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Last March, 84 “early adopter” health coaches jumped on board for my very first Tools For Teaching Toxicity™ training program and they loved it! This was the first wave on coaches to be transformed by this need-to-know, but not-really-addressed-anywhere-else information, and what they learned has shifted things in their practice in a big way.

Here are three stories of health coaches who absolutely understand the value of this information, both personally and professionally!

Lara, I was always very interested in the toxin subject, but I just couldn’t get it together enough to use it with my clients. Telling them not to use products with toxins is not enough, you need to be able to tell them why and how it affects them personally. When I saw your class I immediately signed up. I took lots of notes, and you provided us with some handouts, so between the two I was able to get a rough outline done. Then I did more research on my own and developed a class that I could share with my clients, and it gave me another item to sell for my business. I would not have been able to do this without listening to how you presented the material. Thanks so much!!
Denise Grinols


Valarie Grossman (you can hear part of her story in the audio clip here) is one of us – a health coach who’s super healthy, understands the importance of eating well, primary foods, appropriate exercise, and a spiritual practice. She was someone who, for a long time, was doing the “right things”, but who could not seem to lose those last stubborn 10 lbs like so many of us, and our clients struggle with. When she heard about my Tools For Teaching Toxicity training program earlier this year, a lightbulb really went off for her – environmental toxicity wasn’t something that was on her radar before, and being someone who doesn’t leave any stone unturned (for her own health OR her clients) she decided to enroll. What happened next was a surprise to her (but not to me!) – over the course of the last 4 months, changing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE other than getting rid of toxins in her home, those last 10lbs just melted away! Gone. No extra effort. Nothing!


Because those toxins were holding on to that fat… she make simple systematic changes that weren’t overwhelming. This weight loss is a testament to how connected toxins are with our weight, and our ability to lose it.

Valarie is representative of all those clients that you may have that can’t seem to lose weight… don’t you owe it to them to learn if toxicity is what’s holding them back??

Tracey Le Beau  jumped onto the preview call for Tools back in February of this year (you can hear part of her story in the audio clip above) and for her, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. She’s someone who had experienced first hand how taking the toxins out of her life had helped clear up a whole list of health problems, and she just needed the push to fold it into her coaching practice. Tools was that push! Within a day or two of being on this preview call, she was hosting her own preview call for a 21-Day Detox she was running, and was able to use what she learned just immediately! She got so much positive feedback and even had clients registering for her program before her call was even finished. She got words of thanks from clients who were shocked to hear about the toxicity piece and were grateful to have Tracey share what she knew.

Since then, she’s been able to continue to take what she’s learned and apply it immediately to her own coaching practice.. all it took was the opportunity to learn it. Tools for Teaching Toxicity™, is that opportunity!

Are you going to miss out on what these coaches now know? I certainly hope not!

Join me in Tools For Teaching Toxicity™

To register, just click here: www.laraadler.com/teachingtoxicity

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