I’ve got a special, super short SALE starting right now… but first:

Do you remember how a few years ago, at the start of the “detox craze” (green drinks, super foods, etc.) there was a huge amount of buzz?

Lots of people talking about detoxing & cleansing…

Lots of photos of celebs holding their green cleanse drinks….

And a fair share of people saying “this is just another fad!”

Fast forward a few years and detoxing and cleansing is a concept that’s here to stay, and is no longer considered a fringe activity reserved for wealthy celebs. It’s grown into a billion dollar industry!!

An article in the LA Times from last year wrote of the juicing trend:

“The concept has settled into being just part of a healthy life, rather than a thing,” says Andrew Freeman of the AF&Co. restaurant consulting firm in San Francisco.”

Want to know what that next big “detox” is?

It’s detoxing our Kitchens!
More and more people are getting turned on to the fact that chemicals in their kitchens (and the rest of their homes) may be having a big impact on their health.

Last week, this article was published in a major Australian newspaper:
It highlights the need to consider more than just calories when looking at “detoxing”, “cleansing”, or just getting healthy. 

I LOVE seeing articles like this in mainstream papers, because it confirms how much people are actually aware, interested and concerned. 

I loved this article so much, it inspired me to shave $150 off my DIY course: Ultimate Non-Toxic Makeover: Kitchen Edition between now and Sunday!

This Kitchen Detox course will guide you through the process of packaging, promoting and conducting your own kitchen makeover, either in person or virtually!

As we swing into spring/summer, it’s prime detox season… If you’re looking for a way to add value to a program you already run, or want a juice bonus to early enrollment or pay in full clients, then this is it!

Between now, and 11:50pm PST on Sunday, April 17th, I’m offering this Kitchen Detox course for $150 off. (that’s a 50% savings)

Use the promocode: ‘150off’ at check out

 Just head here —-> www.laraadler.com/ultimatemakeoverkitchen

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