Podcast Roundup

Over the years I’ve been featured on dozens of podcasts talking about topics like hormones, obesity-causing chemicals, and how to not freak out about all the toxins to which we are exposed.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Worst Cookware Lurking In Your Kitchen and the Safer Swaps We Can Use with Environmental Toxins Expert Lara Adler

On The Dhru Purohit Show, Lara sits down with Dhru to discuss environmental toxins in our home. Lara presents the latest research to empower us to make the best decisions for our lifestyles, budgets, and circumstances. She shares the top sources of plastic and toxic cookware in our kitchens and how we can reduce our daily exposure without feeling overwhelmed. She also shares tips on making easy swaps in the kitchen and what to look for when choosing appropriate cleaning products.

NANP Nourishing You Podcast – Environmental Toxicants with Lara Adler

In this episode, Lara sits down with Diana Walley and Kristen Burkett, co-hosts of the NANP’s Nourishing You podcast to talk about environmental exposure, including why our current approach to regulating chemicals leaves us vulnerable, along with practical tips to reduce exposure.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – Part 2 – With Lara Adler

Lara Adler joins Dr. Stephanie Gray today for Part 2 of their conversation about environmental chemical exposure- specifically endocrine-disrupting chemicals and practical tips for reducing exposure. Today, in Part 2, Lara dives into PFAS, phthalates, dioxins, parabens, triclosan, and sulfates. She also talks about water filtration and small changes you can make to improve your health.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – Part 1 – With Lara Adler

Lara Adler joins Dr. Stephanie Gray for a two-part series on environmental chemical exposure- specifically endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Lara shares her wealth of knowledge in this series and practical tips for reducing exposure. Today, in Part 1, we dive into BPA.

A Little Bit Healthier with Dr. Meg Mill

In this episode, Dr. Meg Mill and I discuss the role that environmental toxins play in disease, where they can be found in our environments, and the simple, often free strategies we can do to reduce our exposure.

The 15-Minute Matrix Podcast with Andrea Nakayama

I join my good friend and colleague, Andrea Nakayama on her award-winning podcast, 15-Minute Matrix, to discuss BPA and the many health dangers and impacts behind the family of bisphenols. You’re likely familiar with BPA, but what is it exactly, and what physiological damage can it cause? Listen now for a bite-sized deep dive into BPA and learn why we should care about this important lifestyle topic.

Everyday Wellness with Cynthia Thurlow

In this episode, I sat down with Cynthia to take a deep dive into the “toxins in our water” issue. We discuss the problems around regulation, water contamination, and the crumbling water infrastructure in the United States. We discuss how differences in geography affect our exposure to certain types of industrial toxins and pesticides and talk about how our water gets disinfected with chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride.

The Be Well by Kelly with Kelly Leveque

I joined Kelly Leveque to talk about how individuals can create a less toxic home environment. In this episode, I describe which chemicals you should be worried about, the latest research and developments in managing toxic exposure, and the super-easy steps you can implement into your routine to purify your environment and elevate your health.

Eat for Life with Samantha Gilbert

Samantha Gilbert and I discuss how the reactive, rather than proactive, mode of regulation and enforcement in the United States makes it easy for toxins to end up in products we use every day. We also go over simple, free steps to take today to begin reducing toxin exposure in your home.

Hormonally Speaking with Christine Garvin

I joined Christine Garvin to talk about a lot of toxins topics. Specifically, how the industry studies chemical toxicity, and how this isn’t the best approach to determining the actual effects on our health. We also touch on how these chemicals impact our hormone receptors, how they mimic our own hormones, and how to start clearing these chemicals out of your environment.

Hey Mami with Dr. Alejandra Carrasco and Dr. Christine Maren

During this special podcast, I spoke with Dr. Carrasco and Dr. Maren all about avoiding environmental toxins during preconception and pregnancy. We dive in to toxins in everything from cosmetics to the food we eat, how to avoid them, and what to look out for.

Everyday Wellness with Cynthia Thurlow

I joined Cynthia Thurlow, nurse practitioner and nutrition expert, to talk about some of the most common environmental toxins we’re exposed to. We go over endocrine disruptors like phthalates, obesogens, and why the products in the marketplace are not guaranteed to be safe.

Health Babes Podcast with Dr. Becky Campbell & Dr. Krystal Hohn

Dr. Becky and Dr. Krystal talk with me about environmental toxins; What they are, how we’re exposed, and what effect environmental toxins have on the body. We also discuss what to do in order to reduce your load and support your body’s natural detoxification processes, and simple steps you can take to minimize exposure at home.

Healthy Skin Show with Jen Fugo

Join me and Jen Fugo, clinical nutritionist that specializes in eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, rosacea, chronic hives + more, as we discuss phthalates, fragrance, and other chemicals that can affect the health of our skin.

The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E with Kela Smith

We can’t address fertility and hormone issues without talking about toxins. I sat down with Kela Smith to talk about just that! We go over things like phthalates, synthetic fragrances, hormone disruptors, and how to avoid overwhelm when making non-toxic lifestyle changes!

Live A Fab Life with Naomi Nakamura

My student, Naomi Nakamura, has me on her podcast to talk about something I have not publicly talked about in detail yet: my personal story dealing with mold. In this episode, I talk about the signs/symptoms of mold illness, how I came to suspect and confirm mold exposure, and the steps I’ve taken (what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what life is like now).

The Less Stressed Life with Christa Biegler

I sat down with Christa Biegler for a chat about the complex connections between chemicals and chronic health problems due to environmental toxins. We discussed the often overlooked relationship between your household surroundings (like carpets and shower curtains) and how they affect your air quality.

Nourish and Shine with Amy Sapola

Amy and I join together for this podcast episode to talk all about toxins, hormonal health, fertility, thyroid health, and water quality! I also share my top tips to detox in a safe and healthy way.

Doing It Different with Carly Johnson

In this episode, I sit down with Carly Johnson to talk about the most common sources of toxin exposure, how to create a non-toxic environment in your home and the truth about regulatory measures in the US, and why it’s so important to be an informed citizen.

Solving Healthcare with Michael Pratte

Lara joins Michael Pratte to talk about some of the areas in our home that toxins are often hiding, easy (and affordable) ways to reduce sources of exposure in the home, and how to manage the overwhelm that accompanies studying environmental toxins.

The Real Health Real Talk Podcast with Ebony May

I join Ebony May for a really fun and insightful episode! We talk about reducing exposures to toxins, what it means to ‘detox’, and why clients might feel like they’re “doing everything right” but still struggle with things like autoimmune, infertility, and more!

The Alex Manos Podcast with Alex Manos

In this episode, Alex and I discuss the role that environmental toxins please in dis-ease and where they can be found in our environments. I mention how we can reduce our exposure, through simple (and often free!) strategies. Finally, we discuss ways to support the detoxification of these toxins from the body.

The 15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama

My good friend and colleague Andrea Nakayama hosts an award winning podcast – the 15 Minute Matrix – and this week she invited me to be the host! This is THE podcast that brings you bite-sized insights and lessons on how to use the most important tool in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Listen to the episode and download the Roadmap to Resolution ebook, your blueprint for thriving in practice by addressing the root causes of chronic health challenges.

Happy Bones, Happy Life with Margie Bissinger

In this interview, Margie and I delve into environmental toxins and how they affect our bones and overall health. We go over where these hormone wrecking toxins are hidden and what steps we can take to reduce our exposure to these chemicals. Listen and learn some minor tweaks that can significantly improve your health.

Essentially You with Dr. Mariza

I returned to Dr. Mariza’s podcast to talk about my favorite topic: everyday detox. Tune in to today’s episode to hear some simple practices (as easy as removing your shoes when you come inside) that will help you set your body up for success by reducing your exposure to daily toxins. We cover how to prevent future exposure and how to address the toxins already within your body.

Healthy Skin Show with Jennifer Fugo

Join me and Jennifer Fugo as we discuss all things chlorine, and the impact it can have on our overall health. In this episode we tackle questions like: should we be concerned about chlorine? If and how we absorb chlorine when we shower? Chlorinated water vs. fluoridated water? Listen here to get the answers to these questions!

The Dr. Madeira Show with Dr. Sam Madeira

In this podcast I sit down with Dr. Sam Madeira to talk about how environmental toxins exposures may be impacting our hormone health. We go over topics like epigenetics, practical avoidance, and the ways we can support our natural detox processes.

Spark Inspire Your Life with Angela Wagner

Angela and I discuss a class of chemicals called obesogens that are in your daily products. Together we take a deeper dive into specifics on some of the chemicals in your home as well as government laws and the importance of consumer education and action.

Sarah & Dr Brooke Show with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

This is my second episode with Dr. Brooke & Sarah and this time around we went deep into the topic of organic foods and what new research is saying about the “Dirty Dozen / Clean 15.”

SIBO Made Simple Podcast with Phoebe Lapine

In this podcast I break down what a “toxin” actually is, how toxic exposures can play a role in resistant weight loss, and why limiting your toxic burden is so important for hormonal health and gut health – plus so much more!

15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama: Mapping Water Contamination

I joined my good friend, Andrea Nakayama, again on her award-winning podcast while we discussed the many aspects of water contamination and what you can do to support patients in finding what filtration system is best for their unique needs.

Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast with Samantha Gladdish

In this episode, Samantha and I dive deep into issues with water contamination and filtration, along with endocrine disruption and where to start when it comes to minimizing toxic exposures.

The 4 Phase Cycle with Megan and Dr. Alex

In this episode, Megan and I talk about the importance of understanding how chemical exposure affects our health and why we need to be aware of, and actively working towards reducing our exposures to toxins.

Hormones in Harmony with Viven Allred

Viven Allred invited me over to her podcast to talk about common myths about detoxification and the safety of chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and the different areas of your home that may be exposing you to environmental toxins.

Essential Omnivore with Lucia Hawley

Listen to me and Lucia Hawley dive into how little changes can solve big problems, why every practitioner should be talking toxins with their clients, and how to use consumer power to create change.

Mastering Your Fertility with Dr. Haylee Nye and Kristin Cornett

Dr. Haylee Nye and Kristin Cornett NTP invited me to teach their audience about how to reduce common exposures that can interfere with fertility, surprising facts and common misconceptions about toxins, and which chemicals we need to focus on avoiding.

Stop Chasing Pain with Dr. Perry

In this episode I talk about the role of environmental toxins in health and autoimmune disease. Packed full of useful tips and information to help you take back control of your life.

Stop Chasing Pain with Dr. Perry

In this episode I talk about the role of environmental toxins in health and autoimmune disease. Packed full of useful tips and information to help you take back control of your life.

Essentially You with Dr. Mariza

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Mariza about what we should be avoiding, how we can eliminate the toxins that are currently in our systems, and how certain chemicals are directly linked to damaging our endocrine system and how we can fix it.

The Practical Minimalists with Heather and Eryn

In this episode I teach on the simple ways to start cleaning up our skincare products, water, household items, cleaning products, and so much more!

The Period Party with Nat and Nicole

In this episode we talk about how extremely small exposures to certain chemicals can have a huge impact on your health! Plus, where are the most common ones found.

Nuvitru Wellness with Lahana Vigliano

Lahana Vigliano and I chat about how toxins can lead to some of the most common chronic diseases – like weight gain, thyroid issues, infertility, diabetes, and more!

15-Minute Matrix with Andrea Nakayama: Mapping Obesogens

I sat down with my good friend, Andrea Nakayama, to talk about foreign chemical compounds that disrupt lipid metabolism and hormone balance, and can often lead to obesity.

Optimize Paleo with Autumn Smith

This episode discusses what toxins are, where they’re found, and how they could be undermining your clients’ health goals. Listen to learn all about the many simple ways you can go about reducing your toxic exposure so that your health can truly thrive.

Better Everyday with Sara and Dr. Brooke

Sarah and Dr. Brooke invited me on to drop some non-toxic knowledge bombs on everything from parabens and phthalates to fire retardants to water filters. We also uncover some of the toxins hidden in “greenwashed” products.

Live A Fab Life with Naomi Nakamura

My student, Naomi Nakamura, has me on her podcast to talk about some of the most common sources of toxin exposure, how they are affecting our health, and what we can do to avoid them.

Toxic Free Talk Radio with Debra Lynn Dadd

In this episode, Debra Lynn Dadd and I talk about the popularity of toxics in the news and online, the difference between sensationalism and truth, and facts vs editorial opinions from writers who don’t understand the subject.

Women’s Wellness Podcast with Bridgit Danner

I joined my student, Bridgit Danner, to talk about how & why toxins affect our weight, ways to reduce toxins in our lives, and childhood obesity.

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