Avoiding Chemicals In Preparation For Baby

We’re all exposed to chemicals every day that can affect our health. But the most vulnerable among us are babies in utero! Having a healthy pregnancy and a health baby is more than just pre-natal supplements, and eating your veggies… to set you and your child up for success, it’s critical to start addressing these toxins before conception.

Babies are born with hundreds of man-made chemicals already inside their tiny and vulnerable bodies. This guide will walk you through 7 simple steps to help start you on your preconception detox!

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I'm Lara Adler, a self-proclaimed super-nerd, whose genius is transforming complicated research about a scary, doom and gloom topic (toxins!) into easy to understand and actionable steps designed to help protect your health.

I believe we can channel anxiety and overwhelm into calm, confident and empowered action with the goal of optimizing our health, and creating a healthier future for everyone. And I also believe we can have fun doing it!