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Does talking it out help?

Specifically, when you’re navigating a new topic, learning something complicated, or trying to figure out your next action step… does talking it out help?

I’ve found that it defintiely does for me!

That’s why I loooooooove talking to people about environmental health issues, because it’s in the “talking it out” space that the information really clicks!

I was recently featured on two podcasts where I and the hosts got to do just that: talk about the complex issues regarding toxins, in a fun, easy conversational way. I’d love for you to check these out!

Here’s some of what we talk about in this super fun podcast:

  • What are environmental chemicals and what’s the big deal with them?
  • What are endocrine disruptors, how often are we exposed to them and how do they work?
  • How extremely small exposures to these chemicals can have a huge impact on your health
  • Where are the most common ones found (and how might they impact us)?
  • What are the most common symptoms seen from toxin exposure?
  • What everyone can start doing now to reduce exposure to EDC’s?

Click here to listen to this episode, and definitely check out some of the others they have if your hormones are giving you trouble!

The Thrival Nutrition Podcast is hosted by Lahana Vigliano, a holistic nutritionist and all around cool lady! She, like me, is a super nerd, so we got down into it in this episode, including talking about fluoride – a hotly debated additive to drinking water and dental applications.

Click here to listen to this episode, and likewise, check out some of her other podcasts!

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I’m an information junkie… I’m constantly learning, and I’ve found that my peeps (ie, you!) tend to be on the delightfully nerdy side too!

Because I love the casual conversation model as a way to educate, I’m planning on sharing more content with you in this way. I’m picky about who I say “yes” to in terms of things like interview, summits (just like I’m picky with my products!) because I want to make sure I’m curating the most useful, relevant info for you!

If there’s ever a topic that you’d love me to chime in on, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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