Testing Your Water – with CEO of Tapscore

— When it comes to water contamination, TEST, don’t guess! —

In this chat with the founder of tapscore, you’ll learn: 

  • Why testing your water prior to purchasing a filter is so important
  • The reasons why the “safe” levels of chemicals on your water quality report isn’t actually a measure of safety. 
  • How and why TapScore looks beyond these supposedly “safe” levels to generate your unique tap score. 
  • What chemical is showing up in nearly all water samples, and which common herbicide is surprisingly not. 

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Learn all about wanter contamination & filtration inside: 

PURE is an online, self-paced e-course that will help you:

  • Understand exactly why the types of contaminants in our water can vary dramatically
  • Learn what the most common contaminants in drinking water are, and what health issues they are associated with, so you can more intentionally filter your water
  • Figure out what contaminants are showing up in your water, so you can filter appropriately
  • Find the filter technology that the best for the contaminants present in your water
  • Help empower you when shopping for a filter, so you can show up informed and asking the right questions
  • Know what steps to take to test your water so you are confident in your filter purchase
  • Navigate drinking water while traveling so you don’t get sick
  • Feel confident that you’re making the best choice, and getting the safest, cleanest water for yourself and your family