Podcast Roundup

Over the years I’ve been featured on over a dozen podcasts, talking about topics like hormones, obesity-causing chemicals, and how to not freak out about all the things we’re exposed to.

Here are some of my favorites:

Essential Omnivore

How To Tackle Everyday Toxic Exposures

Environmental Toxins and Your Health

Environmental Toxicity with Lara Adler

Are your Household Products Impacting Your Health and Hormones?

Environmental Chemicals & Hormones: What Every Woman Needs To Know

Females In Fine Fettle: Cleansing & Detox with Dr. Michelle

The Practical Minimalists: Demystifying Environmental Toxins + Small Simple Steps to Cleaner Greener Living

The Period Party Podcast: Chemical Toxins in Your Home that can be Messing with your Hormones

Thrival Nutrition Podcast: Environmental Toxins + How They Affect Our Health

15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama: Mapping Obesogens

Ditching Toxins for Weight Loss and Vibrant Health

Better Everyday: Health & Hormone Impacts of Environmental Toxins

Live A Fab Life Podcast: Environmental Toxins & Your Health

Live to 110 Podcast: Obesogens: Chemicals That Make You Fat

Are Toxic Dangers Internet Hype or a Genuine Health Crisis?

Women’s Wellness Podcast