Creating A Spring Cleaning Gift Basket For Your Clients

vintage wire basket with empty glass bottles

Ahhh spring! The time of renewal and the time when so many people are thinking “spring cleaning”. This includes your clients.

This is also the time of year when more people are participating in diet cleanses and detoxes then any other time AND when they’re also looking around their homes getting ready to a do a deep clean there as well. Think these things are unrelated? Think again!

In traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season for cleansing… so it only makes sense that our attention and mindset are fixed there. As a health coach, or wellness practitioner it’s smart to take advantage of this momentum and support your clients by offering tips, suggestions, or even samples of foods and habits that can nourish them the most.

Food samples are such an easy way to introduce something new to a client – they’re far more likely to try new recipes, explore things like tongue scraping and body brushing if you give them a head start! If you’re not offering samples to your clients, then you should! This is a missed opportunity to really engage with them!

In my work with health coaches, I love to offer ideas and suggestions of product samples to give clients to help them ease into making safer, non-toxic choices in their kitchens. Searching for safe, toxic free kitchen items, from dish soap, to water bottles, can sometimes be too much for clients. Solution? Give them some instead! Not only does these make them more open to talking further about chemical toxins in the home, it’s shows them that you’re committed to helping them transition to the healthiest life possible!

Here are a few gift basket ideas – all under $50!

Gift Basket 1

Set of 12 Glass Mason Jars – less than $15!
Better Life ‘Dish It Out’ Unscented Dish Soap – $7
Stainless Steel Strainer  – $15


Gift Basket 2

LunchSkins Snack Bags – $8
Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set – $13
Glass Water Bottle – $13


Do you have any favorite gift samples that you like to give your clients!? Share your favorites below!

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