Informed, Inspired, Empowered…
Hear from my students:

“As a Naturopathic Doctor, I know how big and overwhelming the world of environmental toxins can be, and what the health implications of chronic daily exposure are. Having a training program for coaches to show them how to share this information with clients in a way that’s educational and practical on a day to day level is an invaluable resource.”

-Dr. Cory Reddish, ND

“In considering health issues, it’s important to clear the home and body of toxic exposures that are holding us back from our goals. In my own practice and teaching, I consider toxins to be at the top of the list of agents we need to address and eliminate. This is why Lara Adler’s work is so critical. She teaches us about a piece of the puzzle that’s too often overlooked!

As practitioners or conscious consumers we have to ensure that the body can process the things that we’re bringing in. This is a given in functional medicine and functional medicine nutrition, and it’s also a given that exposure to low levels of environmental toxins is more widespread, is long-lasting, and is increasing over time. The total body burden of these toxins can act to cause physiological dysfunction, and it becomes one of the triggers that causes that tipping point that can lead to chronic illness in people who are more susceptible. Bottom line: You can’t get better without addressing your toxic exposure and Lara will show you how.


“Lara’s course opened my eyes and have completely transformed the way I see personal care products and everyday household items. After taking Lara’s Tools for Teaching Toxicity course, I can honestly say that I am more informed and a much better health coach than before. This course has given me the edge to make sure I am helping my clients reach their goals without leaving any stone unturned. I HIGHLY recommend this course for any Health or Wellness Coach!

– Elisa Haggarty, Holistic Health Coach & founder of CulinaryFarmacy

“Toxins are an underrepresented area when it comes to health and wellness. Most practitioners talk about detoxing the body, but cannot adequately educate on removing environmental toxins from their homes, workplaces, and self-care regime. Lara Adler is blazing a trail into the topic of environmental toxins with her expert knowledge. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject is apparent from the moment you begin talking with her. Having interviewed and witnessed her teachings, I’m confident that you will feel supported by her dedication as an educator.”

-Summer Bock, Herbalist, Master Fermentationist, and founder of

“Lara’s work is exceptional! I have taken all of her courses, from Tools through to her Certificate course, and would go straight into any other education that she decides to offer in the future without a second thought. It’s pretty challenging to learn some of this stuff, but the way Lara delivers the content makes it really easy to take in. I love going back to the classes again and again

Lara, your teachings have enabled me to have the confidence I need in having the toxins conversation with my clients in a way that doesn’t come across as fear-mongering, and they have given me the resources I need to continue researching the subject I feel so passionate about. I can’t tell you how big of an impact you and your courses have had on my practice and my business. Yes, my business, too. You’ve helped me really focus on how to market myself, and we’ve worked together on planning two of my launches during really productive power sessions. I would love to have a business/strategy partner like you to mastermind together 😉 I love that you are true to yourself in business and don’t follow what most people are doing.

Your work is some of the most inspiring I have ever come across. Obviously, I am passionate about the subject, but your way of conveying information that can so often feel overwhelming, is reassuring, empowering and generous. It’s also really easy to connect with you on a personal level, and I love your quirky sense of humor (and of course, cats!).”

-EDURNE UBANI, Functional Health Coach, FDN-P

“Thanks Lara I really appreciate the time you put into this course and into our learning. Honestly I have taken SO MANY courses and coaching programs and yours is unparalleled. I have gotten so much more out of your programs than most and it shows how much you really care your work and about us. Thank you.”

– Angela Wagner, Wellness Coach

“Lara’s program has helped me present the dark topic of endocrine disruptors in a positive and empowering way that gets my clients excited about making wholesome changes without feeling overwhelmed and confused. The done for you guides took out hours of research I would have had to do in order to deliver the content. Very grateful for the program!”

-Magdalena Wszelaki, Certified Nutrition Coach and Founder of Hormones Balance

“Incorporating the toxin conversation into my practice has been a game changer! No matter the complexity of my client’s health condition, weaving information regarding toxin reduction – the what, the whys and the hows – enables me to have greater, deeper impact and success with my clients. Lara’s teaching style is thorough and she helps to make this very complicated topic easy to understand!”

-Christi Cass, Holistic Health Coach

“If it was not for you practical approach to what we can do I would feel so hopeless. There is hope and you are one of those individuals who cut through the crap and make the way clear… You are a light to those in a dark place. Thanks for all you continue to do!!”

-Eva Nestor, RDN, Pediatric Nutritionist Dietitian

“I am truly grateful for your work, Lara. I knew that it was an important piece of the puzzle that I did not have – for my health and the health of my clients. The issue of environmental toxins is one that all health practitioners need to understand, be able to share, and put into practice in an effective way. It is really not optional in terms of protecting, recovering, and building health. Thank you for being the expert you are with an approach to environmental toxins that works.”

-Connie Sheppard, Holistic Health Coach

“After a fab “Tools” class I will never look at Tupperware, Teflon and Canned food the same way again. Lara is very knowledgeable, knows how to make in-depth “nerdy” information fun, simple and relevant. Thank you Lara. Looking forward to learning more from you in the future.”

-Anna Anderson, Certified Holistic Health Coach, filmmaker, and director of “1 in 3”

“When I enrolled in Tools for Teaching Toxicity, I had NO idea how it would change my practice, income, and life. Clients can find the conversation about toxins overwhelming, so I focus on what we have 100% control over: what we put IN our bodies and ON our bodies. As I really looked into skin care companies, I wasn’t finding anything that was 100% transparent AND high-performing, so when I discovered Beautycounter, I was thrilled. This partnership has been a game-changer in my life!

My income has more than tripled and I’m working less! Thank you Lara for further opening my eyes to these issues and your commitment to honesty, integrity, health and safety!”

– Emily Geizer, Wellness and Skin Care Expert

“As a Health Coach, a mom of two young children, and newly pregnant again, creating the healthiest environment for my family is top on my priority list. The first time I spoke with Lara, she said something that was so simple, but really struck a chord: That so many of us spend all this time & energy on eating well, eating organically, but are totally neglecting the harmful toxins right under our noses. Lara’s passion in this field in unrivaled… I’ve read some books, seen some websites, but it wasn’t until working together that I started making the big and important changes around my house.

We’ve upgraded so many areas of our home, from bedding to cleaning supplies, and I feel a great sense of peace that I’m doing everything I can to protect my health and the health of my kids. Not only has this helped me personally, but I’ve been inspired and empowered to help my own clients make similar transitions in their lives. Environmental toxins are so intricately linked to struggles with fertility and health, and now I finally feel like I can engage my clients to better protect their health in a way that’s simple and easy, instead of scary or overwhelming!”

– Joy Hawk, Holistic Health Coach

“I am so grateful for this training. It was perfect timing for me as I was putting together my 21-Day Detox and I starting using the information from both the preview and the first session immediately in MY preview call for my detox. I received so much positive feedback and even had someone register for the program right on the call! I want to also thank you for being a leader and offering this information to coaches as well as setting a lovely example of confidence and encouragement. Thank you again.”

— Tracey LeBeau, Holistic Health Coach

“Thank you so much for what you are doing to get the word out about toxins. Even though I’ve been a health coach for several years now – and have been doing research on healthy living for even longer, so much of what you are sharing is already having a huge impact on me. I am now pregnant with my second child.

I COULD NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL that I have found you now, when I can make these important changes. I COULD NOT BE MORE MOTIVATED and committed to make big changes now. It will be hard to wait a full week until the next class! Thank you a million times, Lara!”

– Kelly Hoogenakker, Holistic Health Coach

“You’re brilliant. You’ve helped me so much to change what I can, and you’ve helped my health coaching practice hugely! Thank you for your wisdom, quirkiness (who else on earth could make talking about toxins fun?) and extreme generosity in sharing your time and knowledge.”

-Carol Corley, MBA ACC CHNC

“If you want to expand your knowledge-base and provide better, more complete services to your clients then you must get informed on everyday toxicities that are affecting health today. Lara delivers relevant, vital, and well researched information that has until now been missing in the spectrum of health care services. I admire her uncompromising standards, knowledge, and unwavering passion”

– Sonia Madera, MD, CHHC Functional Medicine Practitioner

“What I loved about the Blueprint course was having a container to be able to focus more in depth on toxins without it being scary or overwhelming. It was actually fun to learn because I was learning exactly what to do to reduce the toxins. Lara presents things in a really clear way so that I can understand them without getting freaked out over it. Instead of feeling frustrated about toxins, I know clear actions to take. I feel more confident that I can talk to others about environmental toxins. Thank you Lara! I always love your classes.”

– Rebekka Maestre, CMT, CHHC

I was someone who was eating clean, exercising, sleeping well, practicing spirituality… I was doing EVERYTHING right, but I could still not lose those last 10lbs. I just could not lose them! It wasn’t until I incorporated this toxicity piece that finally things began to happen for me, and in just 4 months of being in your program, learning what to change in my life, I’ve lost 10lbs, doing absolutely nothing else. It’s been incredible! And now I have been invited to do a complete kitchen detox for a leading internet tech company which has huge implications for my practice. I wouldn’t have even known opportunities like this existed had I not been tuned into this topic, so I thank you for that. I just have to say to health coaches: This will Change Your LIFE! Learning this information will change your life, and it will change your client’s lives. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn this – just do it! Jump up!”

– Valarie Grossman, Holistic Health Coach

I’ve taken all of Lara’s courses (which are terrific), but the Certification Course is my favorite! I learned how to avoid junk science when doing research, how to speak intelligently about the history, chemical policies and effects of environmental toxins, and how to develop my own program of manageable, effective steps for clients. Lara is invested in your growth and education, and is there to support you every step of the way!”

-Dianne Moore, Certified Health Coach & Environmental Toxins Educator, MSW, MS, CHC

“Lara’s teachings in the Certificate Course in Environmental Health has been simply phenomenal. Her knowledge of environmental toxins, the How, the Why, and What needs to be done to make our world a better place is insurmountable. She provides a learning prospective like no other…and that is just the environmental aspect! When it comes to coaching, Lara has a gift of being able to hop from one topic/niche to the next with great ease and be right on without hesitation. Lara is extremely supportive individually as well as in the group. My experience with Lara and her program is hands down the best!!

– Deb Dittner FNP-C,RMT,CHHC,AADP Nurse Practitioner and Health Consultant

“As a busy health professional, I don’t have near the time I’d like to deep dive into research on toxins and their affects. So I most appreciate that you do the work for me, and I can pass along this education to my clients, trusting that you’ve taken the time to fully examine and root out the truth.”

– Melanie Miner, HPHA and Founder of Chrysalis Woman

“Joining Blueprint was the best decision to round-out my studies, better position me to be “different” in the health coach/wellness space AND to fulfill my nerd cup. The Business Integration calls are so key! I’ve picked up bits of beneficial strategies just listening to answers you provide to others. You are awesome on the business side helping us navigate our own challenges and obstacles and helping us figure out ways to incorporate this information into our practice WITHOUT scaring our clients away and making them afraid to eat or do anything!! Totally invaluable. I can’t wait to learn more from you!”

– Chinyere Williams, Holistic Health Coach

“This training has been so great and I am so impressed with the content and detail. I have been studying Environmental Toxins for the last 10 years and have information related to them embedded into programs in my practice however, now I’m finally making this topic more front and center in my practice. This course has lit a fire under my butt to bring more of what I know to the frontline and it has really helped me with articulating the complex facts into more digestible information for people to understand and utilize. Thanks Lara, for lighting a fire under my butt!”

– Sarah Reilly, CNE, CNC

“I loved my private coaching with Lara! Not only did it give me personalized time to flesh out where I was stuck and how I can put this extremely important topic into practice, it gave me one on one time with her. She is accessible, relatable and genuine. She challenged me to take risks in my business and in personal growth. I appreciated her no nonsense advice. 

She saw I was going in the wrong direction with a program marketing campaign that I had launched and spent nearly an hour walking me through how I can fix it. It was not what I wanted to hear–it was a page one re-write for me. But she was right! I trust her advice. When I used her suggestions, I received great feedback and more sign ups! This was a very gratifying investment! Thank you Lara Adler for enlightening me 🙂

– Allison Samon, Holistic Health Coach

“Lara’s not a business coach, but she’s given me some of the best business coaching advice I’ve ever received. I had my first private coaching session with Lara last Fall. Since then, as I’ve worked with more people and understood my audience more, I realized that I could get even more specific in my brand messaging and offerings. Lara is in a unique position to offer business guidance from a toxins perspective AND a functional nutrition perspective (I’ve studied with Andrea Nakayama for the past three years) – it’s so helpful having her look at my business one-on-one and get her perspective on designing it!”

— Naomi Nakamura, Functional Nutrition Health Coach

I want to thank you personally for all the amazing things you have taught me during the Certificate Course. You have truly transformed my work and the way I help my clients. Yesterday I was speaking with a woman (a researcher) about toxins in breastmilk and babies and I was able to give her SO much info about toxins, that even I was impressed I could remember. I am truly grateful for this service you provide.

For me, the gold of this course was all the detailed info about toxins; thanks to all the research you have done, you put together SO much information in an organized and digestible manner that takes overwhelm away. This is priceless and I thank you for that.”

– Eleni Roumeliotou MSc, Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition and Lifestyle Specialist

“Your expertise and practical yet humorous presentation of serious, complex science, fact based information belies how much you really know. You empower students so well using a rational teaching style, which I greatly admire. I’ve listened to others talk about similar topics but the drama and emotion make me (knowledgeably) question the information and doubt motives, and I tune out. I have never experienced that in all of your classes. I’ve taken your classes for a number of years beginning at a time when you were one of the first few voices in the toxic wilderness. You continuously incorporate new research and information in your work allowing me to be on the forward edge of practical information to use with my clients.”

– Patricia Lukas, Holistic Health Coach

“I really enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I love how you provide references and a balanced approach. I also really found the transcripts useful, as I much prefer reading to watching videos! It was nice to have both options available. I already swapped out all my personal care products years ago, but the biggest eye opener for me was the plastics module! They truly are everywhere!! I also feel more comfortable talking about these things with my clients now, as I have the science to back up what I’m saying. Thanks again!”

– Orly Watcher Close, Skincare Dietitian and Coach

“Taking the Certificate in Environmental Health program with Lara has been so educational, informative and inspirational, I cannot put into words how much I learned, thinking out of the box and doing due diligence to research backed by citations. And above all Lara’s commitment to give, to share and to inspire! It has been a great year! My only regret is that like all good things, they must come to an end.”

– Alexi Bracey, Holistic Health Coach & Chef

The Cert Course was the best investment that I have ever made! The knowledge that Lara has is incredible and she teaches you all of it. Everything from all the chemicals and how they affect you, to the crappy laws that allow these chemicals to be used. She shows you where to get true, accurate information in your own ongoing research.

Without this course, I wouldn’t have been able to articulate all the information regarding chemicals. I now give paid talks to educate others and have [used my] knowledge & confidence to testify at state hearings on chemicals & laws regulating them.
You will get more than you know from this course”

— Jen Steiner, Holistic Health Coach

“Being part of Lara Adler’s Certificate Course has been an incredible experience. Perhaps the best part has been our collective passion, and being part of such a unique community of like-minded individuals (who will likely be friends for life). Throughout the year, Lara takes you deep into the environmental issues we’re all aware of – and then some! The program is both thorough and eye-opening, and will likely leave you more passionate than ever about doing your part to make a difference in the world we live in.”

– Karen Trubner-Kent, Holistic Health Coach

The value of the business component of the Certificate Course is not to be underestimated.

This is the only course I know of that combines both the academic piece of environmental health/toxicology with the business piece.

You can have tons of “academic” knowledge of the subject, but if you can’t translate it in a way that clients can understand and relate to and that actually reaches potential clients, then that knowledge is pretty much useless to you professionally. Lara helps with all of this!”

— Mary Canniff

“This course has increased my confidence through honing my critical thinking skills on the ‘toxins topic.’
One of the most valuable aspects of this course is the impact it had on the way I think about my practice and where I spend my energy.

Lara is amazing at cutting through the crap that keeps you from moving forward in building your business. She is super empathetic and can quickly identify what is holding you back. And she gives you practical steps to get you “un-stuck” without overwhelming you.”

— Whitney Morgan, L.Ac., FDN-P, PHC

“As a Blueprint and Certificate Course student, I’ve had several private coaching sessions with Lara, all of which have been immensely helpful. Lara’s approach is no-nonsense and strategic. She is 100% focused on helping me move forward in my business, bringing specific, niche-oriented ideas to our sessions, and working on solutions with me when something just isn’t working. Lara’s background as a health coach, combined with her business savvy makes her and excellent business coach for wellness professionals. I can’t speak highly enough of Lara and our work together.”


“You are my tribe- real, raw, not afraid if not conforming. Your advice and insights feel like the input of someone seasoned and not trying to sell, but on a mission to help us all spread the word. I can feel that you genuinely want our success as a way to help more people. SO excited for this learning- toxins and business!!”

— Paige Bharne,  National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Environmental Health Mentor

“I just finished the PURE course and loved it. You lay out the information in such a clear and accessible way. You are a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much about water and where it comes from and what is put into it to clean it. Tremendously helpful!”

– Chelsea Buhrman, Health Coach

“My entire life I’ve been dealing with some form of endocrine system issues. Now at 56 I’m only just realizing the impact of a lifetime of poor and uninformed choices has had on my health. Nine months ago I began to really explore the role that toxins have played in getting me here. I thought I was doing my part by recycling and eating organic, but when I took Tools For Teaching Toxicity™ it totally busted the myths of what I had believed up to that point.

My eyes opened to a whole new world of why I’ve head all these health issues, and I wanted to know more and go deeper. So I signed up for the Blueprint course on the spot. I have made so many changes in my house since starting this program, and I feel strong and empowered that I’m making the best ones. And now I’ve been able to share all the things I’ve learned with my clients, and I’ve learned how to have this conversation in a way that’s gentle, not overwhelming, and that meets them where they’re at. So I also feel empowered to support clients in their journey in a whole new way, and the feeling I get when I’m able to help a client with questions about toxins, or the products they’re using and showing them how it’s all connected is the best feeling in the world! Thank you Lara for making it all so easy to access, and easy to understand- you have a gift of how to explain and explore the world of toxicity and I’m so grateful.

– Karen Hudson, Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach

Lara, I want to say thank you. I have learned so much from Blueprint and Tools – both courses have been the two best investment ever for me! When I decided to change careers and focus on Health Coaching, I wanted to keep it an ethical, no gunk type of business, and you’ve taught me that. I’m your loyal customer for life now! I’m taking all these steps in my practice that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been in this training, and I feel totally motivated to help my clients in this way. Being in the UK, the time difference made the classes a little late for me, but I’ve never in my life felt so motivated to stay up until 1:30am to “study”! I love this. Thank you Lara! You are awesome”

– Farhana Choudhury, Holistic Health Coach

“Lara, you have been an example to me as to how to go about teaching – I am a very passionate person and my passion can be misconstrued as anger because I tend to get worked up about the injustice of all the toxic chemicals in our food, water and environment, the FDA, Monsanto and Big Pharma. I am learning to be more gentle and less scary! I am learning that I can win over a whole lot more people with a gentle spirit rather than a “bullyish” spirit. I certainly have more knowledge, a better understanding and more confidence to talk with people about the various, most used, chemicals/toxins in our everyday foods and products.”

– Nicola Compton-James

“When I first heard about Blueprint, I was only ½ way through my nutrition school. I had a lot on my plate…school, health coaching, Pilates trainer, mom of two highly active boys. But I knew this information was important, and I needed to know it for my family, my clients, and myself. I enrolled immediately, and I am so glad I did! Lara’s program goes deep into the world of toxins in such a way that is easy to understand and solutions that are easy to apply.

Once you have completed Blueprint, you will have valuable information on toxicity, wonderful tools to share with clients, and a deeper understanding of what these chemicals are doing to our bodies. Upon completion of Blueprint, I began reconstructing my detox program. It just made perfect since that in order to effectively detox and cleanse the body, we must also reduce our level of exposure to environmental toxins. The two go hand in hand. One without the other just doesn’t get the job done! The way Lara breaks down the pillars of chemical exposure in Blueprint is BRILLIANT! The complex information was delivered in such a way that it was easy to understand, process, and relay back to my clients.

Blueprint is by far the best investment you can make in your health coaching practice, setting you apart as a leader in the field of environmental toxins!

– Tammy Hischke, Holistic Health Coach, Barre3 Studio Owner

“GREAT first call, Lara! I’m just so impressed with your knowledge and delivery. This has been a really great investment and I look forward to learning so much more. XOXO”

– Kim Thompson, Holistic Health Coach

“I’m a Fitness Coach, and I feel like I’m pretty on top of things as far as health goes – healthy eating and exercise are a no-brainer for me… But after I asked Lara to do a Healthy Home Assessment, I realized just how much I was missing! I was blown away, and frankly pretty disturbed by how much toxic stuff I was surrounding myself with. Instead of just telling me “this is bad” or “this is good”, she explained in an easy to understand way, WHY they were harmful, and even better, HOW to gracefully transition away from using it. I thought I would be totally overwhelmed, but Lara’s friendly, yet matter of fact approach to dealing with toxins made it easy and comfortable. She left me with tons of easy, practical solutions that saved me hundreds of hours of research for myself. Lara’s work has completely transformed the way I see my own health! I’ve even found myself sharing some of this information with my training clients!”

– Miranda Zukowski, Fitness Coach

“Lara, I was always very interested in the toxin subject, but I just couldn’t get it together enough to use it with my clients. Telling them not to use products with toxins is not enough, you need to be able to tell them why and how it affects them personally. When I saw your class I immediately signed up. I took lots of notes, and you provided us with some handouts, so between the two I was able to get a rough outline done. Then I did more research on my own and developed a class that I could share with my clients, and it gave me another item to sell for my business. I would not have been able to do this without listening to how you presented the material. Thanks so much!!”

– Denise Grinols, Health Coach

“This training is helping me so much and is such a game changer for my coaching practice! I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact you’ve had on me in these last few weeks. I’m finding myself so inspired to work on the content for my programs, whether it’s toxin related or not, and I’m feeling so excited! I really do hope you have plans for more of this in the future.”

– Xandra O’Neill, Holistic Health Coach

“I did the whole course in a week.. it was really great to hear it all together, fill in the missing pieces and make me commit to some things more fully and take note of things that had never occurred to me. Thanks! This was great info! I really liked hearing what the toxins actually do and how long it lasts in the body so I can make my own decisions of how to prioritize the detox process. Just a mom trying to keep her family healthy and out of the hospital.”

– Rachel Diehl

“Being part of Lara Adler’s Certificate Course has been an incredible experience. Perhaps the best part has been our collective passion, and being part of such a unique community of like-minded individuals (who will likely be friends for life). Throughout the year, Lara takes you deep into the environmental issues we’re all aware of – and then some! The program is both thorough and eye-opening, and will likely leave you more passionate than ever about doing your part to make a difference in the world we live in.”

– Karen Trubner-Kent, Holistic Health Coach

“I am a recent graduate of IIN, and I just listened to your Tools for Teaching Toxicity call. I feel that I have read a lot on this topic, so honestly I expected your call to be just a ‘refresh’ for me. Wow. I am going to sign up for your full training! Thank you!”

– Deb Regan, Holistic Health Coach

“When I enrolled in Blueprint For A Healthy Life, I was recovering from a double mastectomy. I thought to myself: “You are 41 years old, you had breast cancer and are very high risk for future cancers. You must start looking at the environmental toxins in your life.” Signing up was a no-brainer for me. I’m someone who avoids reading the news because it overwhelms and depresses me, so I was a little hesitant at first. But I knew I could no longer bury my head in the sand and hope that not knowing would somehow make me immune. Signing up for Blueprint happened right as I was recovering from major surgery, and I tried to talk myself out of it – I wasn’t even listening to the calls or doing the work in my marketing class! But this was one of those times when my intuition dragged me forward with full certainty.

As a health coach I had been struggling for 2 years to find my niche… I just couldn’t find what excited me enough to put in the time and work. After just one class with Lara I was on fire to tell everyone what I had learned! I started making DIY products and designing DIY beauty product parties. I began creating kitchen cleanses… my target audience became clear: recently diagnosed cancer patients and those with a specific genetic mutation predisposing them to cancer. Without even trying I was offered my first paid gig speaking about toxins before I had written the talk or fully knew what I was going to talk about! Her fun, fact filled calls leave you with tons of information so that you can pick and choose where to start so that your efforts will have the most impact on your health and that of your clients. She continually reminds you how overwhelming and utterly impossible it would be to get rid of all toxins, and at the same time she breaks the information down into digestible pieces that can easily be implemented. I am so grateful that she has demystified, and opened my eyes to this fascinating and important world. For my business the entry way is now detoxifying your environment before the food conversation even begins. I see Lara as a role model. She is an incredible teacher. I aspire to be as knowledge, accessible, fun, and inspiring as she is. I will be forever grateful to her for opening my eyes to start me on the path where I can be happy making a difference.

– Julie Neustadter, Holistic Health Coach

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