the Current Climate

What your clients need right now and how to create the perfect online offer to support them during this current situation


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Health Professionals:

Now Is Not The Time To Sit On The Sidelines!

If you’re trying to figure out how to best proceed with your business in the midst of the current situation…

If you’re wondering if it’s even *okay* to offer services at this, or how to offer virtual services…

I got you!

This coming Tuesday, at 10am Pacific time I’m going to be hosting a free, informal webinar to answer these questions, and many more. 

Normally, webinars I teach are focused on environmental toxins, but I’m switching gears here to help health professionals get out there and offer health support to the people who need them most.

Behind the scenes, inside my environmental health courses, I’ve been coaching my students for 7 of the past 8 years on things like niche, list growth, marketing, course creation, launching, creating group programs, and growing social media followings.

While I’m not a business coach, turns out, I’m a really good business coach – many of my students have said that 30 minutes of coaching with me has offered them more clarity then weeks (and tens of thousands of dollars) spent elsewhere.

I want to help!

In this webinar, I’ll be addressing questions like: 

  • Is it even appropriate for me to “proceed as normal” with my course launches, coaching services, etc.?
  • How can I help without feeling like I’m being exploitative of the current situation?
  • What type of content is even appropriate to post/share right now?
  • Do I charge my normal rates? Give stuff away for free?
  • How can I quickly pivot and create something that people can do from home, and that I can offer online?
  • Where do I even start when it comes to creating an online course?


Hi, I'm Lara Adler, and I teach health coaches, nutritionists, and other holistic health practitioners how to eliminate the #1 thing holding their clients back from the results they are seeking - the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems.

I train practitioners to become experts in everyday toxic exposures so they can improve client outcomes without spending hundreds of hours researching on their own (because you’ve got a practice to run!).

I merge the most current research in environmental health with practical, no-nonsense approaches so you can implement powerful new tools to reduce toxic exposures for your clients.

Combining environmental health education and business consulting, I’ve helped thousands of students in over 25 countries around the world elevate their skillset, get better results for their clients, and become sought out leaders in the growing environmental health & detoxification field.

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