One of the most common things that health practitioners encounter in their practice, especially if they serve women is hormonal imbalance – in all it’s different forms.

And of course there is an enormous connection between environmental toxins and hormones!

So any opportunity to talk about this connection, and what people can do to reduce their exposure to chemicals that mess with hormones is one I’m going to take.

That’s why I was really excited when I got invited to be part of Hormones: A Women’s Wellness Summit, hosted by health coach and acupuncturist Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP.



Bridgit has curated over 30 health and wellness experts for this event covering things like:
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Acne and hormonal skin conditions
  • Low energy or lost sex drive
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Fertility, pregnancy and post-partum
  • Perimenopause,
  • and yes, even Environmental Toxins!
And what’s really awesome is that as soon as you register, you get immediate access to three expert talks, including mine!



In typical Lara fashion, this video has a little humor in it (especially the first few seconds! ha!)

The experts that you’ll learn from in this event will help you to not only see the broader impact of hormone imbalance, but also countless ways that you can support your clients in a more powerful way.

I’ll be listening in to a bunch of speakers presentations myself, because understanding hormones is a big part of MY work too!
Hormone health is SUCH an important topic that I think health practitioners and lay people alike can really benefit from understanding better.

Register for this FREE event, and then ping me back and let me know what you thought of my video interview with Bridgit!

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