Whether you’re wanting to nerd out on toxins with me, or are looking for safer, non-toxic product recommendations, I’ve got you covered!
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Learn how chemicals in our homes can trigger weight gain & other metabolic issues in this free 20 page guide.

Check out some of my favorite podcast interviews where I talk about hormones, weight gain, and low-tox living!


Want to do a little exploring about toxins on your own? Check out some of my favorite books below! I’ve read dozens of books on environmental health related topic, and have curated a list of the ones I think everyone should read.

Looking for a great book? Check out my recommended reading list. Great for health nerds and professionals alike!

Looking for safer skincare, beauty and personal care products? My team and I have pulled together some of the best products on the market that are free of questionable ingredients, so you can shop without worry.

Choosing safer skin care and beauty products is one of the most important (and easy) things you can do to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Check out my favorites here.