Podcast Roundup

Over the years I’ve been featured on over a dozen podcasts, talking about topics like hormones, obesity-causing chemicals, and how to not freak out about all the things we’re exposed to.

Here are some of my favorites:

Myers Detox

The 4 Phase Cycle

Hormones in Harmony

Essential Omnivore

How To Tackle Everyday Toxic Exposures

Environmental Toxins and Your Health

Environmental Toxicity with Lara Adler

Are your Household Products Impacting Your Health and Hormones?

Environmental Chemicals & Hormones: What Every Woman Needs To Know

Females In Fine Fettle: Cleansing & Detox with Dr. Michelle

The Practical Minimalists: Demystifying Environmental Toxins + Small Simple Steps to Cleaner Greener Living

The Period Party Podcast: Chemical Toxins in Your Home that can be Messing with your Hormones

Thrival Nutrition Podcast: Environmental Toxins + How They Affect Our Health

15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama: Mapping Obesogens

Ditching Toxins for Weight Loss and Vibrant Health

Better Everyday: Health & Hormone Impacts of Environmental Toxins

Live A Fab Life Podcast: Environmental Toxins & Your Health

Live to 110 Podcast: Obesogens: Chemicals That Make You Fat

Are Toxic Dangers Internet Hype or a Genuine Health Crisis?

Women’s Wellness Podcast