In my last post I mentioned this “critical piece to the weight loss puzzle” that no one is really talking about… well today I want to share with you a little story to help you understand this piece….

In early August I found myself in the emergency room TWICE in one week with terrible food poisoning. If you’ve ever had food poisoning, or even a bad bout of the stomach flu, than you’ll know how awful I was feeling. The culprit? My guess is almond milk, although I can’t be sure.

On that first morning in the ER I was being questioned by a med student who was taking down my history, symptoms, and an accounting of what I’d eaten. I told him all about the ingredients in my recent (but never again!) favorite smoothie. Although I was certainly in no laughing mood, it did strike me as pretty funny (and a little sad) that he asked me if I happened to put any Brussels sprouts in my drink that morning. Really? Brussels sprouts in my smoothie??

I knew what he was trying to get at, but the poor guy clearly didn’t know his sprouts! Recently salad sprouts have been making headlines for being contaminated with dangerous and sometimes deadly e-coli bacteria – but not the mini-cabbage, delicious-when-roasted kind!

I was sure it was food poisoning, but both the ER doctor, and my regular doctor who I followed up with the next day told me it was likely a stomach virus. Okay, fine. Stomach virus it is. So 3 days later I go back to my favorite breakfast smoothie and the seemingly exonerated almond milk, and whammo! Back in the ER only a few hours later.

As I lay there, getting re-hydrated with saline, freezing under a heap of hospital sheets, I got to thinking about how I should have listened to my gut, both figuratively and literally! My body was telling me something MAJOR, and I ignored it over the “wisdom” of doctors.

What was my body telling me? That there was a toxic, dangerous invader in my system, and that it needed OUT – FAST. As much discomfort I was in, I had to acknowledge the infinite wisdom of my own body in knowing exactly what to do to protect me from serious harm.

This got me thinking about all the other kinds of toxins that we’re exposed to, and how our bodies work incredibly hard to protect us from them as well. What are these other toxins? They are the dangerous chemicals lurking in our shampoos, body lotions, toothpaste, and even on our fruits and vegetables. They’re in canned food, water bottles, and vinyl shower curtains. They’re in that “new car smell” and they’re in children’s toys… pretty much everywhere! And our bodies work hard to protect us from those toxins too.

But here’s one of the amazing ways in which they do it: Our bodies pack on, or cling desperately to our fat stores! Why? Because many of these toxic chemicals are “lipophilic”, which means they dissolve in, or are attracted to fatty tissues. The more chemicals coursing through our veins, the more our body tries to protect us from them by storing them in our fat cells. Don’t have enough fat cells to keep you safe? No problem! Our bodies will start packing on pounds to sequester those dangerous toxins, and will hold on to is as hard as it can.

Can you see why I think it’s SO CRAZY that no one has been talking about this missing piece of the weight loss puzzle? That it’s not just what you’re eating, and how much you’re exercising. It’s not just your genes, or the amount of stress you have – there are bigger things going on?

This is why I’m so excited to finally tell you about what I’ve been working on the past few weeks! [Drumroll please….]


My 5 Day Clean & Green Diet Detox!

A 5 Day Detox to Help You Shed Extra Weight, Skyrocket Your Energy, and Re-set Healthy Eating Habits!

  • If you’ve got a couple of extra pounds to shed…
  • If you’re tired of the 3pm slump every day….
  • If you’re aching for help putting healthy meals on the table…
  • If you’re ready to start addressing all pieces of the weight-loss/health gain puzzle…

This whole idea of Detoxing might be new to you – but people have been detoxing for centuries. Lately though, detoxes seem to be focused on emptying you out instead of supporting your body’s natural systems of detoxification.

And amazingly, I’ve yet to see a detox on the market that addresses the issue of “the other toxins” – and how they are affecting your health and your weight. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been really hesitant to share this information with my clients for fear of freaking them out, or overwhelming them, but I had a couple of good friends tell me that I needed to put my own fears aside, and get out there and help people detox in a meaningful way. I’m not talking about lemonade cleanses, or enemas here, I’m talking Clean & Green!

The 5 Day Clean & Green Diet Detox is going to kick off on October 6th at 8:00pm (est) so mark your calendars!

To help you get started supporting your body’s natural systems of detoxification, I created this F.R.E.E. guide called 6 Simple Strategies To Detoxing At Home. I want to share this stuff with you right away – because even if my detox program isn’t for you – you can still benefit from understanding how to support your body so you can feel great, function optimally, and maybe shed a few pounds in the process.

Click HERE to download this F.R.E.E. ‘how-to’ guide now!

And don’t forget -mark you calendars for October 6th – the kickoff of this super fun new program!

Participating is this detox programs means that you’ll be able to…

  • Shed a couple of extra pounds right before fall clothes shopping begins!
  • Let go of unhealthy eating habits that have been holding you back from feeling your best
  • Get energized! No more 3pm slump or feeling exhausted at the end of every day
  • Fall asleep easily, rest soundly, and wake energized
  • Discover how unsuspecting, everyday items in your home may be making you fat! (this is that “missing piece”!)


Looking forward to having you join me in a few weeks!





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